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ABUS additional door lock

Additional lock 2130 for retrofitting

  • Lockable additional lock prevents break-in attempts from prying the door open on the lock side
  • Integrated ABUS security link allows the door to be opened slightly
  • Can be opened with a key on the outside and a turning knob on the inside

  • includes 2 keys


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Product Information

Basic mechanical protection from ABUS

The ABUS 2130 additional door lock ensures reliable protection thanks to its 5-pin precision cylinder and solid attachment to the frame and door leaf.

It can also be retrofitted to existing doors.

Thanks to its dimensions of 4 x 12 x 6.5 cm, the additional door lock from ABUS can be used on practically any door and together with a normal door lock noticeably increases a door's break-in protection. Front doors in particular benefit from an integrated security link, which allows you to open the door a little without having to forego the protection of the additional lock.

The ABUS additional lock is opened from the outside with a profile key.

This ensures that it protects against break-ins even when you're not at home.

The lock can be opened from the inside with a turning knob; no key is needed.

The ABUS 2130 model is designed for inward-opening front doors and can be mounted both on DIN right- as well as DIN left-opening doors. All required components such as screws, lock case and high-quality 5-pin cylinder are included.

Thanks to the two keys supplied, the keyed-alike ABUS additional door lock can also be opened and closed by other residents.

The additional lock also looks great

From the outside, the high-quality ABUS door cylinder of the lock is hardly visible and fits in perfectly from the inside thanks to the fact the lock comes in either brown or white.

Only the reinforced security link is not painted and comes in a typical metal look; however, it too seamlessly blends in visually with brown or white doors.

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Customer reviews

Everything worked well. The windows fit perfectly and are beautifully finished.

Very competent advice; I often consulted them, because I had questions, and they were always friendly.

Delivery was on time as agreed. Great price and good quality.

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