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Werzalit exclusiv interior windowsill

Timelessly elegant interior window sill at the best price

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  • Classic design with integrated moulded edge
  • Robust, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain
  • With optional matching end edges
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The interior window sill gives the window parapet its structural finish, which makes it an important part of the individual interior design. You can adapt them perfectly to the furniture or set a striking accent with them, just as you like. The Werzalit window sill exclusiv scores here with its versatility, because thanks to its classic, understated design, it blends in with almost every style. In addition, you can choose from an extensive range of colours and decors, for example, you can design your window sill in a classy natural stone look.

Benefits for you

Advantages of the Werzalit window sill exclusiv

  • Stylish, timeless look
  • Made from PEFC certified wood
  • Food-safe, easy-to-clean surface
  • Ideal for new-builds and renovation
  • Large selection of colours and decors

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Stable, waterproof and durable: the Werzalit exclusiv window sill

With Werzalit window sills, you can rely on the highest quality at the best price. They are made from dimensionally stable high-pressure moulded parts and only PEFC-certified wood is used. The wooden pressed parts are then given a multi-layer melamine resin coating which seals the surface and makes it waterproof.

Thanks to this patented manufacturing process, you benefit from maximum stability and durability with your Werzalit exclusiv window sill. The coating, which is inextricably linked to the core, is resistant to scratches, acids and limescale, so it easily withstands all the demands of everyday life. And since it is also resistant to light according to DIN 54004, you can enjoy the chosen colour of your window sill for a long time.


Balanced design and large variety of colours

Werzalit window sills are available from windows24.com in the exclusiv and compact design variants. The compact is particularly suitable for modern, minimalist furnishings, whereas the exclusiv model has a more timeless look which makes it more versatile. At the front, the interior window sill ends with an elegant shaped edge, which provides the characteristically classic look.

Colours also play an important role in the design of a home. And that not only applies to the walls and furniture, but also to the smaller details.

As inconspicuous as the window sill may be, it makes a huge difference whether it is bright white or has a warm wood look.

Regardless of whether you finally decide on a marble decor, or one of our attractive colours: If you wish, you can have the end edges of your Werzalit exclusiv window sill in a matching colour. There are no visible cut edges and the ledge forms a unit.

Smooth and satin matte

Pearl structure



The window sill as a storage space and design element

What function does a window sill actually fulfil? On the exterior, it mainly serves to protect the facade. However, the interior window sill is at least as important from the structural-physical point of view: It rounds off the window parapet, helps to make the window more watertight, and prevents valuable heat from escaping.

In everyday life, the exclusiv window sill is used more as a decorative element and additional storage space. It is ideal for plants that need a lot of sun, and also picture frames and decorative items.

On windows without drapes or curtains, the interior window sill quickly becomes a focal point.

To ensure that your Werzalit window sill fits perfectly, you can specify the dimensions individually using our configuration tool. You can enter any length between 50 and 2,500 mm depending on the window size. Simply select the overhang from the list of predefined depths. Keep in mind that the window sill should rest at least halfway on the parapet for optimal stability.

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Individual configuration

Simply configure your made-to-measure window sill online

With the Werzalit exclusiv window sill, you can give your windows the finishing touch with very little effort. You benefit from the many advantages of the material, and you also have the option of giving your window sill a personal touch with the help of different colours and decors.

Our configuration tool guides you step by step through the ordering process. If you have any further questions about our window sills, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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