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Window colours

Whether for new windows or a door, colours play an important role in terms of the final look of products and buildings. At windows24.com, a wide range of different window styles are available in variety of customisable window colours, which are manufactured onto window frames in expert technical processes to ensure high-quality and lasting vibrance. From classic white windows to natural wood decors, and metallic structure coatings, there's frame colours to suit all tastes.

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Expert processes for durable vibrance

At windows24.com we specialise in high-quality, long-lasting products, and surface finishes are no exception; from timber to uPVC window frames, window colours are applied in technical processes during manufacturing to ensure a contemporary finish and excellent performance.

One process used to apply colour is called powder coating. Ideal for an aluminium window frame or cladding, in this process the metal is first anodised to ensure excellent rust protection before it is electrostatically sprayed with the chosen colour.

For other materials, such as uPVC windows, a procedure involving foils is used. Here the foil is heated to a high temperature before being added to the window. Special pigments, as part of cool colours technology, are also added to reflect infrared radiation away from interiors.

For wood, on the other hand, weather-resistant water-based paints or solvents with an acrylic base are used.

All the expert techniques ensure that exterior window surfaces have good UV resistance.

This means that colours won't fade easily and that darker colours will remain cool in warm temperatures. Although some surfaces, such as replica wood decors or metallic structures, come with special textures, they can be easily cleaned and allow for effective removal of potential graffiti.

Choices for different materials

Depending on the window material and manufacturer, different window frame colours are available.

Coloured uPVC windows offer a particularly wide variety of options, for example. Standard anthracite or white frames are available but so are finishes with metallic structures. Innovative 'aludec' or 'woodec' can also be selected, which add a highly realistic aluminium or wood effect, in terms of texture and appearance, to uPVC windows.

Aluminium windows, on the other hand, feature popular colours, such as moss green and white or grey aluminium tones, as well as metallic structures.

Anthracite grey windows or black aluminium windows are also favourites with our customers and can add stylish contrast to the lighter façades of modern homes, for example.

For those after a more traditional look, sturdy timber windows offer the perfect solution.

With six woods available, from standard pine, to mid-range eucalyptus, and more expensive premium larch, the exact texture and final finish can be ideally tailored to suit personal tastes.

Wooden windows can also receive various water-based stains to darken or adjust their natural tone and a very wide variety of RAL colours are available to match the building style.

At windows24.com, all base colours are defined according to the global colour standard, RAL. The numbers seen with our colour options in the configurator, correspond to this standard and aid customer understanding of the exact tone.

For uPVC-alu dual colour windows, grey comparable to RAL 7001 can be selected for the exterior metal cladding, for example, while white RAL 9016 or chocolate brown RAL 8017 matt, may be preferred for the plastic interior.

Window interiors and exteriors can match but do not necessarily have to if a contrast is preferred.

Further complementary options

When choosing windows, we offer a wide range of further products and add-on options.

A roller shutter or guide rails can be added, for example, and be coloured to match or contrast with the window and building for a modern look or more traditional style.

If glazing bars are selected for the window or door they will come in the same colour as the frame to ensure the colour suits the product and will complement it. Glazing bars can be a simple yet effective way to add character to glass and are often required for listed building renovations.

Different handles are then also available with white being a particularly popular colour. To view all options and receive a quote today, just head to the configurator and get designing.

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