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uPVC-alu patio door

A patio door made from the material combination of uPVC and aluminium not only makes your home more energy-efficient, but also significantly safer. The multi-chamber system made from PVC ensures excellent thermal insulation; aluminium, on the other hand, gives the patio door more stability, thus protecting against break-ins. Our configuration tool will help you to find the right uPVC-alu patio door for your requirements.

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Our uPVC-alu patio doors

Advantage of the material mix: a uPVC-alu patio door is easy to care for and, at the same time, weather-resistant

uPVC-aluminium tilt and slide doors

uPVC-aluminium tilt and slide doors

Tilt and slide door models made from uPVC and aluminium can certainly be seen as a highly efficient construction. Thanks to high thermal insulation and weather resistance, they are extremely durable.

from € 1,607 from € 1,607
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uPVC-aluminium lift and slide doors

uPVC-aluminium lift-and-slide doors

With modern uPVC-alu lift and slide doors, the advantages of both building materials are combined in an innovative composite material. An elegant aluminium aesthetic and a high degree of robustness from the outside merge with the heat-insulating properties of the uPVC profiles.

from € 4,791 from € 4,791
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Further information

Material: Why is PVC so well suited for door and window construction?

The uPVC used by windows24.com is 100% recyclable. This means that recycled PVC can be used to manufacture the window profiles. The multi-chamber profiles gradually heat the air entering through the profile.

In this way, cold air does not meet warm air, meaning that there is no condensation. This avoids thermal bridges and dangerous mould growth.

What are the properties of the aluminium casing?

Aluminium does not warp even at very high or low temperatures. As a result, the PVC installed underneath retains its shape even after years and sits perfectly in the frame.

A patio door with a uPVC-alu profile is very durable and requires little maintenance. For example, the smooth surface is very easy to clean:

  • Wipe the contours of the patio door with a wet sponge.
  • If it is very dirty, use some soap.
  • To avoid water stains, wipe with a dry cloth.

Dark colours should always be wiped afterwards, because water stains remain visible here.

The aluminium casing can be powder-coated in many different colours so that it perfectly matches the facade or the colour scheme of your terrace.

The advantages of uPVC and aluminium

The material combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC for short) and aluminium has become indispensable in window and door construction.

Modern technology makes it possible for break-in protection to go hand in hand with environmental protection and, in particular, thermal insulation benefits.

Patio doors made from uPVC and aluminium are therefore the ideal components if you are carrying out a renovation.

Suitable for every type of construction

Regardless of whether you prefer lift and slide doors or would like a parallel slide and tilt door as a balcony door – profiles made from a combination of plastic and aluminium are suitable for every type of patio door. The advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to care for thanks to easy cleaning
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Best thermal insulation thanks to its multi-chamber profile
  • High break-in protection thanks to its robust materials

This type of patio door is convincing across the entire the line and can be purchased on windows24.com at reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The material combination of uPVC and aluminium has many advantages and can be used on parallel slide & tilt doors and lift and slide doors. Parallel slide & tilt doors are available from us from €1,607, and lift and slide doors can be purchased from €4,791. However, not only the type of opening is decisive for the price, but also the size and number of sashes. In the configuration tool, you have an overview of the total costs at all times and can thus optimally adapt the equipment to your budget.

With the combination of uPVC and aluminium, you can choose between a parallel slide and tilt or a lift and slide function. If you want particularly large sashes, a lift and slide door is the ideal solution, because the elements can be easily moved using rollers. In addition, the patio door can also be made barrier-free. If it is more important to you to have a tilting function for quick ventilation, a parallel slide & tilt door is the better option.

The combination of uPVC and aluminium primarily offers extra protection. Because the light metal is extremely stable and improves the break-in protection for your patio door, but also optimally withstands changing weather conditions. At the same time, you can rely on excellent insulation thanks to its multi-chamber PVC profile. Both materials are very durable easy to care for.

The robust outer shell already provides a certain basic protection with the material combination plastic and aluminium. In addition, you have a number of individual options for increasing security. An important step is the choice of fittings, with which you can equip your patio door up to resistance class RC 2 N. It also makes sense to use safety glazing, i.e. laminated safety glass or impact-resistant glazing. And depending on the type of use, you can also order your patio door from us with a lockable door handle or a door gear with a profile cylinder.

A great advantage of the combination of plastic and aluminium is the high degree of design freedom, because you can, of course, choose different colours for the inside and outside. In addition to popular standard colours, we also offer you fine wood decors for the PVC profile, which ensure a warm, cosy atmosphere in the interior. For the aluminium outer shell, on the other hand, you can choose from a variety of matte, metallic and fine-structure colours in the configuration tool, which are applied as a durable powder coating.

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