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When manufacturing wood front doors for our customers, we always verify to obtain the best standard in the processing of exquisite woods. Choosing these very unique, personalized and customized products makes the best choice for you and your home. Many years of professional experience in the timber processing craftsmanship guarantees sophisticated, long-living wood front doors you can plan down to the last detail – like shape, colour, type, glazing element, use of exotic woods etc. Every product detail is subjected to stringent quality control in order to meet the most recent quality factors.

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Profiles for wood front doors


You can find general information on all our door profiles here.

Glazing for front doors


Various styles of ornamental glazing for your wood front doors are available.

Colours for front doors


A wide range of decor types and paint colors allow great freedom in choosingthe style and design of your front door.

External handles

Exterior handles

We offer an assortment of exterior handles in various sizes and designs.

Wood entry door designs


For all of our wood front doors, you can choose between concealed or recessed hinges.

Internal handles for front doors

Internal handles

Select from a number of different designs for the interior handle to your door.



The security of your doors can be considerably improved using a number of special features.


Locking Systems

Choose from between standard, security or electric locking systems.

Detail drawing of wood front doors

Detailed drawings

You can find drawings of the profile cross-sections of our range of doors here.

Qualitaty high-value front doors at low prices

Please click on the front doors illustrated in the menu above in order to find out more information on our range of entrance doors. By the way, all of our front doors are fitted exclusively with door profiles from the company Schüco and central door panel infills are manufactured by Obuk.
A front door is the visiting card of your home, so you should carry out careful research beforehand and weigh up which solution is the most suitable for you.

That is whay at Windows24.com we have decided only to use the woods pine and Meranti in the production of our doors of wood. Our wood front doors are exclusively made from woods of the quality class A with a steel core.

Blue wood front door with lateral element

Our front door configurator enables the price for individual designs and additional extras to be calculated quickly and easily.

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Front doors configurator

Versatilty of front doors

Durable material and security with wooden front doors

Doors have always been an important component of the house. One steps through it into the wide world outside and returns, at varying times of day and night, and enters the peace of home.

It is the connection between two widely differing worlds: on the one hand, the open world of society in which one learns, works and celebrates, and on the other hand, the personal, self-constructed cosmos of one’s own four walls, in which one pursues one’s interests and hobbies, cooks and eats, and relax from the daily routine.

Wooden front doors are one of the most well-known and popular types of front door, then just as the natural raw material is available all round the world, then it is respected and preferred for its stability and formability.

The choice for the right front door should always be carefully considered– then it not only has to endure the daily stress but also adequately represent the home and its residents. Windows24.com offers a wide assortment of front doors of wood in all sorts of shapes and colours.

The advantages of wood

The demands placed on any door are high. Extreme variations in temperature from minus 10 to 15° C outside and plus 20° C inside have to be endured in many countries in the deepest winter months, while in high summer the wood has to put up with rises in temperature due to direct sunlight. At the same time the wood must be weather resistant while also being easy to maintain.

Neither rain nor snow must impair the function of the front door, nor is the door allowed to get wet and thus soft and rotten. All these functions are easily mastered by high quality front doors from Windows24.com. Wood is, in contrast to glass or metal, by nature an extremely good insulator for heat and proves to have good resistance to noise – and thus is often chosen as the material from which to produce front doors. By providing the right treatment and the best surface finishing wooden front doors can be made secure against wind and damp.

From the view of construction one differentiates between solid wooden doors on one hand and wooden doors on the other, the latter of which may be combined with other materials. The first category comprises doors of various different woods and seen ecologically are unobjectionable as wood is a natural raw material which is both sustainable and recyclable. Frame and filler material of solid wooden doors comprises multi-layer laminated and glued wood.

By using laminated wood scantlings one avoids any warping or the formation of cracks caused by constant heat. The best values can be obtained here by having a 3-layer laminated structure. Front doors which are not constructed of wood alone, but are combined with other materials are further split up into those with filling and those with external strengthening.

Wooden doors with filling are seldom used as front doors, however, given the right special fillung – such as insulating filling material or steel core – can achieve very good values in terms of soundproofing, thermal insulation, protection against warping and burglar protection and have the same effectiveness as solid wood doors.

Security levels and wooden doors / solid wooden doors

The most important function of front doors is to prevent unauthorised entry, and to protect the lives and property of the home owner and family. When one wishes to keep burglars from breaking into a house through the door, then one has to know what the weak points of a door can be and go about making these more safe.

Critical points of any front door are often the door hinges, the locks and the glazing. From a door panel thickness of 40 mm or more but without any filling material solid wood doors prove to be good for burglar protection and resistant, as the tools of the potential criminal have no weak points to attack. Thus by choosing a solid wood door the basic preconditions for a secure entrance door are already given. The security of the solid wood door can further be enhanced by additional fittings and providing solid hinges.

Glass panels are another weak point of some doors and require additional security. A possibility to reduce the chances of a break-in is the use of security glass, hinge-side security and self-locking locks.

Wood front door with glazing elements

Infill doors, whereby only the outside frame is constructed of wood have various security resistance values depending on the actual type and the precise material used for filling. It is important here to pay attention to check the door has a stable filling and ensuring adequate fixing of the door into its door frame.

Sometimes it is necessary to add some door panel strengthening and protective fittings for door and frame. Thus already stable wooden doors can be made even more robust and secure doors in a number of different ways.

Decoration and wood ornamentation

Wood does not just offer itself as an extremely stable and impermeable material for the construction of doors. Wooden is also malleable and can be decorated to your wishes. As for the colour which the front door should have – there are virtually no limits except your fantasy.

There are few other parts of a building that can be decorated on the outside in order to show one’s individuality as can be carried out with a wood door from Windows24.com.
It all comes down to personal taste: one can choose a plain unassuming wooden door in white; or one can go for a massive-looking entrance in oak; and even doors with carvings or with applied symbols are possible.

Especially modern, arc-shaped forms and circular or semi-circular figures can be displayed in and on a wooden door. Front doors of wood are ideally suitable to present the style and design of one’s home in proper style to the outside world.

The usefulness of wooden front doors

Entrance door with a knob

The front door is the showcase of the house. Just as there are numerous tasks that a front door performs, aso there are uncountable advantages of having a wooden door.

  • High stability and durability
  • Good security and burglar protection
  • Optimum thermal and noise insulation
  • Eclogically sustainable and recyclable material
  • Presentation of aesthetics and style
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