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ABUS PR 2600 deadbolt

Security made in Germany

  • Elegant slim design
  • For door leaf widths between 735-1030mm
  • Cylinder with anti-drill protection courtesy of hardened steel pins

  • includes 3 keys


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Product Information

Versatile and uncompromisingly secure

The ABUS PR 2600 deadbolt frightens away even the most stubborn burglars. The bolt is attached to the hinge side and list along the entire width of the door and ensures maximum resistance if force is applied to the door. The bolt is suitable for door widths from 745 mm to 1030 mm and door leaf thicknesses from 35 mm to 50 mm. Furthermore, it can be used with both DIN right- andDIN left-opening doors. That means the bolt can still be used if you move houses – for doors made of wood, metal or uPVC. The deadbolt comes in white and brown.

The two ends of the deadbolt reach deep into the lock cases anchored in the masonry and prevent the bolt from being pried open from the outside.

The PA 1018 fastening set – also from ABUS – is provided for outward-opening doors.

The drive components are made of low-noise material and ensure comfortable operation despite the deadbolt's bulky look.

The key provided can be used on both sides.

The fact that the EC550 cylinder (length 30/60) matches the secure design of the PR 2600 deadbolt is evident from the following properties:

  • Anti-drill protection thanks to hardened steel pins
  • Interchangeable and can therefore be included as part of a lock system
  • Your choice of orientation: adapts to the direction of your door's locking cylinder

Manufacturer ABUS gives this deadbolt a security level of 9 out of a possible 10, which means that the leading German manufacturer of security systems has equipped its PR 2600 with the highest level of security.

A burglar's archnemesis

Following a burglary, the feeling of security within your home often disappears. It is not uncommon for people to move as a result, since the loss of trust in a home's security is linked to the house itself. The ABUS PR 2600 deadbolt can restore that sense of security.

Its rugged look and the blatant visibility of the bolt alone make memories of the burglary a thing of the past. And burglars won't take that bolt lightly. You can find more security-related products and locks at reasonable prices at windows24.com.

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