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Aluminium front doors

An aluminium front door is a contemporary solution for your home that is particularly easy to maintain and extremely durable. The reasonably-priced aluminium doors we offer you have excellent thermal insulation values and are energy-saving. In addition, you can equip your aluminium door with glass elements to give it an individual character.

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Our aluminium front doors

Safety first: Front doors made of aluminium are particularly robust and available from us in numerous designs

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Features and options

Info and instructions: Find and install your front door

Have you configured, ordered and received your custom-made external door? That makes us very happy! Now comes the next step – installation: in addition to the appropriate dimensions and options you have chosen for your doorset, this is crucial for long-term, reliable functioning. You are always faced with the question: should professional fitters do the work or should I/we do it ourselves? For all amateur craftsmen, we have collected videos and step-by-step instructions on this page that explain and facilitate the installation. We hope you enjoy your new front door!

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Our aluminium front doors are renown worldwide

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Further Information

The aluminium door – advantages at a glance

  • Great comfort and security extras available
  • Very energy-efficient due to additional foamed centre chamber
  • Many design variants possible, including RAL colours
  • Highly weather-resistant powder coating
  • Self-locking latch
  • Great U-values for thermal efficiency

Aluminium entrance doors at a good price

Entrance doors made of aluminium are very common these days.: The robust material is versatile, always suitable for a contemporary design on the house and offers the advantage of being quite easy to clean with water and detergent. Unlike steel, aluminium is not susceptible to corrosion and deformation; deformation and colour changes are extremely rare.

Similar to uPVC, aluminium is therefore quite convenient and low maintenance and: there is no need for glazing work as with wood and other materials. The price of an aluminium door is usually somewhat higher, but you are rewarded with extreme durability.

Doors made of aluminium last up to 60 years, saving you all the costs and effort. Due to their quality, there are only the categories "Premium" and "Exclusive" for them compared to the wooden and uPVC models on windows24.com. The Basic category is omitted.

The aluminium entrance door can also be customised, for example, with a glass side panel or glass inserts in the door leaf. On windows24.com, your online supplier for windows and doors, you can have your door made to measure to the mm. In the product configurator, you will find a wide range of products and receive your delivery directly from the manufacturer.

A secure and energy-efficient aluminium entrance door

In addition to the easy-care surface and beautiful appearance, high-quality aluminium doors are particularly committed to thermal performance. If you want to save energy when heating, you should not allow draughts to enter your hallway or flat.

In addition, sound insulation, which should shut out traffic noise, and break-in protection must also be taken into account. Faultless installation is just as important as the basic features, filling and stability of the door.

The doors are equipped with triple thermal insulation glazing and optionally also with safety glass, which not only provides excellent energy efficiency but also keeps out street noise. A particularly well-insulated entrance door made of aluminium has three panes integrated, which create greater security against burglary.

If you decide to additionally feature your entrance doors or back doors with glazed side panels or a fanlight, you can of course also rely on excellent thermal insulation and the best burglar resistance.

You can save or print out a cost estimate for your chosen model free of charge.

Every modern aluminium front door on windows24.com is equipped with high-quality door hinges and a 3-fold multi-point locking system, which can be extended to a 5-fold one.

Advanced technology – attractive design

Nowadays, a front door in an apartment building or in an office building is usually equipped with an electric door opening. Any occupant can thus enter at the touch of a button or even by remote control/radio control.

The choice among opening mechanisms now also extends to iPads, smartphones and tablets: the latest door opening systems use computer technology so that you can have your front door opened and locked quite conveniently from the outside or inside.

Our product configurator shows you the entire catalogue of design options. This gives you an overview of the range and the respective price from the comfort of your own home. First, enter the dimensions of your desired front door in mm. Then decide on the opening direction, colour, glazing, side panels, fanlight and other details.

windows24.com – your personal company for windows and doors

Experienced in window and door construction since our foundation in 1872, we are at your disposal for information and individual advice. We are available for you from Monday to Friday by phone, mail or online chat. Whether it's specifically about your new aluminium entrance door, designing the door in your entrance area, the manufacturer, a promotion or installation – don't hesitate to find out more.

You will also find other entrance doors and windows on windows24.com, such as a timber front door or uPVC front door, timber/aluminium windows, pure timber windows, patio doors, uPVC windows and accessories.

Frequently asked question

The price of a front door made of aluminium is determined by numerous factors. These include, for example, the desired size, the choice of model and the colour, and last but not least, the features. With us, you can get your aluminium door from a price of €2,659 and customise it in the configurator. The total costs are displayed at all times so that you can easily stay within budget when planning.

The colour is an important part of the aesthetics of a front door. In order to be able to design the appearance entirely according to your ideas, we offer you the option of configuring the inside and outside of your new entrance door separately. For example, you can choose a RAL colour such as anthracite or a fine structure for the outside and plain white for the inside. The colour is applied as a high-quality powder coating that is weather-resistant and extremely long-lasting.

In addition to locks that are classically opened with a key, there are now also numerous modern opening variants with which you can equip your aluminium front door. With a coded keypad, you simply enter a predefined numerical code; with a fingerprint front door with a fingerprint scanner, your fingerprint is already sufficient. Both systems have the advantage that locking is always automatic as soon as the front door closes. This ensures the highest level of security in the house.

All of our aluminium front doors have basic security that provides optimum protection. In addition, you can choose your own security equipment and adapt it perfectly to your needs. In this way, your new front door can achieve a resistance class of RC2. In addition to choosing a pre-configured security package, you also have the option of specifically selecting security glass, locking types and fittings.

The front door dimensions of your aluminium front door depend on the size of the wall opening and whether you would like to order side panels. All our entrance door models are made to measure using CAD-controlled production techniques. Simply enter the desired width and height in the configurator. The minimum and maximum dimensions that are technically feasible for your configuration are displayed directly.

Despite its lightness, aluminium is extremely stable and resistant. It not only withstands all kinds of weather but also improves break-in protection. At the same time, our aluminium doors have the best thermal insulation values and meet the highest demands in terms of design. Whether classic or modern, thanks to a flush with the sash filling, you can plan them entirely according to your taste.

Do you still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about aluminium front doors.

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Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your bespoke product exactly as you wish.

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