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Wood Front Doors

Wood front doors give your home a warm appearance and provide good insulation. Our wooden front doors, also referred to as timber doors, are extremely stable doors thanks to the sandwich construction and a galvanised steel insert. They also meet high requirements for burglary protection. The surface of our wooden doors is protected by modern lacquer systems. On windows24.com, you can buy your wooden front door online at a favourable price.

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Our wood front doors

Robust, sturdy and always unique: our long-lasting wooden front doors in classic or modern design.

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Features and options

Info and instructions: Find and install your front door

Have you configured, ordered and received your custom-made external door? That makes us very happy! Now comes the next step – installation: in addition to the appropriate dimensions and options you have chosen for your doorset, this is crucial for long-term, reliable functioning. You are always faced with the question: should professional fitters do the work or should I/we do it ourselves? For all amateur craftsmen, we have collected videos and step-by-step instructions on this page that explain and facilitate the installation. We hope you enjoy your new front door!

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Our wood front doors are renown worldwide

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Further information

Front doors made of wood at a top price – first-class features

  • Extremely stable due to sandwich construction with steel inlay
  • Special thermal insulation core that eliminates temperature differences
  • All-round, ageing-resistant silicone gaskets
  • Easy-care surface due to long-lasting glazes
  • Panels flush with the sash as standard at no extra charge
  • Basic depth 68 or 78 mm

High-quality front doors made of wood at low prices

A wooden entrance door is a real eye-catcher, but its inner qualities are even more convincing: That is why we at windows24.com have decided to offer only high-quality external doors made of kiln-dried spruce timber of quality class A.

All doors have a galvanised steel core insert as well as the processing of a uPVC sandwich filling, which significantly improves security and thermal insulation with a good U-value. The threshold enables a comfortable transition from the inside to the outside, while at the same time fulfilling the requirements for thermal insulation through thermal separation. In the front door configurator, you can quickly and easily find the prices for your favourite design.

Robust material and high security

External doors have always been an important part of the home. Through them, we step out into the world and return to our own homes at different times. They connect our outer and inner worlds – but which hardwood external door lasts and protects them for a particularly long time? Which material is particularly resistant? And how can you customise your door?

Compared to models made of uPVC and aluminium, external doors made of timber are certainly the most traditional. The natural raw material is available all over the world and is equally respected and preferred as a building material due to its stability and malleability.

Although uPVC is becoming more and more popular nowadays due to its lower manufacturing costs, hardwood still offers great advantages that are not limited to its natural appearance. Other than a model only made with hardwood veneer, the modern hardwood external door can now withstand just as much stress as its competitors made of aluminium and uPVC or composite doors.

windows24.com offers a wide selection of made-to-measure exterior doors in one of the most popular raw materials – a multi-faceted range of the highest quality awaits you, in which you will find external doors, back doors as well as French doors and bifold doors. Our products made of timber are available in resilient hardwood.

The advantages of wood

Unlike glass or metal, unglazed timber is naturally very heat insulating and has a high resistance to noise. It is ecologically sustainable and the use of layered glued wood scantlings prevents it from warping or cracking when constantly heated. The best values here can be achieved with a 3-layer laminate.

The demands on an external door are great, e.g., extremeweather conditions and temperature differences of minus 10-15° C outside and plus 20° C inside must be endured in the harsh winter just as much as the heating of the wood in direct sunlight in summer. At the same time, it must be weather-resistant and easy to care for. Neither rain nor snow may impair the function of the exterior door, nor may the door become rotten or even decay. This can be a real challenge for unglazed hardwood external doors or simple hardwood veneers. For this reason, all models available on windows24.com are glazed with long-lasting exterior protection.

This is only achieved with excellent quality of material and construction. With the right treatment and glazing, your external door remains protected against wind and moisture. Compared to aluminium or uPVC, hardwood always appears warmer, more rustic and closer to nature. Wooden doors with an insulation filling or a steel core also have similarly good values in sound insulation, thermal insulation, protection against warping and burglary resistance up to resistance class 2 (RC 2) as a solid wooden door.

Another factor in the longevity of external doors is the choice of wood. Hardwood doors are particularly resilient: oak trees, for example, grow relatively slowly which gives them good qualities to withstand weather, temperature drops and other natural challenges. Thanks to these characteristics, oak doors are long-lasting and have a pleasing appearance.

Protection values and quality of wooden doors

The most important function of external doors is to prevent unauthorised entry to protect the lives and property of the residents. If you want to prevent burglars from entering through the exterior door, you have to know the weaknesses of the door and reinforce it where its stability could be threatened.

To an even greater extent than other external entry points like windows and French doors, exterior doors depend on a stable basic structure, although accessories can of course be retrofitted. Critical structural elements of any door are often the door hinges, locks and glass inserts.

