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Lift-and-slide aluminium door with glazing bars

A modern patio door impresses with its technical features and style. While the technical aspect is important, nowadays the design of your lift and slide door certainly counts for a lot. Especially with large glass fronts, which often look very smooth, the glazing bars of our aluminium lift-and-slide doors can create the necessary depth effect. The bars, which always have the same colour as the patio door, are either installed in the gap between the panes or on both sides.

Helima glazing bar

The Helima glazing bar is also considered a "fake" glazing bar because it is only used in the space between the panes. The powder-coated aluminium glazing bar is installed in double or triple-glazed windows and eliminates the need for time-consuming maintenance or even replacement. It can be painted in different colours or covered with decorative film. Helima glazing bars are easy to manufacture and, because they are on the inside, they allow you to easily clean the window.

Viennese glazing bar

The Viennese glazing bar, the so-called "fake" glazing bar, is used for aesthetic and visual purposes, as it only rests on the pane and has no effect on the window's insulating characteristics. This type of bar can be attached on one or both sides, giving the impression of real glazing bar insulating glass. In the event of damage, the Viennese bar can be easily replaced and, in contrast to a glass-dividing bar, can also be made thin, if you so desire.

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