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Internal window sill

No matter whether you call it a window sill, window ledge or window board - with interior window sill, you create additional space for plants or decorative items. But a window sill is not only decorative, it also makes a valuable contribution to thermal insulation in the house. We offer interior window sills made of high-quality moulded parts with a melamine resin coating from Werzalit or easy-care uPVC to suit every style of living.

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  • uPVC interior window sill

    uPVC interior window sill

    • Robust and scratch-resistant
    • Resistant to heat and UV exposure
    • Insensitive to water
    from € 1.20 from € 1.20
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  • Werzalit compact interior window sill

    Werzalit compact

    • Excellent thermal insulation
    • Easy-care and long-lasting
    • Made from PEFC-certified wood
    from € 2.30 from € 2.30
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  • Werzalit interior window sill

    Werzalit exclusiv

    • Classic design with integrated moulded edge
    • Robust, environment-friendly and easy to clean
    • Made of PEFC-certified wood
    from € 2.60 from € 2.60
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Colour and decors for your internal window sill

Design your interior window sill (also called board or window cill) at windows24.com in different colours and decors – always depending on the chosen material. Thanks to the large selection you will find in the product configurator, you can design your window sill exactly according to your ideas. Create a real eye-catcher or let your sills appear pleasantly unassuming. Match the colour tone to your interior design, for example, or choose a contrasting colour. In addition to classic shades such as white, grey or anthracite, there are also various colourful and extravagant shades as well as special RAL colours. Thanks to UV-resistant colours, you can expect no colour changes, even with increased exposure to light.

This means you get window sills that will shine in their original colour for a long time. The high-quality applied colours also make the surface of the interior window sill very easy to clean and resistant to scratches. Whether smooth, silk-matt colours, pearl or fine structure, there are different nuances to choose from for the uPVC and Werzalit models. Determine the desired material in the online configurator and select your favourite colour. From beige marble and cream white to Betolit and wood decor such as light oak, you can design the interior window sill exactly according to your design ideas.

The customised interior window sill for thermal insulation

When it comes to window sills (or soffit), a basic distinction is made between interior and exterior window sills. Our exterior window sills, which you can get at low prices in the windows24.com online shop, are made of sturdy aluminium and are therefore particularly weather-resistant. Their main task is to protect the masonry from rainwater run-off, which can otherwise cause nasty stains. For an internal sill, on the other hand, completely different criteria are decisive. It serves as a neat finish to the wall below the window, the so-called sill. And by sealing the window, the sill also prevents heat from escaping to the outside.

The internal window board thus effectively serves to protect against heat loss.

Above all, however, the window sill inside is a decorative surface that you can design according to your own ideas. Picture frames, decorative elements and, last but not least, plants find a place here and give your home a personal character. Functionality and design go hand in hand and determine the choice of material and form.

Top choice: window sills from Werzalit or made of uPVC.

At windows24.com we specialise in modern interior window sills made from moulded parts with melamine resin coating and from uPVC. These have an overall better quality than most other materials and offer a wide range of design options.

Werzalit window sills

Interior window boards from Werzalit are made of form-stable high-pressure mouldings and coated with up to five layers of melamine resin. At high temperatures, the coating fuses inseparably with the pressed wooden parts to form an absolutely scratch-resistant surface.

Werzalit window sills are available in the Exclusive and Compact models. While our Exclusive model has a rather classic bullnose design and a cosy appearance, the Compact model stands out at first glance with its striking square design and is best suited to modern interiors.

In another text these are capitalised as the special names of the types

uPVC window sills

PVC window sills have very similar characteristics. They, too, are stable, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant, and also offer reliable thermal insulation. And if something goes wrong when watering the plants, that's no cause for concern: uPVC is water-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

In our online configurator, you can buy your new window sill as an individual piece cut to size and also have the option of ordering matching end caps. This has the advantage that your uPVC interior window sill looks like it was cast from one piece.

Your advantages: Advantages and disadvantages of the materials

When choosing the right material for your window board, the decisive factor is whether it is intended for indoor or outdoor use. Aluminium is a predominant choice for the exterior, as it is less susceptible to weather damage due to its natural corrosion protection. In addition, it proves its durability by retaining a smooth and beautiful surface over the long term and requires low maintenance.

Natural stone is also popular for externally mounted window sills – marble, slate and granite are particularly suitable here. However, since marble is quite high-maintenance and also reacts sensitively to water, it is more suitable for interior window sills. A granite window board, on the other hand, is similarly robust as a model made of aluminium. The biggest disadvantage of window sills made of natural stone: their price is comparatively high.

