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Window sill screw

Gelbrot window sill screw TX-20

  • Made of robust A2 stainless steel
  • Easy installation and attachment
  • For indoor and outdoor window sills
  • Coarse thread
  • Quantity: 25 pieces
  • Dimensions: 3.9x25mm


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Product Information

Small screw, big impact - window sill screws

To prevent a puddle of water from forming under a window sill, it must be installed firmly and securely. That is what GELBROT-brand 3.9 x 25 mm TX-20 A2 window sill screws are made for.

They are 25mm long, 3.9mm wide and made from high-quality stainless steel which offers long-term protection against rust. This brief overview shows the technical specifications of window sill screws:

  • Material: A2 stainless steel with permanently elastic polyamide washer
  • Drive: Torx-20
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 25mm
  • Head shape: cap head
  • Thread: coarse thread

The only notable difference between the screws available is their colour.

At windows24.com you have the choice between window sill screws made of A2 stainless steel in the following colours:

  • Anthracite grey RAL 7016
  • White
  • Brown
  • Stainless steel

These little helpers guarantee the perfect fastening technology for all kinds of window sills. Thanks to their appearance and material properties, the screws are high quality and offer long-term benefits.

Window sill screws thus meet all expectations.


Avoid contact corrosion, make that chic look last

Are you wondering why there is a separate tool category for window sill screws? Can't you just use normal screws? The answer to that is a definitive no. Window sills are particularly vulnerable areas, especially if they're outdoors. They are exposed to wind and weather and have to endure a lot in the long run. Window sill screws must therefore do the same. To avoid contact corrosion, GELBROT 3.9 x 25 mm window sill screws made of A2 stainless steel are fitted with a polyamide washer. But what exactly is contact corrosion?

Contact corrosion occurs when two metals with different solubility potential come into contact with each other, for example through water or moist air, and are conductive.

The base metal at the contact point is subsequently damaged. This happens, for example, when the window sill is made of aluminium and the screw is made of steel. This is effectively prevented thanks to the uPVC sealing washer, which sits firmly between the window sill and the screw and is UV-stabilised to prevent discolouration and crumbling.

Brown window sill with white screws?

The existing look of your window sill should not be impacted by the screw, but painting over it is not the best solution.

If our window sill screws don't come in the colour of your window sill, you can also purchase a cover cap.

With the matching cover cap, the screw can be easily concealed and, thanks to the notch on the screw head, it can be easily inserted.

At the windows24.com online shop you will find screws, tools and many other accessories at reasonable prices.

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