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Operate your roller shutters automatically via remote control

Operating your roller shutters via radio-frequency remote control makes everyday life much, much easier: Instead of using your muscle power, simply press a button to raise and lower your roller shutters without any effort at all. Elderly people and those with additional physical needs are particularly likely to benefit from this added convenience, which can help them maintain their independence in their own homes. It is also very easy to retrofit remote control technology to roller shutters that have already been installed.

Radio control of electric roller shutters

Even when installing a roller shutter from our partner manufacturer ALULUX you have the choice between mechanical operation with a belt winder or crank and electrical operation using a motor. While this decision is primarily based on your own preferences, the installation of a radio-capable belt winder or roller shutter motor is a must if you wish to control the roller shutter via roller shutter radio control.

In recent years, the wall transmitter has become the standard for electrical control in many houses. This usually consists of a rocker switch on the wall, which can be used to open and close the roller shutter on the window.

With the success of smart home roller shutter control systems, the trend is also moving more and more towards control via app or a corresponding handheld transmitter. The advantages are more than obvious:

You can operate each roller shutter or entire groups of roller shutters from anywhere in the house - whether from a distance of 5 or 50 m. Most remote controls have multiple channels for this purpose.

  • Convenient operation with radio handheld transmitter
  • Can be retrofitted to all roller shutters
  • Smart home integration possible
Roller shutter motor

What is the benefit of installing a motor?

Maybe you've had mechanical roller shutters all your life and are wondering what benefit does an electric roller shutter have. Perhaps you may have had to deal with stubborn shutter curtains that won't close completely or require an enormous amount of force due to their size. When it comes to comfort, electric roller shutters are clearly in a class of their own compared to manual roller shutters. But that's just one of many reasons why investing in a motorised roller shutter drive is worth it.

A motor ensures that the roller shutter is raised and lowered at the same speed. Thus, you can protect both roller shutter curtain and roller shutter guide rails and your roller shutter will not warp over a long period of use. Electric roller shutters also have obstacle detection, which means they immediately stop if a foreign object is in the way. Injuries caused by careless handling, for example by children, are therefore prevented.

Roller shutter radio control

The convenient solution: Control your roller shutters with ease using a handheld transmitter

Of course, the handheld radio transmitter is bound to be misplaced or get lost somewhere in your home, just as you would expect with the remote control you use for your television. Moreover, the transmitter uses batteries that will have to be replaced more or less regularly, depending on how much you use it.

Having said all that, however, a radio-frequency remote control is far superior to the classic wall transmitter when it comes to convenience, as you do not have to get up specially every time you want to operate your roller shutter.

This solution also means you do not have to install the usual wall panel, whose appearance might not fit in so well with the overall ambience of your living space. If in doubt, it is possible to replace your wall switch with what is known as a radio button, too.

This lets you enjoy the advantages of both systems and operate your electric roller shutters with both a wall-mounted and a handheld transmitter.

Retrofit roller shutter motors

Retrofit roller shutters with a motor

There are two basic options for operating your roller shutters electronically: either with an e-belt retractor or with a tube motor located in the roller shutter box. Retrofitting shutters with an electric belt winder is easier from a technical point of view, but is not suitable for large window fronts with correspondingly heavy roller shutter curtains. Alternatively, you can also install a motor directly in the roller shutter box, which is much more complex to achieve but looks less noticeable, too.

If your roller shutters are already operated electronically in one way or another, all you have to do is retrofit them with a radio receiver to allow you to operate them via remote control from then on. When choosing electronic belt winders, it is therefore essential to check whether or not they are wireless-compatible. You can also get radio-controlled roller shutter motors, which are certainly the option you should lean towards if you want to retrofit your roller shutters. You do not necessarily have to replace any non-wireless-compatible motors you already have installed, however. In fact, you can simply replace the wall switch with the right kind of radio receiver.

Smart home roller shutter control

A network of functionalities: the ideal start to your own smart home

Once your roller shutters are equipped with a radio control system, there is no longer anything standing in the way of you further expanding the capabilities of your very own smart home. As soon as you have the ability to manually operate your roller shutter system via radio-frequency remote control, it is also possible to equip it with such features as a roller shutter timer.

This allows the roller shutters to operate automatically at pre-set times. Among other benefits, this gives you extra protection against burglars, as any potential perpetrators will think you are at home while you are busy at work or even on holiday.

The electric roller shutters from ALULUX are easy to integrate into your very own smart home. The io-homecontrol® system also gives you intelligent control over such features as window blinds, awnings and lighting, for example, or lets you link various alarm systems together.

Our customer service team will be more than happy to give you advice about our range of products and the various smart options you have for retrofitting your roller shutters if you email info@noSpamwindows24.com or call +49 711 860 601 60 (Mon-Fri from 6 am - 6 pm CET).

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