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uPVC tilt and slide patio doors

Parallel slide and tilt doors or uPVC tilt and slide patio doors are the optimal solution when it comes to efficient thermal insulation. In addition, the opening mechanism ensures full flexibility: You can slide or tilt the movable sash as you wish. Our configuration tool will help you to find the right glazing for your uPVC tilt and slide patio doors, here you will also find a large selection of optional extras.

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Our uPVC tilt and slide patio doors

Flexible, space-saving and excellently low-maintenance: our uPVC tilt and slide patio doors are real all-rounders.

  • Ideal 4000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.91
    The basic Classic system

    IDEAL 4000

    • Offset design
    • 70 mm construction depth
    • 5-chamber profile with 2 seals
    from € 1,119 from € 1,119
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  • Ideal 5000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.87
    The basic Roundline system

    IDEAL 5000

    • Semi-offset design
    • 70 mm construction depth
    • 5-chamber profile with 3 seals
    from € 1,175 from € 1,175
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  • Ideal 7000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.87
    The Eco-system

    IDEAL 7000

    • Offset design
    • 85 mm construction depth
    • 6-chamber profile with 2 seals
    from € 1,287 from € 1,287
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  • Ideal 8000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.81
    The premium system

    IDEAL 8000

    • Offset design
    • 85 mm construction depth
    • 6-chamber profile with 3 seals
    from € 1,343 from € 1,343
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Further features and information

At windows24.com we provide all the information so customers can make confident decisions. From a transparent list of u-values, which show the energy efficiency and thermal insulation performance of our profiles, to detailed drawings displaying precise dimensions and structural elements, just click below to discover more. The doors can also come with a range of durable, quality colours and decors as well as additional decorative adornments like glazing bars. With a high degree of design flexibility, ordering bespoke, made-to-measure products is can be acheived with ease.

Other options for customisation

Patio doors do not just provide excellent functional performance, they can also contribute effectively to design. With a range of handles, glazings, and shutters available in different colours and patterns, customers can tailor doors to perfectly fit their wishes and requirements. For those prioritising safety of insect protection, additional fittings, safety foils, and screens can then also be added.

Explanatory videos and instruction guides

With our simple step-by-step instructions, tilt and slide doors can be self-installed with ease. Save on professional assembly costs today by clicking below to access our guides or contact the team with any questions. We have also linked the video area where insights into manufacturing processes, measuring, and adjusting can be found.

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Further information

You can design the look to suit your own taste

uPVC is one of the cheaper materials used in window and door construction. This classification is no different for tilt and slide patio doors. Thanks to its unique material properties, uPVC is particularly easy to process. However, a lot of people are put off by the boring white look. uPVC tilt and slide patio doors can however be coloured using any of the colours in the RAL palette to provide the desired stylish classic or modern look. In contrast to the building materials wood and aluminium, the colouring of uPVC products is carried out using foils. The special applications are already applied during production and not only give the frame and profile the desired colour, but also protect the tilt and slide patio doors from damage at the same time.

This is also a good option if you want tilt and slide patio doors made of uPVC, but with a classic wood look. In addition to all sorts of colour options, a wide variety of wood finishes can also be selected at windows24.com.

Material Colouring
uPVC Decorative film
Wood Paint/varnish
Aluminium Powder coating

Save energy with uPVC

Thermally insulating glass is particularly important for fully glazed French doors when it comes to saving energy. However, tilt and slide patio doors made of uPVC not only get their thermal insulation from the glazing, but also from the frames and the profiles of the doors themselves.

The fact that PVC – the main material in uPVC doors and uPVC windows – is easy to work with and very versatile indeed allows modern profiles to be manufactured today that reduce the U-value of building components even further. This is possible thanks to a few simple factors:

  • The low thermal conductivity of the material
  • Multi-chamber profile technology
  • Cleverly placed seals
  • Carbon fibre reinforcements

PVC only features low levels of thermal conductivity, making it a good insulator from the outset. This is then further improved via the use of multi-chamber profiles and various different seals.

If you would prefer to have greater break-in protection, it is also worth choosing profile reinforcements made of a modern carbon fibre composite material that exhibits similarly low levels of thermal conductivity. This replaces the usual steel reinforcements – a solution that offers very little thermal insulation – and thus achieves additional energy savings.

As a result of all this, uPVC tilt and slide patio doors are state-of-the-art products that feature a convincing modern look without making you compromise on security, thermal insulation and appearance when it comes to your construction project. In short, they are an impressive all-round solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you opt for uPVC, you are essentially choosing a material that provides the very best value for money. How much your tilt and slide patio doors ultimately end up costing depends not only on the material itself, however, but also on such variables as the dimensions, the glazing and the extra features you desire. Our basic IDEAL 4000 profile starts at €1,119, while the premium IDEAL 8000 model costs from €1,343. An extremely handy feature: You will be shown the total cost of your chosen configuration straight away, allowing you to adjust your selection accordingly.

Fundamentally speaking, tilt and slide patio doors and lift and slide doors differ in terms of their opening mechanisms. Lift and slide doors can only be slid open, whereas tilt and slide patio doors also feature an extra tilting function. This is particularly useful for quick ventilation. Moreover, tilt and slide patio doors are easier to install in existing buildings, making them particularly suitable for renovation projects and new builds alike.

Although wooden patio doors exude a real sense of beauty, they unfortunately also involve quite a lot of work. Tilt and slide patio doors made of uPVC are an affordable and – above all – easily maintainable alternative that you can purchase in our online shop and customise with a variety of elegant wood effects. The wood effect is applied directly to the material via the extrusion process during manufacturing and fuses firmly with the surface. This means that your wood-effect tilt and slide patio doors are UV and light resistant and can even withstand changeable weather conditions without any problems at all.

Fading colours and yellowing whites can occur under the influence of UV radiation if you opt for an inferior grade of uPVC. This usually happens when savings are made with the stabilisers that should be used to preserve the material's colours. Of course, you do not need to fear such negative outcomes with the branded products you can purchase from us. Nevertheless, you should regularly remove any dirt from the frames of your tilt and slide patio doors to stop it permanently burning into the material over time. You can also get special uPVC cleaners for this purpose that form a dirt-repellent protective film on the surface.

You can configure uPVC tilt and slide patio doors to feature two, three or four panels in total. The size of the door depends on the number of panels you choose. To give you a rough idea, however, a single panel usually measures between 80 and 100 cm in width. The minimum and maximum dimensions that are technically possible are also specified in the configurator. If you would like a sliding door in a smaller or larger format, however, feel free to contact our customer service team directly, and they will find a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about tilt and slide patio doors.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Then give us a call at +49 711 860 60 200. Our experts would be happy to answer your questions.

Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your perfect bespoke product.

Order uPVC tilt and slide patio doors online at low prices

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