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Tilt and slide patio doors

Parallel tilt and slide doors can be opened in two ways: You can either slide or tilt the movable patio door leaf. It's a space-saving solution compared to the way French doors are normally opened. Also, you decide which material we use to build your new door – pick one of four available options. Use our comprehensive configurator to create your new tilt-slide patio door at an attractive price.

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Our tilt and slide patio doors

Ideal for large openings and full glass fronts, our tilt and slide patio doors are an excellent space saving solution, ensure ease of operation, and provide plentiful supply of light. Customisable to specific design preferences and functional requirements, they are available in the following materials:

uPVC tilt and slide patio doors

uPVC tilt and slide patio doors

Our low-maintenance entry-level model, uPVC doors are highly energy-efficient and affordable.

from € 1,119 from € 1,119
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uPVC-alu tilt and slide doors

uPVC aluminium tilt and slide patio doors

The ideal combination of reliable weather protection and durable stability.

from € 2,120 from € 2,120
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Wooden tilt and slide doors

Wooden tilt and slide doors

The sustainable classic: natural strength and beautiful bespoke texture

from € 2,816 from € 2,816
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Wood-alu tilt and slide doors

Wood aluminium tilt and slide patio doors

A pairing of two quality materials: charming on the interior, high resistance on the exterior.

from € 3,674 from € 3,674
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The materials compared

Our tilt and slide patio doors are widely known

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Further information

Easy and comfortable handling – how the slide and tilt patio door works

Tilt-and-slide patio doors are perfect for new buildings and renovated ones alike because they're flexible and can be installed quickly and easily. They're especially handy for remodelling in or around your house as they need very little space during installation and later in use.

Boost your home's cosiness and ambience with these patio doors – no matter if you use them as internal or external doors. You'll save space in their opened and closed positions, both sliding and tilt, just like you would with a bi-folding patio door.

And here's how your tilt-and-slide patio door works: one moveable and one fixed door element are built into a frame connected to the walls on all sides. You can open and close the moveable door leaf by tilting and sliding it along the guide rails. You decide which type of glazed elements to use for your patio door – just like you can with all our doors and windows. For more information on the opening mechanism please click here.

There are five available materials for these patio door variants:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • uPVC
  • Wood-Al composite
  • uPVC-Al composite

When you open this type of patio door, you're sliding the moveable leaf in front of the element with the fixed glazing. The result: the glass panes rest parallel to each other (and don't damage each other due to built-in anti-bump measures). That's why these patio doors are perfect for rooms where a turn leaf door would take up too much space. Instead, you'll use the existing room more efficiently.

Installing a patio door with a tipping and sliding function can be done very quickly – just like with our windows. Extensive remodelling isn't necessary, neither for your house nor the entrance or patio. You can start installing your sliding door at every step of construction without disrupting other projects. It takes little time to apply the metal rails and insert the patio door's window panel.

Impressive energy efficiency and security

Tilting and sliding patio doors combine the benefits of common patio doors with great insulation. The secret behind this thermal efficiency are two to three tiers of insulation (for thermal and noise insulation). Their high density prevents moisture from getting inside – neither your French patio door nor your windows are weak spots when it's raining. Specially insulated extensions on the floor and the all-around insulation tier are responsible for that, without impairing functionality. You can further strengthen your white uPVC (also known as PVCu) or aluminium door with triple laminated glass, noise reduction glass and other fitting options.

All windows24.com door systems and windows are high-quality products in every regard. You can install them yourself with the help of our comprehensive tutorials. Or we can help you get in touch with professional window or door system installers from your area, to quickly and easily install your slide patio door or windows.

