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Exterior window sills

Exterior window sills made of high-quality aluminium

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Protection and insulation of your windows

Whether made of granite, marble, natural stone, uPVC, clinker, wood, stainless steel or aluminium - an exterior window sill contributes significantly to the protection and insulation of your windows. On the one hand, an exterior window sill diverts rainwater that would otherwise run down the house wall from the window without restriction, thus preventing water damage to the façade. On the other hand, they form a neat finish and contribute to the long-lasting quality of the window frames. With a so-called "anti-drumming film", they also offer noise protection from rain and hail pounding outside. Configure and order your external window sill as you wish at windows24.com and enjoy various advantages such as many colours, affordable prices and directly supplied accessories for installation.

Exterior window sill – advantages of aluminium

Sometimes called a window cill or ledge, an exterior sill prevents dirt from soaking and penetrating the façade thanks to its drainage edge. This not only looks much neater but also prevents mould.

The drainage edge, which drains rainwater away to the side, is also known as the "water nose" and can take various forms. As with window profiles, for example, you can choose straight, stepped or rounded models that emphasise the different materials. For example, you will often find a lateral upstand on stone window sills.

The drainage of water effectively protects your façade from moisture damage. The shape of the edge of a window sill on the outside influences the appearance of the façade, but even more decisive is the material and construction of the window sill: aluminium offers a highly resistant, metallic surface for a window sill, thanks to which a long service life and high resistance to weathering and UV radiation are also possible on the outside.

Further advantages of aluminium window sills

Compared to many other materials such as wood, artificial stone, granite, marble, sandstone or other natural stone, the metallic surfaces do not require any special care and still look new and of high quality even after years.

Aluminium is therefore ideal for exterior use in nature: it does not corrode, resists temperature fluctuations and, although a light metal, is extremely stable despite its low weight. In addition, it is hygienic and always looks more elegant than PVC. Besides windows and doors, you will therefore also find inexpensive exterior window sills in this popular material at windows24.com. These not only offer a variety of colours, but also a corresponding number of technical advantages. These include:

  • High weather protection for masonry and parapet in the window and door area.
  • Freely selectable dimensions (length and depth)
  • Better quality thanks to the powder-coated, anodised surface
  • Significant noise reduction thanks to optional anti-drumming strips
  • Side finish on both sides for a perfectly rendered edge
  • Modern, rounded edges available
  • Easy to attach

The perfect finish for your windows

For both types of window sills, exterior and interior window sills, we offer products made of uPVC or aluminium. Like natural stone or granite window sills, aluminium models are mainly used outdoors, where they score points for their weather resistance. 

First, define the depth and total length of your window sill in millimetres in the configurator: the depth can be selected in steps of 15 or 20 between 50 mm and 400 mm, and the width or length of the window sill can be entered in values between 300 and 7500 mm.

You can also order end caps in various designs for a neat finish. You can choose from sliding end caps made of uPVC and aluminium, including plaster, clinker and sliding end caps. These end caps prevent water from entering and cracks from forming in the plaster.

A window sill bracket will also significantly increase the stability of your exterior sill.

Other beneficial options such as noise reduction strips that muffle noise from hail and heavy rain, a window sill gasket and colour-matched window sill screws can be selected in the next steps. The screws are available in white, anthracite, natural (rubber seal) and dark bronze, and the screw-on seals in black and white.

Further information on each step, for example, how to take the measurements for the width and depth (including overhang) of your window sill based on the embrasure depth, is always folded out below the small question mark – when taking measurements, for example, the size of the window recess and thickness of the wall outside play an important role. Please note that for lengths in excess of 2,500 mm, your external sill will be delivered in two parts, which require a connecting piece.

Matching your house: window sills in stylish colours

Since they are located on the outside of the house and are directly visible there, the design of external window sills plays at least as important a role as interior window sills.

In the configurator, you will therefore find a wide range of modern colour designs, which are applied by means of a special powder coating process and thus further increase the resistance of the anodised upper material.

Enjoy a generous choice of colours within the RAL palette. As standard, our exterior sills are manufactured in the colour "silver EV1 anodised", a very light silver. Beyond that, however, you have far more options to customise your product. 

This colour range allows you to match your external sill with your windows and interior. If you have a window and an internal uPVC window sill with a cosy woodgrain foil, you can match that with an external sill in Mahagoni brown. On a brickwork building, a warm wine red can harmonise well with the external appearance.

Colour name Colour code
Traffic white RAL 9016
Light ivory RAL 1015
Beige RAL 1001
White aluminium RAL 9006
Grey aluminium RAL 9007
Silver grey RAL 7001
Wine red RAL 3005
Quartz grey RAL 7039
Grey brown RAL 8019
Anthracite grey RAL 7016

Inexpensive window sill for outside

Since window sills for outside are much more than just a visual stylistic element, professional installation is crucial: whether on a plastered or unplastered façade, in old buildings or on modern composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS) in new buildings, they are also quite easy to install yourself. You will find instructions on how to install them correctly on our pages.

Our aluminium window sills are exclusively made of weatherproof aluminium AL MG 1 and have extruded profiles as well as a drip edge of 40 mm. This gives them particularly high weather resistance and durability. They are suitable for both plastered and unplastered facades.

Although installed outdoors, they can of course also be used indoors.: Place flowers or decorations on them, for example, and enjoy a great view.

Frequently asked questions

Exterior window sills are more than just a visual stylistic element and are extremely affordable. With us, you can order your high-quality aluminium window sill for as little as €2.70 and configure it entirely according to your ideas. This ensures that water drips off effortlessly over the edge without causing damage to the façade. The size has the greatest influence on the total cost, as well as the colour and individual features such as end caps on the sides or noise reduction strips. 

For the exterior protection of a window, you can choose from a range of materials. Concrete window sills are the more affordable alternative to stone. However, concrete sills are not as resistant to weather as aluminium. For this reason, aluminium is becoming increasingly important in window construction and is also proving to be the ideal solution for outdoor window sills. It is not only immune to corrosion but also scores points for weather resistance and long-lasting durability. In addition, the metal is extremely stable with low weight and requires no special care apart from regular cleaning.

Window sill colours are available in a wide variety in the Custom Windows and Doors online & worldwide | windows24.com  online shop to match your home. In the configurator, you will find a selection of RAL and anodised colours that provide additional protection for the surface. For example, opt for classic anthracite grey, noble silver or a warm wine red. 

Correct installation is crucial for the function of your window sill. For this reason, you can order the matching screws from us at the same time. These can also be colour-matched to the aluminium window sill to create a harmonious look. By the way, you can easily install the sill on plaster facades as well as on modern thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS).

You can freely enter the length of your new window sill from 300 to 7,500 mm and thus perfectly adapt it to the window dimensions. You choose the depth or overhang from a list of 50 to 400 mm. Among other things, the thickness of the wall plays an important role in the dimensions of the window sill. For the ideal depth, you need to know the depth of your wall and how much the window sill should protrude beyond the wall. From a length of 2,500 mm or more, the bench is delivered in two parts, for which you need a connecting piece. You can also order so-called sliding ends for a neat finish.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about window sills.

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Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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