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Top-mounted roller shutters

Built-in roller shutters have an extremely discreet appearance because the roller shutter box is located behind the outer wall and is therefore invisible on the façade. To achieve this, top-mounted roller shutters are installed together with the window – and are therefore best suited for new buildings or extensive renovations with window replacement. Thanks to excellent box insulation, you can rely on optimal thermal protection.

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Our top-mounted roller shutters

For new buildings or window and door replacements: With our top-mounted roller shutters, the roller shutter box is practically invisible

  • Top mount roller shutter basic
    The versatile

    Top-mounted roller shutters - Basic

    • Suitable for plaster masonry, facing brickwork and ETICS facades
    • Aluminium adapter profiles
    • Styrodor plaster base panels
    from € 65 from € 65
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  • Top mounted roller shutter premium
    The future-proof

    Top-mounted roller shutters - Premium

    • New construction system for plaster, brick and ETICS facades
    • One-click window adapter for easy installation
    • Energy-efficient Neopor® insulation
    from € 109 from € 109
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Features: Individual room for design

Configure the perfect roller shutter in 4 steps

1. Select type

Choose in the online configurator between front-mounted roller shutters for retrofitting to already installed windows or top-mounted roller shutters for your new building or window replacement.

2. Specify dimensions

Order your roller shutter to fit exactly to the millimetre. We offer multi-part roller shutters for combinations of windows and doors with different casing lengths.

3. Choose design & colour

With different box shapes and a variety of colours, you can customise your roller shutter to suit your taste.

4. Choose accessories

Whether remote control, integration into the Smart Home or practical insect screen: our roller shutter systems leave nothing to be desired.

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Roller shutter installation

Measure roller shutter

Only two steps and your roller shutter is already correctly measured. 

Roller shutter measure

Remove roller shutter

Just four steps to the goal: This is how you can remove your roller shutter yourself. 

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Installing roller shutters

Instructions and overview of the different roller shutter systems.

Roller shutter installation

Further information

What is the difference between our top-mounted roller shutter models?

Our Basic model is the all-rounder among the top-mounted roller shutters and is suitable for all standard window formats and façade types. The Premium top-mounted roller shutter, on the other hand, was developed especially for new buildings and scores with simplified installation, better thermal insulation and security.

Advantages of top-mounted roller shutters

Our roller shutters are available in two different designs: top-mounted and front-mounted. The latter is installed on the brickwork or directly in the window embrasure. The box remains visible and can be used as a design element.

Top-mounted roller shutters, on the other hand, are models that are pre-installed on the windows and have top-mounted boxes on the inside. They are particularly inconspicuous because the roller shutter box does not stand out on the façade. The simple design with an "invisible" box is particularly popular in new buildings, but the installation can also be carried out in the course of a window renovation. The opening for the inspection is generally at the bottom so that you can wallpaper over the wall on the inside.

Of course, you can equip and design your new roller shutter according to your wishes: starting with the size of the box, through various powerful motors, right up to the integrated insect screen. For the roller shutter curtain, you can choose between PVC and aluminium. PVC is cheaper and scores points for its low weight, while aluminium armour offers more stability.

Inspiring reference objects

A top-mounted system with a roller shutter in anthracite grey to match the window sill made of natural stone.

Single-family house with top-mounted roller shutter for new buildings without visible roller shutter box on the façade.

Grey PVC roller shutter curtain in front of patio doors with internal glazing bars and aluminium end slat.

A lowered aluminium curtain of roller shutter system with top box integrated into masonry.

New building with top-mounted roller shutters in front of lift-slide doors in anthracite for a modern façade design.

Detailed view of top-mounted roller shutters in a brick façade after a complete renovation.

Perfect aesthetics on the façade through colour-coordinated window frames and roller shutter profiles.

Roller shutter with roller shutter profile (slats) in RAL 7016 plastered into the brickwork after renovation.

Highest quality with top-mounted roller shutters

Roller shutters are simply an integral part of windows and French doors. They not only provide shade and privacy, but also protection from cold, heat and the sun. They help keep your home thermally insulated and, above all, increase the security of the house. By adding domestic shutters, you decrease the number of points where burglars could enter your home. With our top-mounted roller shutters, you can rely on high-quality systems made to measure. In addition, we offer you individual Smart Home solutions with electric drive at the best prices.

Besides comfort and design, some features of domestic roller shutters considerably contribute to the security of your home. For example, the material of the curtain can make a decisive difference. While shutters made of uPVC are easier to move up and down, aluminium laths are more difficult to penetrate.

Wood, aluminium or PVC windows with top-mounted roller shutters

Individual offers and brand quality – in the configurator of windows24.com you will find windows and doors made of different materials, which you can order made-to-measure in different colours (white, golden oak, etc.) and with various accessories. In our shop, you can also expect extra low prices for care products and installation sets.

Enjoy optimal protection, comfort and optional automatic control with your new windows and matching roller shutters. Order online now.

Frequently asked questions

Unlike front-mounted roller shutters, which are attached to the outside of the window or door, top-mounted roller shutters are always installed together with the window. As the name suggests, they are mounted directly on the window before installation. The advantage: the box of a top-mounted roller shutter disappears behind the outer wall after installation and is thus invisible on the façade.

Since the roller shutter curtain consists of interconnected shutter laths that close perfectly tight, roller shutters ensure complete darkness. This makes them particularly suitable for bedrooms. Due to their construction, roller shutters also keep your home insulated against energy loss and noise.

Domestic roller shutters are an additional barrier that costs burglars time. They therefore often prefer to look for an easier target. If you would like to further increase security, a roller shutter made of sturdy aluminium is a good choice. If you also opt for an electric drive with a motor, the anti-lift device ensures that the roller shutter cannot be pushed up from the outside and functions as a domestic security shutter.

The electrical control of roller shutters has many advantages in terms of comfort and safety. Retrofitting is possible in principle but is often not cost-effective. It is better to replace the old roller shutter with a new model with a motor drive. In both cases, cables have to be run, so the effort is quite similar. However, the costs of installing a new roller shutter are only marginally higher.

Our electric roller shutters with Oximo IO motor use the manufacturer-independent radio protocol io-homecontrol®. This allows you to link your roller shutters and other smart devices to a corresponding Smart Home base. If you do not yet have a base, you can also order the TaHoma Premium Box from us. With it, you can conveniently control your roller shutters via an app and even programme them to be time-controlled.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about top-mounted roller shutters.

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Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.


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