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uPVC Patio Doors

Deciding to purchase a sliding uPVC patio door is a practical and wise decision. The versatile material is easy to maintain, has excellent thermal insulation values, and is affordable. Functionality also meets design, however, as the doors are available in a wide range of long-lasting colours, allowing them to match numerous home façades. In our comprehensive configurator, add-ons can also be personally selected, making our patio doors truly bespoke, high-quality products.

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Our uPVC Patio Doors

Flood your interior with natural light and opt for one of our convenient low-maintenance sliding patio doors with bespoke design possibilities.

uPVC Tilt-and-slide Doors

uPVC tilt-and-slide doors

With their innovative German opening mechanism, tilt and slide patio doors provide maximum security, nuanced ventilation, and excellent durability.

from € 1,119 from € 1,119
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uPVC Smart-Slide Doors

uPVC Smart-Slide doors

Innovativeness and comfort are the leading principles behind patio doors with Smart-Slide technology. With automatic closing and generous glass surfaces, convenience and minimalist design are guaranteed.

from € 1,357 from € 1,357
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uPVC Lift and Slide Doors

uPVC lift-and-slide doors

Classic lift and slide patio doors are a popular favourite for full glass fronts. As a low-maintenance and durable option, their firm closing mechanism ensures particularly impressive insulation.

from € 2,761 from € 2,761
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Accessories and options

Informative videos and installation instructions

uPVC patio doors can be easily self-installed with our handy step-by-step instructions. Find out how to correctly measure your opening, for example, or use our expert illustrations to assist with installing door handles, seals, and frames. Or perhaps you are more interested in hearing about our other products and how our materials compare; the video world is the perfect place for this with its short clips and texts.

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Further Patio Door Information

uPVC Patio Doors – Benefits and Key Features

High-quality and versatile, uPVC doors from windows24.com feature expertly designed profiles and offer the following advantages:

Low-maintenance Unlike traditional door materials like wood, which need regular oiling to maintain their weather-resistance, glazed patio doors with resistant uPVC profiles are very low-maintenance and impress with their multi-year guarantee. Also known as PVCu, the toughened doors will not rot, for example, and their smooth surface texture means they require little upkeep; a little water and detergent is all that is needed to remove any build-up of dirt.

Elegant door design Alongside their practical properties, french doors, sliding glass doors or bi-fold models for patios brighten interiors with their generous window panels. This has spaces appear larger and more welcoming. With easy access outside, a beautiful transition is created, framed by elegant slim profiles and a luxuriously wide glazed front.

Different door opening mechanisms At windows24.com patio doors made from uPVC are available with different opening mechanisms which each offer unique benefits to meet different budgets and requirements. Classic tilt-and-turn-doors are our cheapest system, for example, whereas SmartSlide technology brings convenience and an innovative automatic mechanism to the market. Bifold patio doors, on the other hand, create a full opening with their multiple foldable and anti-bump sashes. Showing similarities with full front bifold doors, a final further option is then our lift-and-slide doors with their multi-wheeled bases and generous dimension possibilities; at windows24.com we provide the choice so that customer creativity and requirements can be perfectly fulfilled.

Excellent thermal insulation Although sliding patio doors with large glass surfaces may seem like openings that could easily lose much necessary interior heat, given the natural properties of uPVC and the profiles' technical make-up, excellent thermal insulation is retained. Measured in u-values, which determine the amount of heat lost each hour per square metre, uPVC sliding patio doors from windows24.com, such as the IDEAL premium lift-and-slide model, can achieve superbly low values, such as 0.79 W/m²K.

Such a value is made possible because, unlike aluminium, uPVC is not a very conductive material. This slows heat transfer and helps to maintain a steady interior temperature, regardless of outside conditions. The technically complex make-up of modern uPVC window and sliding patio door profiles also play a role in ensuring their excellent thermal properties and energy efficiency. A multi-chambered design and special fibreglass inserts in the frame and sash, for example, create a buffer against undesired escaping or incoming heat.

A wide range of options

At windows24.com products can be highly personalised by customers and our patio doors are no exception. In the configurator, for example, the exact long-lasting colour finish can be selected from our large RAL palette, whether classic anthracite grey or a special textured metallic tone. Further features such as roller shutters, glazing bars and handle design can also be hand-picked, as can security features such as a multi-point locking system which adds an anti-lift, anti-snap property to door hinges and moveable parts.

The glazing

Glass is a further important customisable feature to consider when purchasing a glazed sliding patio door from windows24.com. In-line with quality requirements, double glazing consisting of two panes is used as a sufficient standard, for example, but thermally superior triple glazing featuring three glass panes is also available. Both triple and double-glazed sliding patio doors help to reduce incoming or escaping undesirable heat and work to keep interior temperatures stable. A further option is also to add a thin invisible low-E metal oxide coating. This is particularly effective in warm and sunny climates, for example, and reflects solar UV and infra-red radiation to reduce heat entry and prevent the wear and tear of objects or furniture that would otherwise receive constant exposure.

Frequently asked questions

As products at windows24.com are bespoke, our sliding patio door prices vary depending on factors, such as the selected material, profile, handle design, and choice of colour finish. uPVC leads the range, however, in terms of being the cheapest and most cost-effective sliding patio door material – with multiple durable energy-efficient profiles and low upkeep, utility bills and maintenance costs are kept low. In its most basic configuration, a uPVC patio door can be purchased from us from 1,119. Modifications to this base model which affect the price are then displayed live in the configurator's calculator.

Perhaps you are after more of a traditional look or want a sleek metal finish to blend in with your home's façade? At windows24.com we accommodate for all tastes and our sliding patio doors are available in different woodgrains, aluminium clad wood, aluminium and aluminium clad uPVC. With each offering different benefits, a patio door's material influences both its aesthetic design and functional properties – head to the configurator or our patio door navigation to discover more.

Alongside different materials, there are also alternative doors available at windows24.com which can open out elegantly onto patios. For those after more subtle entrance doors that come in at a cheaper price, french patio doors can be a good solution, for example. Featuring a regular, non-slide opening and available in different materials, french doors can still provide an open front and beautiful connection between inside and out. French doors, however, require less available entrance width than a uPVC patio door with its sliding sash.

Opting for a modern uPVC door does not necessarily mean having to compromise on traditional charm. Glazing bars can be added to lift and slide doors as well as to our tilt and slide models, for example. The bars separate the glass panel into different sized panes, adding character, classic symmetry, and pattern to the minimalist design.

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