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Canopy for your door

A porch canopy for your door is a great option to protect your front door from rain and wind. It also complements your entrance and adds an elegant touch to your facade. Also, you can order our front door canopies in a valuable combination with matching side panels.

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Our door canopies for your home

A front door canopy rounds off your entrance porch perfectly. : It protects your front door while adding a personal touch to your house's aesthetic appearance.

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1. Choosing the right material

If you are looking into buying a door canopy at windows24.com, you can choose from different materials. You can decide between door covers made of timber or a more modern constructed front door porch canopy made of powder-coated aluminium or stainless steel brackets and a roof. Every material has its own advantages. If you opt for a more modern look, a glazed aluminium front door canopy may be right for you.

Wooden porch awnings work best with contemporary and romantic houses and cottages and are usually decked with roofing tiles. We recommend keeping in line with the roofing of your house to create a complementary and appealing look. If you want to look into door canopies made of glass, you can select between different options of glazing. 

At Custom windows24.com, we offer high-quality acrylic sheets as well as safety options. Acrylic sheets are not only extremely lightweight and invulnerable to harsh weather, but also extremely durable and impact-resistant. Unlike polycarbonate awnings, our acrylic porch covers do not deform over time, making them a great choice for the outdoors.

Our laminated safety glass bestows any awning with a modern look that suits most properties. This material is also extremely robust, provides shelter and keeps your patio or porch safe from the weather.

2. Lean-on, curved, or hipped door canopies

At windows24.com, we offer different options for your new door cover – we have a perfect fit for anyone in our range of windows, doors, and porch canopies.

Our lean-to-front door canopies are great for a symmetrical and rectilinear house. Slightly sloped, this awning is a subtle but elegant option that suits modern houses excellently. To keep in line with a modern aesthetic, we recommend aluminium door canopies for newly constructed buildings. If you prefer a more rustic, traditional look, you can easily configure a wooden mono-pitch roof via our configurator.

As lean-to covers are slightly sloped towards the front, be aware that rainfall may be an issue. Our mono-pitch canopies come with a built-in rain gutter to protect your walkway from heavy rain. However, in certain cases, rain should not be diverted to the sides of the porch awning. Depending on your situation, you should definitely keep the rain flow in mind when choosing the size and design:

Deciding on a front door cover

If you want to mount a door canopy above your door but are unsure as to which material to use, you can find some helpful information about our range of materials at windows24.com. The position and measurements of your front door are equally as important as windows in close range or the material and size of your facade.

If you have a steep apex roof on your house, we recommend flat door or porch canopies made of acrylic sheets rather than polycarbonate variants. This will cover your porch efficiently and provide rain shelter for you and your family. Looking for something more traditional? A wooden lean-to awning with its astonishing height of up to 200 cm adds greatly to your exterior and keeps in line with more traditional properties.


Our model Bellinzona comes in different sizes and works great as an eye-catcher above your front or patio door.

Our outdoor polycarbonate or acrylic awnings are made with an aluminium frame, and high-quality brackets, and are easy to mount. Our acrylic sheets are not only UV-resistant but also protect your guests from UV rays. Depending on the model, they offer some shade while still keeping your porch or patio bright and inviting. Our designs made with UV-resistant aluminium or stainless steel brackets and frames are also very robust and come in different styles and sizes.

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Further information

Mounting a porch cover

Our canopies come in a practical building kit with everything you need – from polycarbonate sheets to aluminium brackets. You can either install your outdoor awning yourself or let a professional do the work for you. We recommend asking for help, especially when you desire a very large front door canopy or want to cover your entire porch. If you want to mount your outdoor awning yourself, make sure to read the manual carefully to avoid any serious mistakes. Some things to keep in mind are:

  •  Direction of rain drainage 
  • Composition of your insulation 
  • Right choice of tools and materials  

You can find some valuable tips to make the installation process of your bespoke door canopy as easy as possible on our website.

Proper rain drainage

Adding functional rain drainage is highly important. Flat canopies especially suffer if rainwater cannot properly drain off, resulting in damage to the material. Cold weather and temperatures below zero can do significant damage to the brackets and the fixings of your door canopy. In summer, algae and mould can develop and stain your porch roof permanently.

The house facade is also prone to water damage if you haven´t installed a proper rain drainage system. You can either use a downpipe or add a rain barrel so you can use the water for your garden or the outdoor plants on your veranda.

Installing the mounting brackets

The mounts for our different door canopy designs are made of different materials. The wall mount carries the weight of your patio or entrance canopy, which is why it is of utmost importance to work accurately when installing the mount. Depending on the shape of your awning, the wall mount must also be reinforced to be able to carry the weight of snow in winter. You can easily install the mount yourself using our building kit.


Insulating your property's windows and the facade is necessary to keep your home energy efficient. However, the kind of insulation you use may have an impact on your choice of options when it comes to your new door cover. If you insulate your home with light styrofoam, you have to drill deep enough so that the overdoor canopy is anchored in the more stable building structure.

Upgrading the style of your entryway

Large canopies protect entrances from heavy rain and hailstorms, while, just like a window, still allowing natural light to enter your front door. Especially wooden doors and windows are prone to water damage, which is why our outdoor canopies are a great option for doors made of timber.

Apart from the functional advantages of canopies, they are a very pleasing eye-catcher and can easily upgrade any facade. Porch canopies made of wood add a romantic touch to your house and can even be used as growth support for outdoor plants. Glazed covers, on the other hand, keep your entry bright and are a great choice if you want to opt for a more modern design.

Lean-to canopies made with acrylic sheets and stainless steel, such as our model Hohenzollern add a futuristic touch to your home. Other, more puristic models such as Lichtenstein add intricate and sleek detail to your facade while curved models such as Solitude create appealing contrasts between rectilinear windows and your entry.

Entryway is not used in English that much and would then refer to the hall or hallway, i.e. the part just inside the door.

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to our wide range of styles and designs, you can find a door canopy that perfectly suits your entrance. You can choose between a more traditional wooden awning and a more modern, futuristic look. While lean-to, curved or flat door canopies made of grey aluminium frames and acrylic elements are great for modern builds, our apex or hipped roof canopies are the ideal choice for cottages or more traditional houses.

Acrylic and wooden canopies don´t differ in functionality. Rather, it is a question of personal preference and aesthetic. A porch canopy should tie in with the look of your front door and complement your windows. Furthermore, the house´s overall style is important. If your home already has an apex or a hipped roof with tiles, a more traditional overdoor canopy might look better than a futuristic, clean glass cover. Similarly, a modern flat-roofed home with anthracite windows and white paint might benefit from more modern door canopy designs. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Explore our configurator to look into your options.

This question can´t be answered as easily. Whether or not you need a permission depends on the size of your porch or door canopy as well as on the regulations of your area. Typically, you don´t need permission for typical front door canopies. However, if you are unsure, we always recommend checking in with local authorities to ensure that you do not infringe on any regulations.

Side panels not only complement your porch awning but also come with great advantages. They efficiently protect you and your guests from sidewind and rain. They also provide rain shelter for your front door, which is especially useful with wooden doors. Similar to windows, they allow sunlight to shine through, thereby making your entry bright and inviting. You can either buy sides to add to an existing front door canopy or order a complete kit starting at € 649,-.

Our building kits are great if you wish to mount your new door cover yourself. However, many of our customers are unsure as to where they should install the mount. Of course, the right measurement depends on the height of your door and the shape of the overdoor canopy. Typically, we advise that the mount should be placed around 210-220 cm from the ground up. This provides enough space above your head while sheltering you and your guest from any harsh conditions outdoors.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about canopies.

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Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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