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Aluminium lift and slide door

Comparatively light yet sturdy, versatile and powerful – an aluminium lift and slide door offers everything you, as the owner, could wish for in your home. Thanks to the large selection of available colours and a wide range of equipment, you can use the windows24.com configuration tool to create the exact aluminium lift and slide door you have always dreamed of.

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Our aluminium lift and slide doors

Saving energy with style: aluminium lift and slide door systems combine modern technology with design

  • MB-77 lift and slide door profile
    UW- value
    ≥ 1.10
    The energy-saving system


    • Flush design
    • 174 mm construction depth
    • Available with double and triple glazing
    from € 4,087 from € 4,087
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  • Schüco ASE 60
    UW- value
    ≥ 1.02
    The classic premium system

    Schüco ASE 60

    • Slim sash frames
    • Excellent thermal insulation
    • Double-glazed
    from € 3,256 from € 3,256
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  • MB-77 HI lift and slide door profile
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.84
    The Premium eco aluminium system

    MB-77 HI

    • Flush design
    • 174 mm construction depth
    • Available with double and triple glazing
    from € 4,904 from € 4,904
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  • Schüco ASE 80.HI
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.76
    The premium eco-system

    Schüco ASE 80.HI

    • Slim sash frames
    • Excellent thermal insulation
    • Double or triple-glazed
    from € 4,070 from € 4,070
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Customise your aluminium lift and slide door

Transform your aluminium lift and slide door into a high-quality, personalised final product by clicking through these pages to learn more about dimensions as well as the suitable colour and glazing bar options which are specific to aluminium lift and slide doors.

Further features for all lift and slide doors

From roller shutters to the perfect glazing finish, at windows24.com there are numerous options to customise your lift and slide door. Bring your design to life and discover more about our the further features, available for all lift and slide doors regardless of frame material.

Explanatory videos and instruction guides

Buying doors and windows is always a question of taste, but the right features are equally important. This is no different with lift and slide doors. An in-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the materials available will help you make a decision. Once you've decided on a lift and slide door, the next issue to consider is the installation. Those hobby craftsmen who want to save themselves the cost of professional installation and do it themselves will benefit from the detailed instructions and videos available here. These will help with installing and positioning the doors.

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Our aluminium lift and slide doors are widely known

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Further information

Aluminium lift and slide doors impress across the board

Aluminium doors with a lift and slide function are stylish additions to patios, balconies and entrances alike, elegantly brightening and opening interiors. At windows24.com, Aluprof and Schüco sliding doors are available, which as premium high-quality brands, ensure excellent thermal insulation and technically sophisticated profiles. Configure your door today in our comprehensive configurator, perfecting finishing details from colour and handle type to suit your needs and taste, and benefit from the following properties:

  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • High weather resistance
  • Reliable break-in protection
  • Robustness and stability

The ease of care for aluminium lift and slide doors

To a certain extent, maintenance and longevity go hand in hand with high weather resistance. The metal is naturally resistant to external influences, such as wind, rain and snow. Even particularly hot summers are no match for them – the material doesn't warp. This means that large-format profiles for an aluminium lift and slide door and your long-standing dream of a large window front can become a reality without any problems.

Thanks to its robustness, aluminium is resistant to scratches and dents – just like the paint finishes and decors that you can select in the configuration tool. At the same time, this metal, unlike wooden profiles, does not require regular care and treatment.

Your aluminium lift and slide door easily withstands summer heat and winter cold without requiring excessive maintenance and care.

With the configuration tool for a customised lift and slide door

In the configuration tool, you can select details, such as multiple glazing or a thermally separated edge seal, to further increase the insulation of your door. This means that the heat always stays inside and you can rely on the unpleasant winter cold staying outside.

You also get excellent break-in protection with the basic versions of the aluminium lift and slide doors from windows24.com. In the configuration tool, you can select additional security components for your new door, for example:

  • Safety glazing (LSG)
  • Multiple locks
  • Intruder alarm systems

Laminated safety glass (LSG) is even more difficult to penetrate than conventional glass variants. In addition, it does not splinter, which reduces the risk of injury should the door glass be damaged. A higher number of locking points makes it more difficult for potential burglars to pry open your aluminium lift and slide door. If an attempt is made anyway, a burglar alarm system connected to the lock monitoring system can alert the police.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the material, aluminium doors are in the upper price segment, but their high quality combined with excellent material properties makes up for this. In addition, a wide variety of factors influence the total price, with the size and number of door leaves being the most important.

The configuration tool offers you a wide variety of options. To match the door to the furnishings, you can choose from bright, unique colours from a special colour palette. Alternatively, you can choose a suitable colour from the RAL palette or use one of the metallic options.

The total size of a lift and slide door made from aluminium consists of various individual dimensions:

  • Box height
  • Door height
  • Ground profile

These three individual values also cover all add-on parts that you select for your new door or that may already be present. In principle, windows24.com can implement aluminium lift and slide doors that are a maximum of 6,000 mm wide and 2,800 mm high. This means that wonderfully large glass fronts are just as possible as smaller doors with a lift and slide function.

In a nutshell, an aluminium door with a lift and slide function is extremely stable, weather-resistant, durable and colourfast, comparatively light and extremely variable. With it, you can easily implement a wide variety of architectural styles and construction projects in order to design your home as you like and according to your taste.

Aluminium doors and windows achieve very low U-values by combining innovative profile constructions with multi-chamber systems and insulating materials that reinforce insulation. This not only reduces the naturally high thermal conductivity of the metal, but also raises the insulating value of every aluminium lift and slide door to an impressive level.

Do you have any questions?

Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about aluminium lift and slide doors.

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Or you can sign up right here for a telephone consultation. Whether it's for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialised advice from our experts so you can design your desired product exactly how you want.

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