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Arched windows

Arched windows fulfill all the classic functions of a window: lighting, airing and a view of the world outside. But above all that they radiate a strong aesthetic appeal. They give every house its own unique character, on one side romantic attraction, but also really imposing at the same time. The special charm of arched windows was well appreciated by architects during the Roman, Baroque, Rococo and Art Nouveau eras. As arched windows present great challenges in the production and installation private citizens could seldom afford the luxury of such windows in these epochs, so that for a long time they remained reserved for religious buildings and dwellings of the extremely rich. Even today the arched window is not considered to be an “off the peg“ item, but evoke the impresson of exclusivity and a feeling of something rather special.


Arched windows

The specific shape of the arched window is a result of the historical method of construction. In previous times the master builder would create a real arch of stone strong enough to support the complete weight of the parts of the building above it.

The design of the window frame and the glass panes developed according to these given structural circumstances. Typically arched windows today are those where the lower section is a rectangular window with a semi-circular arch window placed above it.

Often these two elements of the window are separated from each other by window bars. Further specific forms o arched window which have evolved are the pointed, elliptical, basket handle and segmental.


Arched windows with glazing bars

With regard to the materials which can be used, arched windows are no different to other types of window. They are manufactured from various types of wood, but can also be made of aluminium and of uPVC. The glazing fulfills all requirements concerning the thermal insulation of modern buildings.

The uPVC window unites moderate maintenance with the major advantage of being very economical in price. Wooden windows may be more expensive to purchase but impress because of their excellent values when it comes to thermal and sound insulation, but they do require regular cleaning. Aluminium windows are very uncomplicated on the other hand, but are somewhat behind wooden windows regarding their thermal and sound insulation properties.

Opening and shade

Of course arched windows can be opened! However, because of the rather special construction only the tilt and turn-tilt-function for opening windows are possible. Some windows within the arched window can be opened separately. Those who wish to decorate their round windows with curtains to create shade have a number of methods at their disposal. It is extremely popular to fit a curtain rail or roller blind in the rectangular lower section of the window and to leave the upper arched section free to provide light into the room. Using blinds, pleated blinds or even vertical blinds to block out the light through these special forms of window is relatively easy to do.


Any fitting of arched windows should be left to the expert, as fitting is not without its difficulties. For example, the arch of the window and the shape of the arch in the masonry must match exactly. Thorough sealing of the joins is vital here. Trying to save here by doing it yourself could, eventually, end up in more expensive heating bills if the arched window has not been fitted correctly and fully insulated!

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