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Wood-aluminium windows

Wood-alu or composite windows captivate with their noble design and high-quality technology. This material combination uses the advantages of its two building materials, saves energy and offers security: on the outside, an alu cladding protects the window and on the inside wood offers high thermal insulation values. From colour to fittings and construction depth – with this type of window, you configure both the exterior and interior appearance.

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Our wood-aluminium windows

Sturdy on the outside, cosy on the inside: composite windows radiate cosiness and at the same time withstand all weathers

  • Idealu classicline IN 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.86
    The classic wood-aluminium system

    IDEALU Classicline IV 68

    • Offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with double or triple glazing
    from € 162 from € 162
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  • Idealu Trendline IV 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.86
    The rounded wood-aluminium system

    IDEALU Trendline IV 68

    • Semi-offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with double and triple glazing
    from € 195 from € 195
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  • Plano
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.79
    The elegant wood-aluminium system


    • Flush design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 208 from € 208
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  • Idealu classicline
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.78
    The classic wood-aluminium system

    IDEALU Classicline IV 78

    • Offset design
    • 78 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 216 from € 216
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  • ECO Idealu Classicline
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.72
    The offset eco system

    ECO IDEALU Classicline

    • Offset design
    • 76 mm construction depth
    • Best thermal insulation values
    from € 256 from € 256
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  • ECO Plano
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.72
    The elegant energy-saving system


    • Flush design
    • 76 mm construction depth
    • Best thermal insulation values
    from € 256 from € 256
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Customise composite windows

Composite profiles combine the stability of aluminium cladding with the heat-insulating properties of wood as a natural material. This construction creates modern design building elements that offer excellent thermal insulation, energy efficiency, break-in protection and hardware technology. In terms of colour, these window systems are in turn just as versatile as uPVC windows. RAL colours and decors refine both the exterior and interior appearance. Every wood-aluminium window is tailor-made, in the corresponding construction depth and available in all kinds of wood types, such as Pine, Oak, Meranti, Larch or Spruce. In this way, you can enjoy the advantages offered by a wooden window as well as an aluminium window at the same time.

Features, break-in protection and other options

Various seals and an effective composite edge system ensure excellent insulation values for wood-aluminium windows. Further advantages in terms of security, energy and technology are available according to your wishes: from security fittings to soundproof glass, a wide product catalogue awaits you on windows24.com. You can, for example, increase break-in protection or achieve even more comfort by adding roller shutters that close automatically via a rain or sun sensor. Or equip your window with insect screens for a night of restful sleep with the window open.

Tips & instructions: Help with buying windows

windows24.com offers you comprehensive assistance in the form of videos and instructions. From production to proper care, all details are explained here. Does a uPVC window in gaudy RAL colours fit better in your home or a timber window? Or rather an aluminium-clad profile? What do you have to consider for energy efficiency? Which front doors complement your windows perfectly? You can find the most important information about buying windows, prices and configuration here. And, naturally, we are also available for personal advice.

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Jack’s Point, Otago, New Zealand
Residential building
Jack’s PointOtago, New Zealand
Wood-alu windows and doors for a passive house

“windows24.com brought windows and doors with amazing quality to our project. The products are well-built and certified for passive house values.”

Colorado project
Residential building
Wood-alu and aluminium windows and doors

"We love our new windows and doors! The windows24 team gave us great advice and recommendations and was so patient with all changes to our project."

Heathmont, Melbourne, Australia
Residential building
HeathmontMelbourne, Australia
Composite windows and doors for a passive house

“We spent more than a year searching for a window manufacturer with high product quality and maximum design flexibility. At windows24.com we found the perfect solution for us.”

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Further information

What matters when buying windows

When choosing the right window, it is important to consider personal wishes and structural requirements. For example, aluminium is by nature particularly weather-resistant and, as the outer part of the profile, represents a robust and stable material that requires low maintenance. Glazing plays an equally important role. A so-called "warm edge" – an edge seal system in the space between the panes – achieves a significant Uw-value improvement of up to 0.1 W/(m²K), a more even surface temperature, greatly reduced condensation in the area of the edges and thus considerable energy savings.

A wide variety of wood types are available for the inside of the window, which can be adapted to the style of the interior. With any window construction, whether it is a uPVC window or a composite profile, sufficient security measures should be taken, for example, through special fittings and locks.

In this way, alu-clad windows combine break-in protection, thermal insulation and an individual design. On windows24.com, you can already preview the prices when configuring your individual windows. Wood-aluminium profiles are also available as sliding or bi-folding patio doors.

