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French Door Security and optimum Protection

Every second case of house-breaking or burglary is effected by gaining access through the window or a French door. It is fairly easy for a criminal to gain entry through an open or tilted window or patio door. However, even a closed balcony or patio door is not absolutely secure. Unprotected doors can, for example, be prised upwards using simply a screwdriver. Even a lockable handle is no obstacle in this case. In order to better protect house or home it is necessary to install advanced balcony or patio door safety measures.

The first priority when considering the security offered by French doors is to ensure you choose a high quality door to begin with. Two things are crucial here: the frame and the glazing. The door frame should not comprise merely uPVC or wood. Both materials can be broken open using the right tool – and quickly. A steel frame within the door itself offers increased stability. Moreover, the use of burglar-proof glazing should be used to enhance safety. The French door should have double glazing as a minimum standard: triple glazing would be even better. These models are regarded as being very impact resistant and are much more difficult to break. The path into the home is made that much more difficult for the potential burglar.

French Door Safety Catches: What can they do?

To provide effective security for their French doors many customers turn to the safety catch. The French door safety catch is a mechanism that is fitted into the frame and the door itself. When the door id in a closed but not locked position the catch holds the door in the frame. This means that it can prevent a light breeze from forcing the door open. When the door handle is set into the lock position the catch still provides protection: the door locks better into place and becomes much more difficult to dislodge. The catch provides additional support but can also be supplemented by further security measures.

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Provide additional Protection with extra Locks

Most residents, whether home owner or tenant, prefer to add extra locks to the door of their home. On leaving their residence the door is locked and the home is secure. The same is true when it comes to the locks for French doors, whether balcony or patio doors. Locks are not always a standard component in the delivery scope of doors. One should either purchase a door that comes with block fitted or be prepared to add this as appropriate: locks for balcony and patio doors can be fitted in just a few minutes and a specialist is seldom required.

On buying your door we recommend you purchase a model equipped with a profile cylinder. The special profile of the locks makes them harder to break open and the home is better protected.

Important: a single lock is rarely sufficient to secure a French door. The door could still be lifted and entry gained so that a second lock is a good investment.

Safety fitting for french doors

Which Models are suitable for French Doors?

Safety closing piece

Security fittings are able to protect a French door best. These types of locks are so arranged that the cylinder is protected by a core placed before it. This cannot simply be forced out.

Any lock picking is considerably made more difficult for the burglar. Another solution which is offered is the fittings which have a locking bolt.

These are very easy to lock and any window is no longer subject to tilting open. For the potential thief this means that entry through the French door is virtually impossible.

What else can I do to increase Door Safety?

Furthermore, one can opt to install a crossbeam bolt. These are fitted to the door frame and are as wide as the door itself. Mesh doors and rolling grilles are popular in some places. These count among the most effective of all methods of securing a French door as they also have a deterrent effect. Electric roller shutters, with motor and switch placed within the building, prevent the burglar from even reaching the door. Remember, doors on upper storeys also need to be protected: potential thieves will climb on rubbish bins, use ladders, climb up plant frames or drainpipes making upper floors easy to reach and therefore requiring protection.

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