Various opening types and models

There are many options to go with regarding your new tilting and sliding door. These range from the material to glass elements, handles, locks, security options and the opening type. Explore our extensive online configurator at windows24.com to design your perfect windows and French doors with great thermal performance. Here are some examples of the options available:

  • Standard two-part construction with a moveable sliding leaf and a fixed glass element
  • Two-part construction with a moveable sliding leaf and a turning door leaf. You can go in and out through either. The sliding element can be used as a beautiful panorama window. Never again will you have the problem of a door too small for moving furniture through.
  • Three-part construction: one moveable sliding leaf, one turning leaf, and one fixed glass leaf. You can open both the sliding and the turn leaf as you wish – creating two patio doors. These models are very flexible for larger households with many inhabitants as well as for public buildings.
  • Three-part construction with a fixed glass element in the middle flanked by sliding elements on the sides. You'll have a beautiful large French window in the middle that lets natural light inside and provides you with a great view – the ideal door system for larger rooms, conservatories, or ballrooms. Also, you can easily add leaves to this variant to make it a 4 or 5-part construction. You decide which leaf is a slide, tilt, or fixed glass element.


The only limiting factor for this type of patio door is the tip-and-push leaf's weight. If it's too great, there's too much load for the frame and leaf to handle. We have limited the leaf size for those new patio doors for this reason – keep that in mind when looking for a new French door. For the glazed elements, however, there are few limitations. You can pick from various types of glass to improve your sliding door's functionality, energy efficiency, privacy, or noise protection. But some types of glass weigh more than others, especially multi-layer glass which we use for safety glass or insulated glass.

Ground sill

Our tilt-and-slide patio doors need an elevated ground sill. Unlike bifold doors, the sliding systems can't be installed with a barrier-free sill. But their tilt function isn't just better, it's safer, too: with folding or bifold doors, you have to open the moveable leaf for ventilation.

And a small slit can be enough for kids, pets, or intruders to get in and out unseen. Tilt-and-slide patio doors don't have that problem. You just turn the handle to tip them – et voila ventilation.

Frequently asked questions

Tilting-sliding doors are highly flexible and easy to handle. How much these doors cost depends on various factors like the used material, size, fittings, and the number of leaves – the same is true for our windows by the way. You get the lowest patio door cost with a uPVC patio door. Wooden patio doors are in the medium-price segment. Our configurator shows you your door's cost in real-time: For example, the price automatically changes if you switch from triple to double glazing, or from an aluminium door to a uPVC patio door.

There are various opening types for our doors (same with our windows): You can order tilt-and-slide patio doors, bifold doors, and folding push door systems. The former has one great benefit as you can tip the single leaves. Their special lock mechanism makes them especially well-insulated against moisture.

The lowest door prices are possible with uPVC patio doors – which also offer great thermal efficiency and are low maintenance. Composite PVCu aluminium doors offer the same benefits and add metal cladding to improve durability and weather resistance. Or you could pick the classic: wooden patio doors. Just like their window equivalents, they feature a charming woodgrain look, make a room feel cosier, are sustainable and naturally good at insulation.

Would-be burglars often try their luck with ground-level tilt-and-slide patio doors and windows. Two main factors for that - placement and security measures. Often, they aren't visible to neighbours and they're badly lit – perfect for breaking in unseen. For security, we build our slide patio doors with resistance class RC 2 N. Additionally, you can equip your one material or composite door with different extra fittings like a lockable handle, multi-point locks, laminated safety glass, or shatterproof glass.

There's no place like home – figuratively and literally. That's why you can order your new tilt-and-slide patio door in whichever measurements are perfect for your home, using our online configurator. After you've decided on the number of leaves it shows you the minimum and maximum sizes possible. If they aren't large enough for your home improvement situation contact our customer service to find a solution.

Unfortunately, tilt-and-slide patio doors need an elevated ground sill. It's impossible to build the opening mechanism any other way. If you require a level ground sill, take a look at our handicapped-accessible bi-fold doors.

Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about tilt and slide patio doors.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Then give us a call at +49 711 860 60 200. Our experts would be happy to answer your questions.

Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your perfect bespoke product.

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