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Elegant front doors made from high-quality wood types

Spruce, oak and larch are offered on windows24.com as options for your wooden front doors. These high-quality woods have a long tradition of being used as the starting material for front doors – and even today, particularly durable, high-quality wood is an optimal alternative to plastic and aluminium. There is a reason that German oak stands for steadfastness:, which is also a very positive characteristic for doors. An example of this is the Miami door model, which has a central glass insert and stainless steel applications.

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Inviting and individual – wooden doors

When you choose a Miami front door model, you are guaranteed quality and long-term satisfaction. All-round silicone seals, a thermally separated threshold, a solid steel core in the door leaf and heat-insulating glazing ensure stability, energy efficiency, soundproofing and durability.

With a wealth of options when it comes to colours and handles, you can design your wooden front door to match your house perfectly and according to your personal taste. In this way, the look and technology of your Miami door model can be precisely matched. Whether you want a light or dark glaze that really shows off the wood or a RAL colour, you can give your front door a unique touch.

Triple glazing is installed as standard to save on heating costs. The two spaces between the panes store an especially large amount of heat. In this way, heat does not escape to the outside so quickly, which means that the heating can stay off or at least on low, even on colder days.

With the various ornamental glazings on offer, there is something for every taste and your door remains opaque. The result is a very unique front door that you will be happy to use every day and for many years to come

More front doors, many other products and information on competent companies in the region can be found at windows24.com.

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Data sheet

Miami wooden front door model

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
Elegant, modernMiami modelWood front door from 85 cm from 185 cm
windows24.com available New Spruce, Oak, Larch, RAL, RAL structure, Structure metallic from € 3,482
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