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A roller shutter can do much more than just provide shade. It serves as sun and privacy protection and offers weather protection. In addition, it can significantly improve the insulation of your windows, which will also be noticeable in the long term through lower energy costs. Depending on your installation situation, you can choose between more discreet top-mounted roller shutters or modern front-mounted roller shutters.

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Our roller shutters

Whether as sun, privacy or heat protection, individually designed roller shutters round off your windows stylishly.

Front-mounted roller shutters

Front-mounted roller shutters

The versatile all-rounder for retrofitting, with different box shapes.

from € 62 from € 62
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Top-mounted roller shutters

Top-mounted roller shutters

The discreet classic for new buildings or window replacements, with simple installation.

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Which material is best suited for your roller shutter?

Basically, roller shutters consist of a shutter box, the curtain, lateral guide rails and operating elements, such as a belt winder or crank. For the curtain materials like uPVC or aluminium are used and additionally insulated with fillings or foams. uPVC shutters are characterised by their favourable price, but for large window areas, however, they are only suitable to a limited extent. Aluminium shutters, on the other hand, are more stable and pleasantly easy to operate. Thanks to their natural corrosion protection, they can withstand even extreme weather conditions.

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Customisable features and options

At windows24.com, roller shutters can be highly customised to suit customer requirements and preferences. From the profile's type and material to the exact final colour finish, roller shutters can be tailored to perfectly match your home's façade and the climate's conditions. Want to add a modern touch and increase ease of use? With our smart control option, you can even integrate your shutters into a smart home system or opt for a remote control mechanism.

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Further information

What roller shutter systems are there and how do they differ?

The most important difference between front-mounted and top-mounted roller shutters is their installation. Top-mounted roller shutters are first attached to the window and then installed together with it. For this reason, they are best installed in new buildings or in extensive renovations with window replacement. For retrofitting, on the other hand, space-saving front-mounted roller shutters are suitable, which are mounted on the masonry or in the window reveal. The roller shutter box can be flush with the façade or used as a design element.

Inspiring reference objects: The roller shutter as a design element for the façade

In addition to providing sun protection, privacy and darkening, roller shutters also fulfil an aesthetic function. In our online shop, you can find front-mounted roller shutters with various box shapes that create a visible accent on the house façade and can be manufactured in many colours. With top-mounted roller shutters, on the other hand, the roller shutter box disappears behind the brickwork and is therefore practically invisible. With both variants, you can design the roller shutter curtain in the colour of your choice – either to harmonise with the brickwork or to provide a striking contrast. The anthracite, beige, white and brown roller shutters are particularly popular.

Front-mounted roller shutter with a rounded box in the colour RAL 6005 Moss green, matching the yellow house façade.

Roller shutter system with end slat, guide rail and roller shutter box in stone grey and curtain in light grey.

Closed roller shutter with a front box for flush mounting in new buildings for energy saving.

Single-family home with top-mounted roller shutter consisting of roller shutter profile in white and end slat in anthracite.

Roller shutter with square aluminium box and silver roller shutter curtain for floor-to-ceiling window and patio door.

Semi-circular front-mounted roller shutter in the colour RAL 3001 signal red for the wooden façade made of Douglas fir.

Built-in roller shutter in pearl light grey perfectly matched in colour to the window profile and the window sill.

Roller shutter system in brick façade with a top-mounted system for new buildings and white roller shutter curtain.

Saving energy and costs

Are you planning a new building or would you like to renovate an existing house? Then don't forget to fit your windows with roller shutters. Modern roller shutter profiles have long been standard equipment and offer a number of advantages that go far beyond protection from the sun or the darkening of rooms.

Whether external Venetian blinds or roller shutters: they all improve the thermal insulation of windows and thus effectively help to save energy. A layer of air is created between the window pane and the closed roller shutter, which conducts heat only poorly. This means that when it is cold, the valuable heat from the heating system stays inside the building and costs are reduced. This also works in summer, when the roller shutter curtain keeps the heat out so that it remains pleasantly cool inside.

In new buildings or renovations where the windows are also replaced, you can use top-mounted roller shutters. These are specially optimised for this type of installation and are first attached to the window before being installed together with it. This not only saves work but also ensures that the roller shutter box disappears behind the brickwork.

Is retrofitting worthwhile?

If your windows are still in good condition, you do not have to replace them, of course, but can simply retrofit roller shutters. The best way to do this is to install front-mounted roller shutters directly on the frame or on the brickwork. This has the positive side effect that the façade insulation remains intact and no thermal bridges are created.

In terms of thermal insulation and energy efficiency, you achieve the same result with front-mounted roller shutters as with top-mounted roller shutters. In addition, you gain a unique design element for your house, because thanks to different box shapes and a large selection of colours, you can design your roller shutter entirely according to your requirements.

Get competent advice from our experts

With the help of our configurator, you can conveniently plan your cost-effective roller shutter model online. You will find further information for each step, which will help you with your purchase decision. If you still have questions, you can also ask our customer service for advice. Simply send an e-mail to info@windows24.com or call us on +49 711 860 60 200 (Mon. - Fri. from 6 am - 6 pm CET).

In addition, you can rely on safe and fast delivery. We will continue to be there for you after purchase and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the installation and care of your new roller shutters.

Frequently asked questions

First of all, a distinction must be made between front-mounted and top-mounted roller shutters. Front-mounted roller shutters start at €62 and are somewhat more affordable than top-mounted models, which are available from us from €65. In addition to the type of roller shutter, the size, colour and desired features also influence the costs. A particularly important factor is the operation or type of drive, as manual roller shutters with a crank or belt are less expensive than roller shutters with an electric tubular motor. On the other hand, a motor protects the roller shutter system and increases its service life.

A roller shutter system with an electric drive is initially more expensive than the classic operation with a belt or crank. In the long run, however, a motor has advantages, because the roller shutter curtain is moved evenly, it is protected and lasts longer. We offer front-mounted roller shutters with a motor from €312, and top-mounted systems from €307. The price is also influenced by the choice of tubular motor and any Smart Home options.

In principle, a roller shutter can be converted from a crank to an electric one. Retrofitting a motor is generally easier for systems with a crank than for those with belt operation, but in both cases, it involves a little effort. Replacing the old roller shutter with a new model with a motor drive instead is not significantly more expensive, and cables have to be laid in both cases anyway. Above all, however, with a new system, you can be sure that all components are perfectly matched, which also increases durability.

In most cases, break-in protection means burglar resistance. It is about stopping potential burglars long enough for them to abandon their plan in order to avoid detection. A roller shutter system can therefore also contribute to burglar resistance of the house because it provides an additional barrier. It is best to opt for a curtain made of sturdy aluminium to further improve protection. A motorised drive with an anti-lift device also contributes to security.

The most important difference is the way they are installed. Top-mounted roller shutters are first mounted on the window and then installed together with it. They are therefore mainly used in new buildings or in renovations with window replacements. Front-mounted roller shutters, on the other hand, are mounted directly in the reveal on the frame or on the outer wall. This means they can also be used without any problems for retrofitting of old buildings. Unlike top-mounted systems, the box remains visible from the outside and can serve as a design element.

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