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Patio Door Roller Shutters

Patio door roller shutter systems and roller blinds are available in different versions: They exist as a top-mounted shutter mechanism where the shutters box is built ton top of the door and is hidden in between the masonry, so that its architectural integration is very simple and discrete. Front-mounted patio door shutters are built outside the large window, visible and thus really flexible in their design.

Patio Door Roller Blinds / Shutters

On window24.com you will find three systems for top-mounted roller shutters as well as five front-mounted systems. These shutter systems do not only protect you against heat, sun, humidity and noise, they also increase security when closed down. In the summer, they will be particularly suitable for room darkening and the conservation of a fresh ambience.

The roller shutter curtains are made of uPVC or aluminium. You can also buy different colours to make them suit and decorate the patio door, the terrace, balcony or the facade. As they tend to be larger and heavier than standard-size window shutters, we recommend a handle operation or an electric motor operation with remote control instead of a belt drive mechanism to facilitate the use.

Roller blinds with electric remote

Special construction parts and equipment versions considerably increase the comfort and use

Room-Darkening Sun Protection

Patio doors can be accessorized by roller shutters or venetian blinds even after they have been mounted or installed. These further functional parts enable you to darken and to regulate the room climate, to protect you from noise, curiosity, insight, heat, cold, and especially to make break-in attempts much more difficult. The thermal insulation works even better with them and you can really feel security and privacy at home. Choose your size, material and colour type of patio door roller shutters and enjoy your home even more!

Special protection through insulating and protecting glass

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