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ABUS TAS 82 door anti-lever lock

Invisible ABUS break-in protection

  • Effective protection against prying open the door
  • Automatic lock activation
  • Invisible when the door is closed
  • Included in delivery: set of 2


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Product Information

Anti-lever door lock for wood door hinge sides

As building elements that bridge the gap between the inside and outside of your house, windows and doors are a popular entry point for intruders.

In addition to manipulating the lock or handle, your door runs the risk of being pried open or lifted from the hinge side.

To increase your home's break-in protection, we offer window locks (e.g. lockable window handles, padlocks and anti-lever window locks such as the FAS 101 and97) as well as door locks that are all keyed alike. The ABUSTAS 82 hinge side lock is an effective door anti-lever lock that was specially developed for wood door leaves.

As hinge side protection, this lock invisibly secures the hinges and door fittings on your front door.

When the door is closed, the state-of-the-art lock is activated and automatically snaps into place, thus strengthening the hinge side. The ABUS TAS 82 door anti-lever lock works on DIN left or DIN right-opening doors and is invisible when the door is closed.

Options for securing handle and hinge sides

The ABUS TAS 82 anti-lever lock is nickel-plated (00624) and, thanks to its compact design, is suitable for all standard wood doors. Each order includes two pins. To ensure hassle-free installation, a hole must be drilled in the door leaf at the required height along the top and bottom: the steel pins will be inserted there later. The door lock counterparts are in turn attached to the door frame.

The ABUS TAS82 system achieves a basic security level of 3 (out of 4), as defined by the manufacturer.

In addition to the hinge side, the handle side should also be secured, e.g. with a bar lock or additional lock such as the ABUS 7010, 7025 or 7030 additional lock. Even heavyweight deadbolts add a high level of security, as do even stronger, interlocking anti-lever door locks. ABUS offers corresponding systems such as the TAS 102 or TAS 112 with interlocking hooks or bolts. Safety strike plates also offer protection against break-in attempts. Other door locks, such as a 5-point hook and bolt lock, can be found in the windows24.com door configurator.

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