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Window sills

A window sill is more than just a visual design element; it protects the façade from the weather and prevents damage. Exterior window sills in particular have to withstand a lot, which you should definitely take into account when choosing the material. Inside, on the other hand, you can simply select the window sill according to your personal living style and buy it online. This way, you also create space for plants, picture frames and the like.

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Protection on the outside, shelf space on the inside: window sills are more than just a visual design element

Interior window sill

Interior window sill

With our interior window sills, you have the choice between high-pressure moulded parts with melamine resin coating from Werzalit and uPVC. Both materials are stable, UV-resistant, easy to clean and have a scratch-resistant surface.

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Exterior window sill

Exterior window sill

As exterior window sills protect the house façade from wind and weather, durable material is essential. Aluminium is not only particularly stable and weather-resistant but also distinguishes itself through its noble appearance.

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The interior window sill: customised footprint and style element

Internal window sills (also called window boards or cills) are made from uPVC or high-quality PEFC-certified wood at windows.24. They are cut to size (length and depth) according to your wishes. A special manufacturing process makes your window sill particularly stable in shape, resistant to building moisture, scratch-resistant and insensitive to acid as well as lime. The robust products, therefore, require hardly any maintenance.

You can choose from a wide range of colours for our window sills made of uPVC or synthetic resin pressed wood (Werzalit). This ranges from classic wood tones to natural and artificial stone imitations. Among others, we offer the following decors:

  • Dark grey pearl structure
  • Cream white
  • Light marble
  • Metallic
  • Puntinella (similar to granite, slightly finer structured)
  • Quartz

Thanks to the large selection of colours and decors, the window sill can be designed to match any interior design and contributes to the harmonious overall appearance of any home. For example, you can install an internal window sill in the same material as your uPVC window. A classic white makes the window boards fit smoothly into a modern bedroom. In the kitchen, a fine marble decor on a uPVC window sill combines easy maintenance with a chic style. If you prefer dark shades, a grey or dark wood finish proves true to colour even in very sunny rooms.

But internal window boards are not only a convenient space for plant pots and other decorative elements. On windows24.com, you can configure a resilient uPVC window board or choose a strong material combination of pressed wood. This allows for sills with a width of up to 550 mm. With a window board this wide – and a few cushions for comfort – you can easily turn the space into a cosy window nook. This is a highlight in any room! During the customisation of your window sill, you can always keep an eye on your budget. With every selection you make, the price is calculated in real-time and allows you to find the perfect balance between cost efficiency and comfortable features. For example, for a simple white sill, you can select the square Werzalit compact model if you prefer a design without a bullnose edge.

The price of internal window sills is mainly determined by the chosen material and the dimensions. Stone window sills add a great visual highlight to any room, however, they are much colder to the touch in winter than uPVC window sills. If the elegant appearance of a stone sill is essential for you, you can simply choose a stone decor. uPVC is much more resistant to scratches than natural stone and easier to clean. Especially if you want to use the space in front of your window for houseplants, the window sill needs to require low maintenance. Oak window boards can still often be found in older buildings. Just like windows made of soft or hardwood, these wooden window sills need regular care like treating them with sandpaper. They are sensitive to any excess water from plants and pots can leave water marks, especially so, if the sill is not laminated. A painted wooden sill needs less maintenance but sunlight and differences in temperature can damage the paint over time. A window sill made of PVC, on the other hand, is waterproof and weatherproof and supports the energy efficiency of the window.

Function and installation

An interior window ledge is mainly designed for decorative purposes. It forms the finish of the window parapet and represents another usable surface that can be adorned and decorated.

Whether family photos, flowers, decorative elements or other ornamental items – your window sill offers space for decoration and represents a modern design product itself. The appearance and insulating function are rounded off by form-fitting side parts or endings (clinker, plaster and sliding endings). For sills with an external dimension of 150 mm or more, window sill brackets on the bottom are recommended every 600 mm for stabilisation. The brackets are attached to the wall and support the window sill.

The sill is connected to the window construction with a window sill connection profile and is professionally installed. If you want to save yourself the installation costs, you will find detailed instructions on windows24.com for installing your interior window sill by yourself. You can find window sill screws and other installation accessories in our online shop.

For interior window sills, you can carry out the installation yourself with the help of these steps and do it without a professional window fitter.

You have already ordered your new windows? Enjoy a fast delivery of our window sills from windows24.com. If you need help with the

The outdoor window sill: protection from wind and weather

The exterior window sill, also called a soffit sill, is usually installed at an angle to the front. Thanks to a drainage edge that leads away rainwater, good protection against the weather is achieved and moulding is prevented. The main task here is not to decorate but to protect against bad weather, which is why these window sills are made of metal. End caps ensure a tight fit into the masonry and need to be selected according to the individual installation situation.

The type of façade determines which end caps need to be used. : On windows24.com you can find fitting end caps for plaster, clinker or stone façades. External window sills thus not only add visual value to any window but also contribute to the long-lasting quality of the façade and thermal insulation.

The slope of the sill serves as a so-called drainage nose, which helps rainwater run off. Dirty water runs off cleanly over the drainage edge without causing contamination of the façade. For this, the overhang should be at least 40 mm. You can use installation foam to seal the window sill and protect it from water penetration and thus from moisture.

For a comfortable home

In order to muffle the sound of falling raindrops, every exterior window sill from windows24.com can be covered with a so-called noise reduction strip. In this way, rain can run off the window sill without disturbing the resident inside with loud, drumming noises.

External window sills are particularly versatile and can be made of the following materials, for example:

  • Engineered stone
  • Marble
  • Aluminium
  • uPVC
  • Stainless steel
  • Wood or timber

Aluminium is often used for exterior window sills. The modern material has the advantage that it is particularly weather-resistant and robust – and its service life is significantly longer than that of a plastic window sill.

Aluminium is also highly versatile in terms of colour: you can order your aluminium window sill in white, grey or dark bronze. A particular advantage of aluminium products is that they require little maintenance.

While other building materials require constant cleaning and maintenance to keep their visual and functional properties, this is not necessary with aluminium. Without sanding or painting, an aluminium window sill reliably fulfils its function 365 days a year.

Order your window sill in the configurator now

The windows24.com product configurator is not only used to order windows and doors. The online shop also makes it very easy to plan window sills and other components.

The advantage: all selected elements are immediately included in a clear selection and are available for review and exact planning during the entire process. While window sills for outdoor use only require one product line, there are two types available for indoor window sills - Compact and Exclusive models. You can choose between square and bullnose designs for your new Werzalit sill. The Exclusive model is 34 mm thick at the bullnose, while the Compact model only is 18 mm.

The first step is to determine the length. To ensure that the window sill fits perfectly into the existing reveal, it must be measured precisely. The height of the parapet, measured from the bottom of the window sill to the floor, is usually 80 cm. Interior window sills can be selected between 50 and 2500 mm and exterior window sills up to 7500 mm, before the depth of the window sill is selected in a further step.

The projection refers to the depth of the window sill and can be between 50 and 400 millimetres for exterior window sills. Interior window sills, on the other hand, are available in depths between 150 and 550 millimetres.

The sizes are standardised, so a simple click on the dimensions shown is sufficient at this point to add the desired depth to the selection. The last step before ordering is to decide on the desired colour. When it comes to appearance, especially the choice of colour, accents can be set as well as window frames or façade colour adapted.

Thanks to the practical display, the colours available for selection always remain at a glance and can be adapted several times for comparison.

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