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Product Information

Unexpectedly versatile: The Phoenix front door

With its sleek design, the Phoenix front door is exceptionally versatile and is therefore suitable for both contemporary and classic facades. The surface of the door consists of two areas: A smooth one on the handle side and a larger one with structured relief strips. However, your individual configuration is much more important with this model. Wood decor, for example, makes the door appear more traditional, while a shade of grey emphasises the minimalism of the design. If you like, this modern impression can be emphasised even more using configurable LED lighting options.

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Jack’s PointOtago, New Zealand
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HeathmontMelbourne, Australia
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Product description

Thermal insulation & security at the highest level

No matter which look you ultimately decide on, the Phoenix front door is impressive in technical terms too. The sash-covering aluminium infill ensures maximum stability, while at the same time the material boasts weather resistance and low maintenance. You don't have to make any compromises when it comes to thermal insulation either: Depending on the features selected, the Phoenix front door achieves thermal insulation values of up to 0.84 W/m²K.

Incidentally, the light metal also provides good protection against break-ins, which is perfectly complemented by the standard 3-point hook lock with solid swing bolts. However, since everyone has their own security needs, you will find numerous other components in our configurator for improving break-in protection. Alternatively, we also offer two security packages, making the Phoenix front door resistance class RC1-N or RC2.

You can also rely on the highest quality for add-on elements such as side panels or transom windows. They are based on the same profile as the door and we always equip them with triple-pane thermal insulation glass. To increase security, you can also choose from different safety glazing options, however.

With the Phoenix model, not only do you get a visually attractive aluminium entrance door but you can also enjoy optimal functionality and lasting durability.

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Data sheet

Phoenix aluminium front door model

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
Front door model PhoenixClassic, elegant, modernPhoenix modelAluminium front door from 70 cm from 170 cm
windows24.com available New Standard, Classic, Elegant, Modern from € 2,746
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