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Anti-burglary protection: Windows protect against break-ins

Anti-burglary protection windows

Windows are there to provide light into the rooms, so that one can look outside and also that one can regulate the air within the room by opening and closing. Paradoxically it is these very properties which provide windows, balcony and patio doors with their greatest weakness; they are relatively easy to break in to. As the largest area of the window is comprised of glass this can be broken thereby allowing access into one's home. But the weakness lies not only in the glazing, the frame too can be prised open. For this reason it is important that anti-burglary protection is considered when choosing windows.

Anti-burglary protection does not automatically provide a window with one hundred percent protection against the threat of a break-in. The protective measures serve mainly to make unwanted entry as difficult as possible. Here, time plays a very important role. A burglar does not have much time. This is why most of the doors and windows that suffer forced entry are those where no security measures were taken. If breaking in by prising the window or frame does not succeed, a burglar will simply move to the next window. Anti-burglary protection can therefore start with the window order or existing windows can be converted.


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Windows and security

Due to the ever increasing rate of burglaries, window manufacturers are taking this more and more into consideration. For this reason special burglar-resistant models of window have been developed. Especially when a customer is ordering a new window, these models offer a timely alternative. Optically they cannot be differentiated from normal windows, but they possess some important features which can prevent a burglary. Anti-burglary windows possess the following supplementary characteristics:

  • As a minimum they offer burglar resistance class WK2.
  • The fittings are equipped with mushroom head cams; these provide good protection against jemmying.
  • The frames are anchored into the brickwork at various points.
  • The glazing is anti-vandal and anti-shatter secure.
  • The window handle is lockable.

Window conversion

It is not always necessary to purchase a completely new burglar-proof window. Where the window style is still fully functional and reasonably new then this can usually be converted. Generally speaking the following products can be added to update an existing window or a balcony or patio door:

  • lockable window handles
  • window safety features such as locking bolt, bar lock or deadbolt lock
  • glass protection using a safety glass or a safety foil covering
  • roller shutter safety features
  • protection for lifting and sliding doors

If you are not sure which form of anti-burglar protection is suitable for your windows or doors, we would be happy to assist you. Should you have any questions concerning this or any other topic, please call us on our hotline. Our staff are completely familiar with all types of anti-burglar features for windows and will be happy to advise you.

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