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French door costs

At windows24.com, we specialise in supplying affordable made-to-measure, bespoke products. Our French patio doors are no exception and are the perfect addition to elegantly fill rooms with much natural light. Due to the many customisable options available, the cost of French doors will vary depending on choices made at purchase, including the frame material, glazing and further accessories – just read on to find out more.

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The key factors influencing costs

Although they are often smaller than sliding patio doors, French doors still provide excellent views out and can come with accessible low thresholds. Based on selections made in the configurator, choosing French doors also tends to be a cheaper option and they are easier to install than sliding doors. Here is a break-down of the most important cost factors that will impact the final purchase price:

Frame materials for French doors

When making choices in our configurator, the first decision is to select the French door's frame. We offer a range of high-quality materials for this, from modern uPVC and aluminium French doors to traditional wood or composite uPVC-alu and wood-alu.

No material is necessarily better than another, rather each comes with its own unique benefits and differing costs.

In their most basic configuration, uPVC French doors are our cheapest model, for example, and impress in terms of energy efficiency. Aluminium French doors, on the other hand, sit in the middle of the average cost price range and bring durable resistance. Timber French doors or those clad with aluminium then add beautiful patterns to interiors but come with increased costs in terms of purchase and maintenance.

Here is an overview of the average cost of standard French doors for each frame material type as well as links to purchase:

from € 114 from € 114
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from € 191 from € 191
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from € 407 from € 407
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from € 523 from € 523
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from € 247 from € 247
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The choice of profile

For each window frame material, there are then a range of different profiles to choose from when selecting French doors. The profiles determine the exact design, shape, depth, and technical construction of the frame and sash.

They are all high material quality but an uPVC French door with an energeto 8000ED profile will be more energy-efficient and contain more insulation chambers than uPVC French doors manufactured with an IDEAL 4000 profile, for example. This would be similar for aluminium French doors, for instance, and generally the more technically intricate and insulating the profile, the higher the cost.

French door glazing options

  • Triple or double glazing
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Soundproof glazings
  • Ornamental glass

Alongside the frame and profile, glazing is an important factor affecting French door prices and performance. To ensure good standardinsulation all French doors come with double glazing.

Enhanced double-glazed French doors with an increased thermal performance can, however, also be selected at a higher cost while triple glazing is additionally available for the best energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Both double and triple-glazed French doors can then also feature laminated glass containing an invisible foil interlayer, which increases safety and impact resistance.

The glazing's surfacecan also be customised for an additional cost. Frosted or ornamental glass are popular for enhancing privacy or adding character to the design, for example. Noise reduction glass in differing classes is also an option and costs will vary depending on manufacturing complexity and glass thickness.

Finishes and dimensions

Further factors which influence French door costs then come down to the details. All our doors are available in a wide range of colours and decors, for example, and a classic white powder coat on an uPVC door will cost more than a special metallic coating or an oak replica decor foiled onto an aluminium frame.

There are suitable surface finishes for many different customer budgets and design preferences while expert durability and vibrance is a constant that can be relied upon.

French doors from windows24.com can come in many different dimensions and with a range of possible opening mechanisms.

Medium or standard sized French doors will be cheaper, for example, than larger models or double doors constructed from multiple sashes.

Complementary products and accessories

When looking to smaller selections, a variety of further add-on features can also be selected for French doors. These will also increase the price from the basic configuration. Whether for sliding doors, an aluminium French door or wooden French doors, multi-lock systems can be chosen, for example, thanks to an increased number of fittings or a sleek lockable handle.

Another add-on feature would then be to add a threshold protection cover made from aluminium. This comes pre-installed and for around €10 extra, the threshold's service life and durability can be improved.

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to our user-friendly configurator, French door costs are kept transparent and easy to view. As options for French doors are selected and amended in our interactive system, a live price and overview is displayed in a clear table to the left. Modern French doors can therefore be purchased to perfectly fit with average cost budgets and requirements.

Because our French doors are made-to-measure and we specialise in international shipping, by adding a product to the basket you are receiving a quotation. We will then research the best shipping cost options and get in touch so you can decide whether you wish to proceed to final payment. For further questions or advice please get in contact with our team of experts.

At windows24.com, fitting French doors is made simple with our step by step instructions. By self-installing, the overall cost of French doors is reduced – just follow these links to learn how to install, adjust and measure. We also offer a guide on removing old French patio doors for those looking to use new French doors in renovation projects. If you would prefer, however, to be connected with local professionals, please contact the team.

Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about French doors.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Then give us a call at +49 711 860 60 200. Our experts would be happy to answer your questions.

Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts to purchase the perfect bespoke product.

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