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French door security

Often located at less visible entrances, such as those leading out into gardens, French doors with their large glass panels can be vulnerable to potential break-in attempts. At windows24.com, however, high-quality, secure French doors are one of our specialisms and a wide range of multi-point locking systems, purpose-designed glazings, and durable fittings are available to ensure design and security go hand in hand – just read on to find out more or head to the configurator to purchase today.

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Standard quality fittings

Regardless of the material they are made from or the glazing and customisable features that are chosen, all French doors from windows24.com come with good standard security. Quality, secure hinges from the reputable manufacturers, WINKAUS and Siegenia Aubi, ensure that French patio doors are sturdy regardless of the type of lock chosen.

Safety catches are also firmly secured onto frames and hold doors in place when they are closed but not locked.

This prevents them from dangerously slamming shut while also acting as a further protective measure when doors are then locked.

Our French doors also all feature a multi-point locking system, which can act as the perfect partner for an additional alarmed security system.

So-called mushroom pins fit into a customisable number of locking plates, for instance, and hold doors tightly in place while also allowing for a range of secure opening mechanisms, such as the turn or swing option or a tilt and turn operating system.

The choice of door frame material

Although a well installed, securely fixed frame goes a long way in terms of ensuring sturdiness and making break-in attempts difficult, the material it is made from also plays a role. At windows24.com wooden doors and uPVC French doors are available as well as models made from aluminium, wood-alu, and uPVC-alu.

Although no one material is necessarily better than any other and all come with their unique benefits, some are more impact-resistant than others

Aluminium has French doors secure homes particularly effectively, for example, thanks to its inherent durability and strength. uPVC French patio doors, on the other hand, commonly come with frames and sashes with purpose-designed features like steel reinforcements engineered into them.

These enhancements greatly improve the sturdiness and protection they offer.

Purpose-designed protective door glass

As glass takes up a large proportion of a French door's surface, is it important to ensure high-quality and good standard thickness as this helps to prevent the attempts of potential intruders. This is why all our French doors in their most basic configuration are double-glazed.

For those after enhanced security, triple door glazing featuring three panes of glass is then also available to improve impact resistance.

For particularly large French doors or those located in certain neighbourhoods, double or triple glazing can then go through a laminating process to make it even more secure. This has it become toughened glass where panes feature invisible integrated PVB foil.

Although laminated safety glazing is much harder to break, if this does happen due to enough force then the smashed glass will first be held together on the intact foil rather than shattering out.

Customisable security options

At windows24.com, customers have a choice when determining the locking mechanisms for French patio doors. All options lead to properly secured doors but can add different levels of resistance and ease of use.

Locking without a cylinder

Upon choosing French doors with a turn, or tilt and turn opening, one perfectly secure option to lock the door is by turning an exterior handle as you would with a window. This has mushroom pins lock into their plates. How many of these multi-point locks the door will feature can be determined by customers in the configurator.

Two locks would provide basic security, whereas five would meet the burglar resistance class RC1. Eight locking points, on the other hand, would have French doors fulfil the standards of RC2 and provide very high door security. To further increase protection, the door handles themselves can additionally be locked with a key.

Cylinder and latch openings

For French doors with a turn opening mechanism, an alternative locking system is available that features a cylinder based secure lock.

This option better resembles the locking systems commonly used in front doors rather than windows – the door will come with a latch as well as handles on the inside and outside that feature a keyhole and cylinder that can be locked from both sides with a key.

Three keys are included with the door and a three-point locking system with two bolts is present.

Adding roller shutters to doors

Roller shutters are a good optional extra to add extra security and character to doors with different lock mechanisms. Made from strong and durable aluminium or uPVC they cover large glass surface and provide an extra layer of protection, which adds to French door security and helps to prevent break-ins. The shutters also come in a variety of models and shapes plus can be coloured to match doors and façades.

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