Prices of various wood-aluminium windows

Glazing Wood Price from
Double glazing (Ug 1.1) Pine €162
Double glazing (Ug 1.0) Pine €170
Triple glazing (Ug 0.7) Pine €175
Triple glazing (Ug 0.6) Pine €178

Best quality: German brand quality

With the help of the window configurator, composite windows can be adapted and designed in just a few steps. Here you can set your own accents with glazing, fittings and various accessories. After selecting the appropriate profile, the type of wood is determined. Among the choices are:

  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Meranti
  • Larch
  • Eucalyptus
  • Oak

After deciding on the colour and type of window, individual dimensions are selected, guaranteeing precisely fitting construction elements of the highest quality. Among the types of glass, there is a choice of double and triple glazing, as well as soundproof, ornamental and safety glass.

A further focus can be placed on the following factors: Noise protection, break-in protection, and privacy protection.

Noise protection

Acoustic glazing is a sensible choice, especially on busy roads. When noisy traffic makes quiet sleep and restful relaxation impossible, appropriate glazing provides the necessary protection.

A reduction in noise of 10 decibels (dB) is perceived as halving the noise. Sound insulation glass is therefore divided into six different sound insulation classes.

Privacy protection

Depending on the position of the window, privacy can be a top priority. In the bathroom, for example, it is particularly important to screen those prying eyes from the outside in order to create a private atmosphere.

With ornamental glass or structural glass, rooms are flooded with natural light but it is impossible to see in from the outside.

Break-in protection

Break-in protection is one of the most important tasks of modern windows. In addition to the fittings and the stable profile, the glazing is an essential point of attack for possible burglary attempts. Besides upgrading a window to be triple-glazed, other glazing options also increase the protection. Whether toughened or laminated safety glass, the decision for safety glazing creates an additional barrier and keeps uninvited guests away.

Profile, glazing and more

Composite windows can be designed to meet all requirements. With the highest German brand quality, windows24.com offers modern wood-aluminium profiles that adapt visually and functionally to personal wishes and structural specifications.

Whether privacy protection, sound insulation or thermal insulation – the choice of the right elements allows for an individual focus that promises long-lasting and high-quality building elements.

Frequently asked questions

With the material combination of wood and aluminium, you can rely on a high level of comfort and the best weather protection. Thanks to our wide range of profiles, you can find exactly the right composite window for your budget. Our entry model, IDEALU Classicline IV 68, is already available from €162. For passive houses, we recommend a profile like ECO IDEALU Classicline, which you can order from us starting at €256. However, above all, the size and desired features influence the costs of an aluminium-clad window.

As a sustainable raw material, wood (or timber) is currently gaining importance again for window construction. But this is not the only reason why the material is a popular choice for new windows. It creates a cosy atmosphere indoors and convinces with its good insulation properties. The type of wood you choose depends on your requirements. Softwoods such as Pine and Spruce offer better thermal performance, while hardwoods like Larch and Oak are more robust. Tropical woods such as Meranti and Eucalyptus are another option. Independent of your choice of wood, the aluminium shell protects the wood and increases its durability.

By combining two materials, you can specify the colour scheme for the inside and outside of your composite windows independently of each other. Various wood colours are available for the profile, including Mahogany and Chestnut. The colour is applied as an environmentally friendly 4-step water-based paint. The outer shell of aluminium is powder-coated to be weatherproof. Here you can choose from a range of matt, metallic and fine-structure colours.

Windows don't only provide plenty of daylight but also enable regular ventilation and a healthy living climate. However, especially in the summer months, this can also have disadvantages when mosquitoes, wasps and other insects stray into the house. That is why you can buy your composite window from us with the matching insect screen in a tension frame. The installation is very easy without drilling and screwing.

Wood naturally has excellent thermal efficiency and aluminium is also far better insulated today than many people think. In order to be considered suitable for passive houses, a U-value of 0.8 W/m²K or lower for windows and doors is recommended. The window profiles of our ECO series achieve Uw-values of up to 0.72 W/m²K – thanks to additional insulating foam between the wood and aluminium shell and triple thermal insulation glazing.

The most obvious advantage of this combination is that the aluminium shell protects the wood from the weather. This applies not only to rain and snow but also to the intensive UV radiation that can damage the wood in the long run, especially on south-facing windows. The aluminium profile also improves the stability of the window frame, is maintenance-free and has a long service life. Meanwhile, indoors you can enjoy the homely appearance of a wood window.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about composite windows.

Your question is not answered here? Then simply call us on +49 711 860 60 200 . Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

Additional products

External window sill

External window sill
from € 2.70 from € 2.70

Internal window sill

Internal window sill
from € 1.20 from € 1.20

Roller shutters

Roller shutters
from € 62 from € 62

Window handles

Accessory handles
from € 6.20 from € 6.20

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