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Patio door roller shutters

With their large glass surfaces, patio doors create beautifully lit interiors and provide open views outside. Without specifically designed glazing, they can, however, also lead to reduced privacy and sun protection. This is where out roller shutters can be a great addition. Available in different models and designs, they can be installed for new-builds and patio door retrofit projects alike and add an extra practical layer to shield glazed building façades.

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Popular in Germany and many other European countries, patio door roller shutters are a common alternative or addition to conventional curtains and blinds. They feature a sturdy, low-maintenance uPVC or aluminium “curtain”, which descends like a blind covering the exterior of doors and windows. The curtain is stored in a box when it is raised and guide rails run down the sides of the product. The innovative shutters provide numerous advantages from design aesthetic, room darkening and sun protection, to enhanced thermal insulation, privacy, and security.

The choice of profile and material

In terms of patio doors, at windows24.com roller shutters can be added to our tilt-and-slide, smart slide, and lift-and-slide models. The shutters are available in two main varieties where the key differences come down to design and installation:

The first type, front-mounted shutters, function as a self-contained system and are fitted onto the masonry or window frame reveal. With three different profiles to choose from, flush box designs are possible as are models which stand out and add a bolder accent to building façades. They are also suitable for retrofitting.

The other type of roller shutter we sell is the top-mounted variant. Available in a basic or premium version, these roller shutters feature an invisible box, built into the building’s façade. This creates a particularly sleek design but is most suitable for new-builds or projects where entire doors are being replaced.

Alongside the roller shutter type and individual profile model, customers can also determine the material of the roller shutter curtain and guide rails. Depending on roller shutter size there is a choice between two high-quality materials here – uPVC or aluminium. The final decision depends on individual requirements and preferences, but in general: uPVC is more affordable, offers good insulation and is lightweight, which makes it particularly suitable for smaller shutters and manual opening mechanisms, such as the belt or crank control. Aluminium, on the other hand, is more expensive and heavier. At the same time, though, it is particularly durable, impact resistant, and can be used to cover large patio doors, such as our lift and slide models.

Roller shutter models

As mentioned above, for both front and top-mounted roller shutters, customers can choose the individual profile model. For top-mounted shutters, customers can choose between the basic and premium profiles where the main differences relate to energy efficiency and design.

The basic version features plaster side panels, for example, whereas the premium option has been engineered with additional Neopor® insulation. The installation effort also differs between the two.

In terms of front-mounted roller shutters, the profiles also differ in terms of box design and function.

The round option adds a cylindrical effect to the top of the roller shutter, for example, while the square variant creates a neat angular box with a 45° bevel effect.

The flush profile, on the other hand, is the most energy-efficient front-mounted roller shutter. It also saves space and can be plastered over so the box blends in seamlessly with the building façade.


Different opening options

Alongside choices regarding the exact roller shutter type, profile, and box, at windows24.com customers also have the scope to select the opening or drive type. In terms of manual options, which are most suitable for smaller, lighter shutters, such as those used for tilt and slide doors, there is the belt and the crank. These are our entry level opening mechanisms which tend to be the most affordable and work with a pulling or rotating user motion.

For increased ease of use and necessary for heavier or larger shutters, such as those fitted for lift and slide doors, we then offer automatic motor and solar motor options. In terms of the motor option, this is powered by electricity, features extra security protection and can be integrated into smart home and app systems. The solar motor, on the other hand, requires no power supply other than energy from the sun and a back-up battery.

Key advantages of a patio door with roller shutters

Alongside the numerous options mentioned above, that have roller shutters become bespoke products tailored to customer needs, the products also bring the following advantages when added to our tilt-and-slide, smart slide or lift-and-slide patio doors.

Peaceful sleep and sun protection

Because of their high-quality material roller shutters provide an ideal solution to darken rooms for daytime naps, night-shift workers, during lighter summer nights or for rooms facing streetlamps and other lights sources. On warm days they also provide ideal sun protection to help keep interiors cool and reduce the effect of UV rays on objects and furniture constantly exposed to them.

Privacy and enhanced security

Without special glazing, large patio doors can lead to reduced privacy as onlookers can peer in. Roller shutters are a good alternative or additional solution to curtains here as they can be used to better protect interiors from outside views. They don’t, however, collect dust on the inside as curtains do and can add to the building exterior’s design.

Alongside providing great privacy covering for glazed patio door façades, roller shutters add an extra layer which hinders break-in attempts. Although patio doors can feature strong laminated safety glazing and additional locking, adding a shutter can make the entrance look less visually vulnerable or appealing to potential intruders.

A high-quality aluminium curtain is also very durable, impact-resistant, and hard to break through.

Functional performance meets tailored design

Installing a roller shutter with patio doors adds an extra layer of high-quality material which enhances the doors' thermal insulation values. Some profiles such as the top-mounted premium model and front-mounted flush design are also reinforced with innovative Neopor® foam insulation. This superior thermal efficiency can then reduce usage of conventional heating and cooling systems and so saves on energy bills.

Alongside the many functional benefits of adding roller shutters to patio doors, there is also wide scope for bespoke design. A single shutter box can have a single curtain, for example, or feature two drives with curtains that can be operated separately of each other. The box and guide rails can also feature a matching durable RAL colour of choice and the shutter curtain and end strip can then be coloured to match or contrast with this.

With many options, our shutters can become bespoke, made-to-measure additions which greatly contribute to the final look and performance of buildings and patio doors – just head to the configurator today to add your measurements and browse the possibilities.

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