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uPVC-alu balcony door

With a uPVC-aluminium balcony door, you are opting for an all-rounder when it comes to energy efficiency and break-in protection. uPVC, which is easy to process, is ideal for modern profiles, while the aluminium outer shell withstands even extreme weather conditions and attempted break-ins. Simply configure your PVC-aluminium balcony door according to your ideas: colour, type of opening, glazing and much more.

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Our uPVC-alu balcony doors

Easy-care and weatherproof: Benefit from the modern mix of materials for your uPVC-alu balcony door

  • Balcony door aluplast Twinset 8000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.80
    The energy-saving system

    TwinSet 8000

    • Offset design
    • 90 mm construction depth
    • 6-chamber profile with 3 seals
    from € 243 from € 243
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  • Balcony door aluplast Twinset 8000ED
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.73
    The passive house system

    TwinSet 8000 ED

    • Offset design
    • 90 mm construction depth
    • 6-chamber profile with 3 seals
    from € 410 from € 410
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Information and instructions: purchasing and installation tips

When it comes to balcony doors, many factors play a role in deciding on the right equipment and material. Break-in protection, sound insulation and heat insulation are the most important points, in addition to flawless function and an attractive appearance. To be able to make a good choice, it is therefore worth comparing the individual advantages and disadvantages with just one click. After the purchase comes the installation. Of course, professional fitters will be happy to take care of this. If you want to do it yourself, you will benefit from detailed videos and instructions that show you how to do it properly.

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Additional information

Advantages and disadvantages of uPVC components

uPVC windows and doors have various properties which make them an attractive purchase. This also applies to balcony doors made from the same material. The most important points are:

  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Long service life
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Low maintenance

PVC is easy to procure and process which allows manufacturers to produce inexpensive products. As uPVC windows and doors are very stable and require little maintenance, they are ideally suited for these components. Thanks to modern production methods, the thermal insulation is also excellent:

Multi-chamber profile systems enable U values that even meet passive house standards with the right glazing. One disadvantage of uPVC balcony doors is that they are difficult to repair if they get damaged.

Although PVC is weatherproof, it is relatively easy to damage it with sharp or pointed tools. However, this has no effect on break-in protection, it is purely a visual consequence.

A 6-chamber profile system with triple insulating glazing achieves thermal insulation values of up to 0.77 W/(m²K).

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminium components

A balcony door made of alu has certain advantages, but there are also drawbacks. For example, the light metal is extremely resistant to scratches and has an elegant look.
However, the thermal insulation of pure aluminium components leaves a lot to be desired.

The good break-in protection is another advantage of aluminium, and this is down to the metal itself. A uPVC-alu balcony door from windows24.com combines the advantages of both materials, as the outer shell of the door is made of stylish and robust aluminium, while the inner part is made of uPVC which offers optimum insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The material combination of uPVC and alu offers many advantages, and this is also reflected in the initial outlay. You can get the best value configuration from us from €243. This is a worthwhile investment, because good thermal insulation and the best protection for the exterior of your door means you can enjoy your balcony door for a long time. When planning, you can design the door according to your needs and make targeted savings, because the colour, opening type and fittings also affect the price.

uPVC alu combines the excellent insulation values of PVC with the high resistance of aluminium. Due to its stability, the light metal not only enables the manufacture of larger balcony doors, but also contributes to break-in protection and increases the service life of the profile. At the same time, you have the option of designing the inside and outside of your door in different colours - each to match your living space and facade.

Since two different materials are used for uPVC-alu balcony doors, they can of course be coloured individually. For the inside which is made of uPVC you will find a selection of popular colours and fine wood decors in the configuration tool. For the aluminium outer shell, you can choose from a variety of high-quality matt, metallic and fine-structure colours.

Our balcony doors are available with fixed glazing, with a turn function or with a tilt and turn function. If you want a sliding function instead, we recommend a lift and slide door, a parallel slide and tilt door or a folding sliding door. This is particularly worthwhile if you are looking for a space-saving type of opening, or the wall opening in question is very large.

You can easily order a balcony door threshold as an option in the configuration tool. With a height of less than 20 mm, the risk of stumbling is significantly reduced. In addition, the thermal separation ensures optimum thermal insulation.

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