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Cardiff Side Canopy

  • Aluminium and acrylic glass canopy side panel
  • Available in different colours, clear and satin finish
  • Slanted top edge


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The key advantages

  • Weighs 7 kg

  • Standard 30.5 x 60 x 185 cm dimension

  • Durable white, silver, or anthracite aluminium frame and brackets

  • Excellent UV-resistance protects doors

  • Suits different canopies and doors thanks to choice of glass finish

  • Simple installation onto building façades

The Cardiff side panel – effective weather protection with style

With a frameless slanted top edge, durable aluminium sides, and a sleek acrylic glass surface, the Cardiff side canopy adds modern minimalism to entrances and enhances building design. With the aluminium supports available in three colours, white, silver, and anthracite, the model can be tailored to blend or contrast with a range of different doors and façades.

Alongside its stylish design, the Cardiff side panel and its 185 cm height offer many functional features.

While the clear glass variant makes entrances appear inviting, opting for a frosted satin finish adds a level of privacy, for example. This is important as it makes the entrance, and any parcels left in front of it, less visible to onlookers. In terms of further practical advantages, whether installed by itself or combined with one of our overhead canopies, the robust metal and strong acrylic glass surface then make the Cardiff side canopy robust and suitable for keeping wind, rain, snow, and hail out of the entrance area, which protects both doors and homeowners.

The Cardiff side canopy's acrylic glass and powder-coated aluminium colour finish also provide excellent resistance against solar radiation, which prevents door surfaces from fading or deforming in heat. Thanks to these features the side panel, especially when combined with an overhead canopy, can be a great space-saving, modern solution to a traditional entrance porch.

We recommend the Cardiff side canopy for these front doors:

from 769from 769

from 2,659from 2,659

from 3,134from 3,134

from 2,746from 2,746

Simple self-installation – our step-by-step instructions

Lightweight and easy to handle, our canopies and side panels can be easily and quickly self-installed. Save on professional assembly costs by following our clear step-by-step PDF guides below. Featuring user-friendly images and showing the necessary tools, these manuals can be used by novices and experts alike. The canopies and side panels then also come with a universal mounting kit, containing the necessary screws needed to install the products to a brick wall.

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