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Technical details
  • Specially developed for new builds
  • Suitable for plaster and brick facades, as well as external thermal insulation composite system facades
  • Precise installation together with the window using a one-click window adapter
  • Simplified installation without bothersome attachment points thanks to screwable inlet spigots
  • Tongue and groove revision part ensures a tight connection across the entire width
  • A render-optimised roller shutter box with a ribbed structure meets all ETICS plaster guidelines
  • Energy-saving and moisture-resistant Neopor® insulation
  • Lateral box ends made from PVC without air vents
  • Guide rails with brush inserts to reduce noise
  • Operation via remote-controlled motor, convenient motor drive, crank gear or belt tension
  • Roller shutter profiles

    The roller shutter curtain is also referred to as the roller shutter profile, i.e. the movable part of the roller shutter. It consists of stable slats, which you can configure with us to either be made from PVC or aluminium.

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  • RAL colours for roller shutters

    You can design the guide rails and the roller shutter curtain made from aluminium or uPVC to match the window frame exactly. Simply choose from different colours in the RAL palette.

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  • Insect protection for roller shutters

    Our optional insect protection is integrated directly into the roller shutter box, but is guided on its own rail. It can be opened and closed independently of your roller shutter.

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  • Roller shutter drive

    When it comes to selecting a drive type for your roller shutter, you have the choice between a belt or crank drive. Alternatively, you can choose a convenient roller shutter motor from Somfy. An innovative solar motor is a climate-friendly and energy-saving option.

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  • Remote control

    A remote control provides even more convenience in everyday life, since you can even operate your roller shutters from the sofa. Both the operation of individual roller shutters and entire groups of roller shutters is possible.

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  • Smart home control

    With the io-homecontrol® Smart Home control panel, you can easily link your roller shutters with sensors. Your roller shutters then open and close automatically depending on the brightness and the weather.

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