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The final price for your French door is based on a number of different factors. The various materials, any extras which are chosen and the particular choice when it comes to safety class all play a part, for example. Generally speaking, for all your basic products such as doors and windows: Windows24.com offers high quality products at affordable prices. In our Online Shop you will find many interesting offers from as little as 149 Euro. The end price will depend on the glazing used, construction depth, whether window bars are present and many more features which you, the customer, are free to choose when designing your window or door.

French Doors: plan your Costs carefully

Safety is definitely one of the most important aspects in any door configuration – a point valid for doors and windows generally and even more so for balcony doors. For one’s personal safety on the way from indoors to the outside it is certainly recommendable to avoid any potential tripping hazards. For well known reasons the short journey onto the balcony is often undertaken in more casual footwear than that out into the garden. A very low threshold is important to have for any balcony French door in order to prevent tripping up. The inclusion of a very low or flush threshold is certainly recommended. Other factors that can influence the price of your balcony French doors are:

  • Roller shutters: balcony doors can also be equipped with roller shutters. There are various different types to choose from and varying functional features. The possibility to darken rooms can often be decisive due to the size of the door, especially in bedrooms.
  • Colour: many colours accentuate the appearance and, thus, the design of the windows and balcony doors and influence that characteristic first impression. Variation is possible and can be achieved through the material selected or the colour scheme: walnut, mahagony, golden oak, anthracite, grey or basalt grey, terracotta or simply white.
  • Material used: as well as contributing to the insulating qualities personal taste is often paramount here. Depending on customer, the choice may be for uPVC balcony doors, wood, aluminium or composite.
  • Fitting: installation of the uPVC windows, wood windows and balcony doors can sometimes be a complicated business. Having the right partner is important.
  • Accessories: in order to operate the balcony door with ease, the choice of handle grip can be immensely important. To avoid wear and tear it is advisable to select high quality materials and products.

Depending on the actual interior design and the particular make up of the balcony two directions of opening are available. If space is limited in the exterior areas, then it is recommended to have the door swing inwards. On the other hand, an outwardly swinging door provides more space on the inside.

Naturally enough the manufacturer also has an important say in the price calculation of doors and windows. Numerous references, positive feedback and a professional approach can help when it comes to the purchase.

Producers and suppliers with a certain reputation to protect understand that it is extremely important to manufacture only windows and doors which will be remembered for their durability and their attractive design. Windows24.com is the subsidiary of just such an experienced manufacturer of windows and doors.

Balcony with inexpensive french doors

Balcony Windows and Doors: these Models are available

A rather special form and representing a combination of window and door is the "French-style balcony door". This is a window that reaches to the floor but in front of which there is no real balcony. To provide safety there is a railing stretching approximately waist high. The advantage of this construction is that plenty of light is allowed into the room. The prices of this variation of French doors differ from the conventional models. Two further special forms are the veranda doors and patio doors.

A very practical method to open and close doors in limited space is offered by the sliding door. The path onto the balcony, onto a patio or veranda is enabled by the horizontal movement of the door. Sliding doors are of two main types:

  • The slide-and-tilt door: an additional mechanism allows the sliding door to be tilted allowing speedy airing of any room – especially welcome in the summer.
  • The lift-and-slide door: The lift-and-slide door is a particularly space-saving while attractive solution for above-average sized openings.

The patio door is the same as a balcony door but leads out into the garden or onto the patio area on the ground floor. Here, too, one has the choice between a uPVC window and one of wood.

Lots of window, plenty of glass and bags of light – the trend in French doors is increasingly towards the so-called Jumbo doors. The transitional space or the balcony itself can be ideally used at all times. As a result of its size and the large amount of daylight possible Jumbo windows offer a great plus.

Opened french door

Aluminium, uPVC or Wood: Material Choice is decisive

The window glazing (e. g. double or triple glazing) largely determines the price category of the French door while being, at the same time, one of its greatest quality characteristics. Besides such important factors as material, light transmission, the design and opening mechanism one of the most frequently quoted key criteria for doors is the thermal efficiency. Just like for any window (uPVC, wood or of aluminium) the final material which is selected is decisive. Mixed types of window are now available, such as the windows of aluminium with wood or those combining uPVC with aluminium.

Next to the material it is important to have high quality finished seals, as even very small holes can lead to draughts and with it heat (meaning energy) is lost out the window. Professionally manufactured gaskets are a small investment which pay out many times over a long period. When using the internet to order it is certainly advisable to calculate the total cost for doors and windows including all transport charges. The additional costs of hiring professionals for the installation can also increase costs, which prove to be a worthwhile investment over time.

Glazed facade with french door

Customers at Windows24.com profit from economical prices and quality as well as through professional service and direct contact. For windows, glazing and front doors there are many types of features and details, so too for our French balcony doors.

The balcony door price can only be estimated very generally as it is based on so many various factors which are directly related to the wishes and tastes of the customers and their particular requirements. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions!

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