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Window screws for modern windows

Whether renovation or new construction: window screws are indispensable when installing windows. They hold the frame and sash together and are also used for window sills. With the right screws as well as the appropriate equipment, you can fasten your windows and applications comfortably and securely yourself. But here, too, there are different designs that are used depending on the material used. And the masonry also plays a role.

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Differences and Properties

Window screws: Tighter, safer, more stable

Depending on the masonry, different window screws and, if necessary, anchors are required. Therefore, thorough preparation is indispensable for window installation - this also includes the right choice of window installation screw.

Window frame screws

This type of screw fixes the frame to the masonry. Its special feature is the special design: After pre-drilling, the continuous thread allows the frame to be attached without a dowel, as the screw mills into the masonry to the precise anchorage point when it is drilled in.

In this way, it ensures stability and a tension-free and draught-free fastening of the frame. It also saves time and money.

What are window frame screws made of?

Since window frame screws are crucial for a long service life of windows and must also be uncompromisingly durable, they are made of galvanised, galvanised steel. This gives them several crucial properties:

  • Particularly robust and durable
  • Very corrosion resistant
  • Low resistance when screwing in
  • Application-friendly and time-saving processing

Depending on the material of the window frame, different screws are required. If the frame is made of wood, the screws have small heads; for aluminium or plastic window frames, window screws with countersunk heads are recommended.

Note: These window screws are also suitable for fixing door frames.

How long should window screws be?

The length of the window screws depends on the frame width or thickness. Accordingly, different screw sizes are available, some of which can be over 200 mm long. To find out which length is required for your window screws, the following rule of thumb is recommended:

Screw length = frame width + distance + screw-in depth

Window screws

Window screws make the connection between fittings on wooden or plastic profiles. Besides many differences, they have one thing in common: they have a countersunk head and can thus be drilled flush into the workpiece. This enables a flat surface, prevents unevenness and reduces susceptibility to corrosion.

Window construction screws are available in various models that differ in construction:

Lace Thread Coating
Spoon point, helical point, drill point (self-drilling) Metric thread, wood thread (coarse pitch thread, double pitch thread), special thread Galvanised, yellow chromate coating

For the production of window screws, steel is usually used due to its robustness, and the respective coatings provide corrosion resistance in the finishing process.

Window sill screws

Window sills are mounted with window sill screws. Depending on the material of the frame, a different thread form is suitable: While coarse threads tend to be used for wooden and plastic windows, fine threads are used for metal windows.

In addition, window sill screws are drilled in with a washer to protect the material of the workpiece.

Since window sill screws are subject to external weathering, they are usually made of stainless steel, which guarantees weather resistance and prevents rust.

The washers come UV-stabilised and do not discolour or become brittle even after long periods of use.

To ensure that the window sill screws do not look out of place, they come with matching washers, usually in different burnished finishes.

Area of application

Avoid damage with the right choice of screws

Leaky installation can be associated with long-lasting consequential damage. If window screws and dowels loosen over time because they are not adapted to the substrate, this can lead to many problems.

While material fatigue is usually the decisive factor with old windows, with modern window frames it is often only installation errors that come into question. Leaky insulation creates cool draughts and reduces noise protection. However, a poor energy balance and impaired sound insulation (up to 10 dB louder) are still the least of the evils in this case.

If the window frame is not properly fixed, it will shift over time and crack the connection joints.

Moisture gets into the masonry through the reveal - if the damage is not repaired quickly, condensation and surface water will penetrate and cause mould growth.

In case of doubt - instruct a specialist

Due to the now wide variety of substrate materials, the fixing of windows is more complicated and it is necessary to consider the materials at hand.

It is therefore advisable to rely on the expertise of a specialist when installing windows, who will install your windows according to the RAL assembly specifications.

Simply install the windows with standard screws and a cordless screwdriver - unlike in the past, this is no longer possible today.

Depending on the masonry, the specialist must use different window mounting screws, which must be taken into account during planning and preparation.

What should you pay attention to as a do-it-yourselfer?

If you don't want to miss out on DIY, you should pay attention to the highest precision during assembly.

This saves subsequent hassle and costs and keeps your own four walls dry and noise-protected.

When fixing windows, the RAL guidelines can serve as a catalogue of instructions and commandments to help with proper installation.

Modern windows: bigger, heavier, thicker

The development in window construction brings with it some challenges in window installation: on the one hand, larger window panes are being installed to compensate for the loss of light incidence due to triple glazing - for reasons of cost and efficiency, this is at the expense of the frame width.

On the other hand, this increases the weight on the building supports and requires stable solutions in order to ensure secure fastening despite high demands.

The right window screws are therefore essential to create load-bearing constructions.

You can find the right screws in addition to other accessories for window and door construction in the windows24.com online shop.

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