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The right parallel slide & tilt door glazing

The parallel slide and tilt door is a particularly modern and high-quality sliding door design. Parallel slide & tilt doors made of alu, uPVC or wood have more possible opening types than traditional models and you don't have to compromise when it comes to break-in protection and thermal insulation. In order to guarantee this, however, the right glazing is absolutely necessary, because after all parallel slide & tilt doors – like all patio or balcony doors – primarily consist of large panes of glass.

Parallel slide and tilt doors and their advantages

Parallel slide & tilt doors are essentially sliding doors, the mechanics of which allow the sash to be placed in one of four different positions:

  • fully closed
  • tilted horizontally
  • parallel opening
  • fully open

These different opening types offer a variety of functions that are not possible with normal sliding doors. Folded like a window, they allow, for example, easy ventilation without having to open the door completely. This sophisticated opening mechanism can also increase break-in protection, but should nonetheless be supported by a clever choice of glazing and possibly additional accessories such as sash bars.

Front door security through the choice of glass

If you want to effectively prevent break-ins, you should optimise the security of parallel slide & tilt doors in all respects – investing only in the right glazing without additionally securing the fittings usually only ensures that intruders choose another point of attack. However, safety glazing on parallel slide & tilt doors can have quite the beneficial effect, because with such doors, crudely smashing the glass surface is the easiest way for intruders to break in.

Laminated safety glass in particular, i.e. a combination of glass elements with a transparent, tear-resistant and elastic film, can already mark the end of break-in attempt for many burglars. In the event of impact to the glass, this form of glazing shatters into small shards, which are still held in place by the tear-resistant film. Very few intruders attempt to break through such a stubborn barrier.

Heat-insulating parallel slide & tilt door glazing

In order to be able to offer the best possible comfort, the thermal insulation of the glazing should not be neglected. Modern multi-pane systems with two or three panes of particularly large glass surfaces are suitable for optimising thermal insulation. The spaces between the glass panes are usually filled with inert gas such as argon or krypton in order to slow down and impede the passage of heat between the interior and exterior sides of the glazing as effectively as possible. With parallel slide & tilt models, particular attention should be paid to the effective insulation between the sash profile and the frame. However, in order to optimise the thermal insulation of the glass inserts of parallel slide and tilt door models, the corresponding element should also have a thermally insulated edge seal – a so-called warm edge.

Krypton has a better insulation value than argon, which is why krypton fillings can either increase the insulation value or reduce the space between the panes and, accordingly, the installation depth of the parallel slide & tilt door.

These are spacers between the individual panes of glass are made of materials with low thermal conductivity and accordingly prevent the formation of thermal bridges.Conventional spacers, however, are made of aluminium, which is less insulating.

When it comes to parallel slide & tilt doors, you should never skimp on the glazing

As patio or balcony doors, typical parallel slide and tilt models have a particularly large glass surface. In order to protect them as effectively as possible against break-ins and heat loss, installing the right type of glass is essential. With a combination of laminated safety glass in three-pane insulating glass elements, however, homeowners need not fear one or the other.

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