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uPVC patio doors

With a uPVC patio door, you are making a wise decision in many respects. uPVC is a versatile material that is easy to maintain, has excellent thermal insulation values and is also very affordable. A uPVC patio door in the colour white blends in perfectly with most interior styles. Use our configurator to individually equip your uPVC patio door with many extras.

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Our uPVC patio doors

More light for more living quality with an easy-care uPVC patio door in an individual design.

uPVC tilt-and-slide doors

uPVC tilt-and-slide doors

uPVC tilt-and-slide doors offer excellent insulation values and are particularly low maintenance and long-lasting. As an affordable product with an individual design, they are very popular.

from € 1,119 from € 1,119
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uPVC Smart-Slide doors

uPVC Smart-Slide doors

The uPVC Smart-Slide door offers the advantages of easy-care material combined with smart technology for top performance in terms of operation and security.

from € 1,357 from € 1,357
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uPVC lift-and-slide doors

uPVC lift-and-slide doors

uPVC lift-and-slide doors offer excellent insulation values, are uncomplicated and classically timeless. This easy to maintain long-lasting product is rapidly becoming a market-leading favourite in modern house building.

from € 2,761 from € 2,761
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Accessories and features

Prices for patio doors

Prices for patio doors

Calculate patio door prices online. Here you will find information that you should know about pricing.

Install patio doors


For DIY patio door installation, you need good tools, accessories, some skill and instructions.

Security for patio doors

Secure your patio door

An important factor when choosing your new patio door is security and reliable break-in protection.

Patio door glazing

Patio door glazing

Here you will find patio door glazing with soundproofing, break-in protection, privacy protection and energy-saving functions.

Patio door insect screen

Patio door fly screen

Insect protection variants can be easily mounted on the patio door or retrofitted later.

Patio door roller shutters

Patio door roller shutters

Various roller shutter systems significantly increase the security and privacy of your patio door.

Patio door handle

Handles for patio doors

Indoor/outdoor patio door handles with a modern lockable handle increase control and security.

Information and instructions: purchasing and installation tips



You can find helpful videos on this site that provide general information about the products as well as their manufacturing and installation. These videos also serve as handy instructional guides.



Step-by-step explanations are provided for the installation and adjustment of the doors. Clear images clarify the most important points.

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Further information

Material: uPVC patio door

Our uPVC patio doors are particularly long-lasting and easy to care for. The uPVC profiles are manufactured using the most modern processes and are characterised by their energy-efficient properties.

Patio doors of uPVC are available as 5- or 6-chamber profile systems. The higher the number of chambers the better the energy efficiency and U-values.

The sashes of patio doors are available with steel reinforcement or in innovative adhesive technology. Adhesive technology is a process in which the pane is bonded to the uPVC frame on the sash of the door. This not only increases the stability of the uPVC patio door considerably but also improves the thermal insulation enormously.

uPVC patio doors and French doors can be designed entirely according to your own taste. The material uPVC is available in a wide range of colours and decors. The patio door can thus be given almost any desired look to blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the house and living space.

There are also various types of uPVC patio doors to choose from. The range extends from a simple single-leaf uPVC door with a turn-and-tilt mechanism to multi-leaf patio doors with a turn-and-tilt mechanism to four-part uPVC patio doors with a lift-and-slide mechanism.

For uPVC patio doors, as for uPVC windows or doors, the matching top-mounted roller shutter or front-mounted roller shutter is available on request.

In addition to shade and privacy protection, roller shutters also provide extra security. Here, too, you can choose from a wide range of decorative colours for uPVC, so that the roller shutters can be perfectly matched to the patio door.

Colour selection of uPVC patio doors

uPVC patio doors are available in RAL colours as well as in many decorative foils, such as realistic-looking woodgrain. This means that the door can be perfectly integrated into the overall design of the house. Here your options are almost limitless.

Frequently asked questions

Patio door prices are influenced by many factors. One of the most important is the material, and here uPVC (or PVCu) is especially cost-effective. But the desired opening type also makes a difference: a Smart-Slide door of uPVC is already available from €1,357, while a lift-and-slide door is a little more expensive, with prices starting at €2,761. In addition, the glazing, the colour and, last but not least, the individual features also play a role.

Our Smart-Slide doors, tilt-and-slide doors and lift-and-slide doors of uPVC are available in a range of popular colours, such as white or anthracite grey. Additionally, they can be ordered with a high-quality woodgrain finish. These also include elegant looks such as Mahogany or Golden Oak. All decors are foil-coated and fuse firmly with the surface so that they cannot peel off. In this way, your uPVC patio door doesn't only look good but is also particularly easy to clean.

You can get uPVC patio doors in our online shop with lift-and-slide or tilt-and-slide functions. Lift-and-slide doors are moved to the side on rollers and can also be made barrier-free. Tilt-and-slide doors, on the other hand, offer a practical tilt function for ventilation. With both types of door, you have the choice between two, three or four sashes and can determine individually in the configurator which of these will be designed as a fixed element.

Even if uPVC initially sounds like a very modern material, it can also be used to implement more traditional designs. For example, glazing bars are a typical element of the country house style and give your home a classic look. Both our lift-and-slide doors and our tilt-and-slide doors can be configured with glazing bars to match the windows. You can choose between Helima glazing bars fitted in the space between the panes, Vienna glazing bars fitted on both glass sides and glass-splitting glazing bars.

Lockable handles contribute to both break-in protection and accident prevention. A frequently used burglary method, apart from levering, is piercing the glass seal with a screwdriver in order to open the door handle. If the door is locked from the inside, this is as easy. At the same time, you prevent small children from accidentally opening the door and getting outside. If you want to use the patio door as a back door, it is better to install a door gear with a profile cylinder.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about uPVC patio doors.

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Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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