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Window frame screws

SCHELLHORN window frame screws

  • Stress-free distance mounting
  • Made from case-hardened carbon steel
  • With Torx drive
  • Material: steel
  • Drive: TX 30
  • Quantity: 10 pieces in a bag


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Product Information

Special screws are required to anchor the frame for your new window firmly and stably in the wall. SCHELLHORN window frame screws are the product of choice when it comes to attaching your windows. The technical properties of the window construction screws are as follows:

  • Drive: TX 30
  • Width: 7.5 mm
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Head shape: countersunk head or cylinder head

The Torx drive provides excellent power transmission when screwing. This is due to its vertical drive surface, which means you do not have to press the screw firmly. The material carbon steel is well-known and popular for its particularly high degree of hardness.

The steel contains up to 2.1% carbon, which is what makes the screws so durable.

The length of the window frame screws varies depending on the requirement. Lengths are available from 72 mm to 212 mm, with a cylinder head or countersunk head.

SCHELLHORN window frame screws easily fulfil the claim of being universal: they are suitable for attaching window and door frames made from uPVC, wood and many other materials. They ensure a secure hold in walls made from stone materials, concrete or lightweight concrete and wood.

Various available heads for optimal assembly

The SCHELLHORN window frame screws are available with two head shapes:

  • The countersunk head is the most common head shape. When drilling wood, it displaces the fibres and attaches flush with the workpiece. In the case of metal parts, it is necessary to countersink the drill hole.
  • The cylinder head is most often used in very tight spaces. It is particularly easy to insert into cylindrical drill holes.

What else needs to be considered?

The universally applicable screws with continuous thread can also be used for screwing in materials with lower strength, for example in vertically perforated bricks. In such cases, however, you are well advised to use spacer and support blocks. It is generally not necessary to use dowels in the drill holes to hold the window screws in place more firmly during mounting. The individual construction of the frame screws is designed in such a way that they also hold well without dowels. The only accessory you need for the frame screws is the right bit for the cordless screwdriver. The bit must fit perfectly so that the drive can develop its full effect.

Large selection – small prices

If you want to hide the screw heads, cover caps are recommended.

These are available in different colours and adapt the look to your window again.

You will find the high-quality SCHELLHORN window frame screws as well as a large selection of other accessories and tools for window installation at low prices in the windows24.com online shop.

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