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Product Information

A design with many possibilities: The Kingston front door

The Kingston front door impresses with its pattern that is as simple as it is striking. The entire door panel is adorned with a pattern of diamonds that get smaller in the upper third of the panel, giving the model a very classic look. As a result of this design, you can achieve a number of completely different effects with the colour you choose: The pattern fades into the background if you go for a dark grey tone, for example, but plays a starring role if you opt to have the door in white. A wood effect can look very nice, too, and particularly so with the additional sense of structure that the diamond pattern provides. You can also give your Kingston front door a personal touch with just the right accessories.

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Over 200,000 satisfied customers

Jack’s Point, Otago, New Zealand
Residential building
Jack’s PointOtago, New Zealand
uPVC-alu windows and doors for a passive house

“windows24.com brought windows and doors with amazing quality to our project. The products are well-built and certified for passive house values.”

Heathmont, Melbourne, Australia
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HeathmontMelbourne, Australia
Composite windows and doors for a passive house

“We spent more than a year searching for a window manufacturer with high product quality and maximum design flexibility. At windows24.com we found the perfect solution for us.”

Cornwallis, Auckland, New Zealand
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CornwallisAuckland, New Zealand
uPVC windows and a sliding door for high wind zone

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Private house Massachusetts
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Private houseMassachusetts, USA
uPVC windows

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Product description

Modern technology for security & convenience

A lack of natural light is a common problem that affects the hallways of many homes. Sidelights and transom windows can be of great help in this regard. These features come perfectly tailored to suit the front door you choose, thus creating a harmonious whole. Adding this extra glazing will immediately make your hallway look friendlier and brighter. You can also opt for ornamental glass to provide protection against prying eyes.

Since the Kingston front door has no other decoration apart from its pattern, you can add a touch of individual style with the handle you choose. No matter whether you prefer a classic lever handle or a practical T-bar pull handle, most of our door handles can also be fitted with LED lighting.

The configurator also features a wide range of options to give you greater security and convenience. For example, a digital spyhole makes it extremely easy to see who is outside your door before you open it. In addition to locking automatically when closed, electronic opening systems with code keypads or finger scanners have the added bonus of making keys a thing of the past.

We are also more than happy to help you when it comes to installing your aluminium front door. If you would like to do this by yourself, we will provide you with detailed instructions and a great many useful hints and tips. If you would prefer to leave the installation to an expert professional, however, you can book that service when you place an order with us, too. You are also more than welcome to contact our knowledgeable customer service team if you have any questions about the Kingston front door.

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Data sheet

Aluminium front door, Kingston model

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
Front door model KingstonClassic, elegant, modernKingston modelAluminium front door from 70 cm from 170 cm
windows24.com available New RAL, IGP, Anodised, Ultrastructure, Designer finish, Wood finish from € 3,254
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