More favourable is usually artificial stone, which, depending on the quality, has a long service life and is also more break-resistant, but is generally used more indoors. If you have a lot of wooden furniture, a wooden window sill can also look attractive. In this case, however, you have to accept a reduction in robustness, because the material is extremely susceptible to dirt and water damage.

The best materials for interior window sills have proven to be uPVC and specially coated pressed wood parts. Both materials are characterised by an excellent price-performance ratio, react insensitively to most external influences and require little maintenance.

In the kitchen and bathroom, tiles are often used for the window sill. These are usually better suited to humid air and provide a visual finish to the room in question.

Your interior window sill: individual down to the last detail

From a structural point of view, the interior window sill is a necessity. However, this does not mean that you cannot still implement your own ideas.
Today, windows are much more frequently incorporated into the design and features of the living space. This already starts with the visual design of the profile, the choice of material, colour and handles. In addition, many customers now deliberately opt for windows without curtains or drapes in order to benefit from as much natural light as possible.

Accordingly, both the window and the window sill come much more into focus and become design elements in their own right.

You can simply choose the window sill inside to match the window or the furniture in order to achieve a harmonious overall look. Alternatively, the window sill can also be used to create an eye-catching accent in the room. For example, our interior window sills are available in the classic colours white and grey, but also in elegant stone decors such as marble bianco or dolomite. In addition, there are pearl structure decors and fine structures in wood optics such as maple or light oak.

Installing your window sill properly on the inside

Regardless of whether you are building a new house or renovating an existing one: you can easily install your interior window sill yourself. This is usually done when installing new windows, but you can also replace your old interior window sills with new ones separately at any time.

It is important that you precisely measure the reveal of your window beforehand and order the window sill in the appropriate size.

You can determine the length according to your needs and specify the dimensions for the depth or overhang.

Please note that up to a depth of 200 mm, at least half of the window sill must rest on the brickwork in order to provide sufficient stability. Very wide window sills should embedded into the embrasure on the right and left by a professional. Both installation foam and installation adhesive are suitable for installing your window sill. Especially for uneven surfaces, it makes sense to use PU foam, as it is good for levelling out unevenness.

We also provide further information on the tools required and detailed instructions for installing window sills.

Finally, don't forget to seal the joints of your window sill on the inside with silicone. This improves the thermal insulation and at the same time prevents draughts and condensation water from entering.


You can enhance your windows by choosing the right indoor window sill. Whether used as a flower bench or decorated with beautiful pieces, it will put your decorations in the right light.

Usually, new window sills are installed in conjunction with the installation of new windows, but the old window sills that have become unappealing can also be easily replaced separately with interior window sills.

A professional will install them in the shortest possible time. A new window sill, which is well installed and sealed, also does not allow heat to escape and protects against draughts.

Werzalit interior window sills or uPVC window sills are an inexpensive alternative to models made of marble or terrazzo, they are lighter and easier to instal and priceworthy. Nevertheless, you have bought a long-lasting and easy-care product.

Frequently asked questions

The interior window sill is not only an indispensable part of the window, but it is also an important design element for your home. The costs are mainly determined by the material, the size and the desired decor. With us, you can choose between two different materials: uPVC window sills are available from €1.20, and Werzalit models made of high-pressure mouldings with a coating of melamine resin from €2.30.

In the past, interior window sills were usually made of stone, often natural stone such as marble or slate. However, this is not very resistant to moisture and requires a lot of maintenance. Modern window sills are made of PVC or high-pressure mouldings with several layers of melamine resin. They are not only characterised by scratch resistance and UV resistance but also meet the highest visual demands.

Basically, the ideal overhang depends on the installation situation and your personal taste. If the heating element is to be covered, a deeper sill is required, while a narrower installation is more suitable for minimalist living styles. 500 mm can serve as a guideline, which is sufficient in the vast majority of cases. For a larger overhang, make sure that at least half of the window sill rests on the wall to provide sufficient stability and withstand the stresses of everyday life.

The range of window sill colours and decors depends heavily on the choice of material. Depending on whether you have chosen uPVC or coated high-pressure mouldings from Werzalit, you can expect a variety of stone finishes, pearl structure colours and wood decors. In this way, you can adapt your interior window sill perfectly to the interior or set sophisticated accents. If you also order end caps, they will be produced in the same finish.

To ensure that you receive a customised window sill, enter the length and depth of your interior window sill individually in the configurator so that we can cut it to the millimetre for you. The dimensions usually correspond to your window, but you can choose any length between 50 and 2,500 mm. Please also remember to order matching end caps to cover the cut edges on the right and left.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about window sills.

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Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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