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Aluminium patio doors

A patio door made of aluminium isn't just a very modern-looking addition to your home but combines all vital characteristics of a qualitative and innovative sliding patio door. It is extremely durable and robust, the colour or decor are resistant to scratching and keep their vibrant look for years to come.

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Our aluminium sliding doors

Our sliding patio doors made of aluminium impress with their modern style, and low-maintenance durable material for added security, and excellent weather protection.

Aluminium lift and slide doors

Aluminium lift and slide doors

Lift-and-slide doors made of aluminium combine the material´s advantages with highly modern technology and innovative profiles. Profit from their excellent thermal and sound insulation as well as their windproof and waterproof qualities.

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Further information

Excellent material properties

Aluminium sliding doors add a modern and unique touch to your home. Due to their excellent material properties, they are robust, stable, and extremely resistant to weather influences. Extremely high or low temperatures, as well as autumnal rain storms don´t have any negative impact on your sliding patio doors. Furthermore, aluminium can easily be individualised by adding unique colours and decors, glazing bars, or other unique elements – aluminium patio doors provide you with a great solution that unites all the amazing qualities you expect from a sliding patio door.

State-of-the-art security and insulation systems

In order to bring your sliding aluminium door up to your standards, you can decide on most of the properties of your doors. Glazing and warm-edged spacer bars are great for improving the thermal insulation of your sliding patio door. Metal does not have as good of thermal insulation properties as uPVC (also called PVCu) or wood.

Therefore, we work with efficient multi-chamber systems, innovative insulation material, and multi-layer glass to achieve a low U-value when it comes to our sliding patio and French doors.

Burglar-proofing your aluminium sliding door is equally important. Burglars usually break into exterior sliding patio doors and windows that have fewer security mechanisms in place, as they expect to be more successful at those entrances. This mostly pertains to sliding patio or French doors, as these are often not as secure as main front doors.

Via our configurator at windows24.com you can add various security mechanisms, such as:

  • Lock monitoring
  • Fittings with multi-point locks
  • Laminated safety glass

Lock monitoring is connected to your security system and alerts you whenever the exterior sliding patio door is opened unauthorized.

Broadly speaking, the alarm signal is usually enough to deter burglars from breaking into a house via a door or window. Laminated safety glass is much more impact resistant than regular glass, due to the interlayer in between the glazed elements – and still lets enough natural light into your home. Fittings with multi-point locks make it harder to pry aluminium patio doors open.

Creating unique aluminium doors via our configurator

High quality, stable, secure, and insulated – what else is there to expect from a sliding patio door? It should tie in with the overall style and architecture of your property and windows. Therefore, we offer various options to individualise your sliding patio door via our configurator. The number of glass elements, triple and double-glazing options, and furnishings, as well as the colour of your new sliding patio door is up to you. Bring more natural light into your home with a sliding patio door matching your windows.

Frequently asked questions

Aluminium door prices are higher than other comparable uPVC doors. However, the advantages of aluminium and its elegant, timeless look make up for the slightly higher price. uPVC is less costly but also less durable and resistant to the weather but has a better inherent thermal performance. There are several other parameters that have an impact on the price, such as the measurements, additional security fittings, or the type of glass for the glazed elements. As our aluminium patio doors are 'supply only' you do not pay any installation fees which keeps your door cost down.

Our configurator offers a variety of different decors, special colours, and RAL colours. You can use the same colour on both sides of your patio door. Or you can have different colours for the interior and exterior side of your sliding patio door. Have the inner side of the sliding French patio door match your furniture or floor and the outer side match perfectly with your windows´ anthracite grey. Ultimately, the decision is completely up to you.

The measurements of your new patio door made of aluminium depend on the anticipated location of the entrance. At windows24.com, you can create the door of your dreams – from large glass panels to narrow entrances with small glazed elements, via our configurator you can create doors measuring up to 2800mm in height and 6000mm in width. Larger slide French doors with bigger glass panels are possible with uPVC as a base material. Be aware that these measurements include all the elements of your door. If you already have profiles in place, you should adjust the measurements accordingly.

Our sliding patio doors are extremely durable, robust, weather and temperature resistant, versatile and provide excellent thermal insulation. Basically, they´re premium versions of our uPVC slide models. Check our window and door configurator to design your perfect sliding patio door and decide on every aspect. Pick a colour like modern anthracite grey or classic white, double or triple glazing, sliding or bifold mechanism, type of locking mechanism, and more.

Our innovative multi-chamber profiles and our state-of-the-art insulation technology improves the U-value of our doors significantly. This is vital, as metal naturally is a great heat conductor and therefore not efficient in keeping heat inside your house, especially compared to uPVC. By combining metal with our excellent insulation systems, this issue is easily resolved making our aluminium profiles and sliding patio doors thermally highly efficient.

You can choose from three different opening types for your aluminium frame and profile door system: bifolding, parallel tilt-and-slide, and lift-and-slide. Each has its own benefits, but all external French door types are energy-efficient glass doors with a wide range of functions and options for individualisation. Ultimately, it´s up to you and your budget which industry-leading sliding patio door you´re going with for home improvement.

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