With a minimum thickness of the door panel of 68 mm, our wooden external doors are particularly burglar-proof and resistant, as the material offers the perpetrator no exploitable weak points. Our wooden door models include swing bolts as well as solid swing bolts and a 3-fold hook lock on the closing bar. This is supported by solid high-performance hinges and a pressure seal.

This means that you are already covered with standard security with the basic model, however, we also recommend further options to increase burglary protection, e.g. the use of safety glass, further protective fittings as well as a hinge side security device that protects against levering open, alarm systems and self-locking locks.

The perfect look – adornments and wooden ornaments

Living more beautifully with a bespoke external door is now possible in an instant with the product configurator from windows24.com: Timber is not only a very stable and sealing building material, but like uPVC it is very malleable and can be decorated and designed according to your wishes. Architects all over the world are making impressive use of this environmentally friendly material, even ahead of aluminium, steel and uPVC. Whether as lightweight or solid wood, with both native and exotic species of hardwood.

This is no surprise, because especially modern, curved shapes and circular figures can be suitably reproduced on or in wood. On windows24.com you can choose a model that suits the style of your home. Whether you want a cosy Cottage-look or a sleek design, our wide range of models has it all. Simply put together your desired model online and select a softwood or hardwood type, finishes, handles, colour shades and styles.

Both frosted and ornamental glass for side inserts are available for your new door, as well as beautiful colours: In addition to the wood types and glazes for spruce, oak and larch, the range includes textured metallic colours and the whole range of RAL colours. Especially popular colours are white and anthracite. By the way, in the configurator, you will also find the matching windows for your wooden exterior door: hardwood windows made of durable timber like meranti; profiles combined with aluminium or uPVC windows with wood decor as well as corresponding accessories.

The benefits of wooden front doors

The entrance is the hallmark of your house. The more requirements an external door has to meet, the more advantages wooden external doors have to offer. They are characterised by:

  • High stability and durability
  • Multi-point locks for reliable security and burglary protection
  • Optimal heat and sound insulation
  • Ecologically recyclable material
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Bespoke presentation of aesthetics and style

Further information on the front door offer

Do you have questions about the online offer, the brand or the manufacturer of your product? Do you need advice on ordering, delivery or installation? Our experts will be happy to provide you with personal advice on the door of your choice online or by telephone. Use the configurator to order a front door to suit your requirements by creating your unique door from a wide range of combinations and front door models.

Frequently asked questions

External hardwood doors are among the more expensive models. This is also because it takes many years before hardwoods like oak or meranti can be processed. In return, you get a sustainable product that radiates comfort. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative, an external door made of softwood such as pine is a good choice. Whether for a cottage or a modern single-family home, your new door can be designed both classically and as a modern wooden front door. We offer perfectly crafted wooden external doors for a price starting at €3,134. A luxurious Oak door is more expensive than one made of another timber like larch or pine. However, in addition to the choice of wood type, the size, design and features also influence the total cost.

Appearance plays an important role when choosing the right front door because it also influences the overall impression of the house. Depending on your taste, you can therefore choose between doors with a solid surface and doors with glass elements. The glazing for the light cut-outs can be rectangular or round and can also be configured with ornamental glass on request. By the way: If you would like even more light in the hallway, you can also equip your front door with a sidelight or toplight, a more contemporary version of the traditional fanlight.

As an advantage over unglazed external hardwood doors, but also as surface protection, you can colour your external wooden door differently. In the configurator, you can choose between a glazed door, for example, to come close to the colour of an oak door, and any of the colours in the RAL palette. Anthracite is one of the most popular colours. If you want to perfectly match the style of your exterior or interior, you can also simply enter the desired RAL number. The use of glazes makes the wood surface permanently elastic, even with temperature fluctuations. All selected colours are applied to both the door frame and panel to create a uniform look.

Each type of wood has its character and makes your front door truly unique due to its grain. Generally, timber is divided into hardwood and softwood types. Hardwood grows and dries much slower than softwood but is more resilient. Popular hardwood types are oak and meranti. More affordable alternatives to hardwood are softwood types like pine and larch.

For this reason, you can also choose from three different types of wood in our configurator. : Spruce is a highly valued construction and work wood. It convinces with its elasticity and low weight. It also has the best thermal insulation values and high sustainability. Larch, on the other hand, belongs to the so-called hardwoods and is particularly stable. Oak is also very heavy and hard, but also resistant to fungal and pest attacks.

You can order all our external doors made to measure. This means that you do not have to use any standard dimensions, but can adapt your new external door to the wall opening in your house to the millimetre. If you have a very large entrance area, for example, side panels are also an option. The minimum and maximum dimensions technically possible for your selection are always displayed directly in the configurator.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about wood front doors.

Is your question not answered here? Then simply call us on +49 711 860 60 200. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Or you can directly arrange a telephone consultation appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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