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ABUS TAS 102 door anti-lever device

Additional security for door hinge sides

  • Anti-lever protection with ABUS security level 6
  • Secures hinge sides of all windows and doors
  • Pressure resistance over 1 tonne


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Product Information

Reliable anti-lever protection from ABUS

As a hinge-side lock for doors, the ABUS TAS 102 security fitting grips the door frame with two solid steel bolts when you close your house or apartment door. In this way, it protects against attempts to pry open the door, which unfortunately is a very common method when breaking into a house.

The rigid double claws of the door anti-lever lock, which are attached to the door leaf, also ensure increased stability, but are not visible when the door is closed.

The ABUS TAS 102 can be used on both DIN left- as well as DIN right-opening doors and works with any type of hinged door (wood, uPVC and aluminium). The lock is also flexible in terms of the type of opening and can thus be mounted on doors that open both inwards and outwards. The product includes one double claw with striking plate and four screws for fastening. The handle side of the door should be secured with a specially designed additional door lock.

Make your home safer thanks to ABUS window and door locks

In order to install the two claws of the ABUS TAS 102 hinge side lock, the door frame and door leaf must be milled with two corresponding recesses. If there is enough space between the leaf and the frame, you can also screw on the ABUSTAS102. You can carry out the assembly yourself, but if in doubt, we recommend a professional:

Only a correctly installed door lock can reliably prevent it being forced open and guarantee break-in protection.

In addition to the ABUS TAS102 , other door-hinge security devices, such as the ABUSTAS82 and ABUSTAS112 are also available. If you are looking for additional door locks, the models ABUS7010 or ABUS7030 are available, for example. You can also find these in our online shop. If you want to secure your front door across its entire width, reinforced lock bars, such as the ABUSPR2700 or ABUSPR2600, provide excellent protection. To secure your windows, we offer, among other things, the ABUS FAS101 and ABUSFAS97 hinge side locks.

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Very competent advice; I often consulted them, because I had questions, and they were always friendly.

Everything worked well. The windows fit perfectly and are beautifully finished.

Delivery was on time as agreed. Great price and good quality.

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