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Window colours - A wide range of window colours

It is said that windows are the eyes of a building and their specific color gives them their essential character. In former times already, colored windows had their own charm and great appeal in the urban landscape. Nowadays however, the possibilities of window color designs have grown to an even larger extent. Until the 1960s, the main materials used for window frames were wood and steel, later in the 70s, aluminum and vinyl (uPVC) frames appeared. The preferred colors for windows were white or brown hues. Today, modern house construction allows selecting from a wide window color palette.

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Many Possibilities in the Paintwork of customized Windows


Reflecting the style and taste of the house owner, an architect can choose an individual window colour. The decoration foils used for the frames are directly applied to the profiles during the manufacturing process and thus inseparably connected to them. Décor foils are available in many different colour shades. Red, blue and diverse greens are very popular. The foils have a good colour stability which prevents bleaching out by UV radiation.

For this purpose, we mostly use so-called acrylic colours because of their good weather resistance properties and longevity. These acrylic colours are usually based on plastic dispersions or, less frequently, on organic solvents. The profile manufacturers apply the decorative films directly on the window frame, making them inseparably connected.

The foils usually imitate timber or wooden structures, but you can also choose from a very long list of window colours out of a wide colour palette, colour range, colour chart, colour scheme or colour spectrum.

Colour foil- coated window frames are really easy-care and don’t have to be treated with wood preservatives or dye, unlike real wooden frames. The only disadvantage of such a décor film is a lower scratch resistance, in comparison to white uPVC windows.

Another possibility is to choose a nowadays so-called lotus coating. This coating makes it even possible to remove sprayed graffiti in a very easy way. The original window colour underneath it will immediately appear again.

Décor foil- coated window frames are very easy to maintain, easy to clean and don’t need further treatment with wood preservatives or wood colours, like original wooden frames.

Unlimited Ways of Personalizing your Window Colours

Once the client has chosen the house of his dreams, he can plan the details. If you choose to colour your windows in a specific nuance, you should not only follow your personal preferences though, but also respect the overall visual appearance of your home and its environment.

If you live in a new housing estate for example, the building authorities and the aesthetical situation will surely allow you to apply all types of colour shades. Schools and nurseries will probably also prefer multicoloured, gay tones instead of timber décor foils.

During your house conception and design projects, you should always consider and remember the chromatic circle / colour wheel of the design theory.

An individually taken colour can be seen as beautiful whereas in combination with an unsuitable façade or roof colour, it can quickly become out of place. In such a case, the diplomatic skills of the architect or the developer are necessary to prevent the owner from taking a wrong decision. In general, we can say that we get more easily enough of seeing strong, intense or vigorous colours than more decent shades. Choosing the right window frame colour(s) is important as it contributes to the overall view of the house which should be harmonious and coherent.

Today’s modern house construction allows you to select from within a wide range of window colours.

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