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Door hinge bolts: Invisible burglary protection

More than 100,000 burglaries are committed in Germany every year — and many people's personal sense of security is visibly decreasing. In order to reliably protect your home from burglars, you should always equip both windows and doors with appropriate security technology. For the front doors of houses and apartments, we recommend installing what is known as a 'security hinge lock' from ABUS, which secures the hinged or hinged side of doors. It prevents doors from being pried open or lifted out.

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How it works

Functional principle of the ABUS extra door locks

ABUS offers two types of door anti-lift device, which you can order from the windows24.com shop. The ABUS TAS102 is a clawing security hinge lock, while the ABUSTAS82 is a very compact security device that was specially developed for use on wooden doors.

The police and insurance companies expressly recommend the use of hinge locks to provide additional security for doors.

An additional security device such as the TAS102 from ABUS works according to a simple but ingenious principle: Two rigid claws are attached to the door leaf and automatically grip the precisely fitting counterparts on the door frame. Secured in this way, the ABUS anti-lift device can no longer be released by intruders. The ABUS door anti-lift deviceTAS 82 also consists of two parts that perfectly interlock and click into place, reinforcing the hinge side of the door. Despite the small size of this tool, the result is the same: The door cannot be forced open and security is increased.


Straightforward installation of the door lift-off devices

In most cases, you can easily install the ABUS door anti-lift device yourself with a little manual skill. To install the ABUS TAS82, all you have to do is drill holes for the steel pins in the desired places in the door leaf, and the matching counterparts are attached to the frame. You should install at least two security devices per door; each additional one also increases security. Due to its compact design, the ABUSTAS 82 is virtually invisible when closed, so it does not matter if your door is white, brown, silver or any other colour. Invisible installation is also possible with the ABUS security hinge lockTAS102, but the effort required here depends to a large extent on the structural conditions.

Both ABUS door anti-lift devices can be used on doors hinged on the left as well as on the right.

If there is enough space between the frame and the door leaf, which can be checked easily using the template provided, you can simply screw on the two elements of the door anti-lift device. Otherwise you will have to mill appropriate recesses on the door frame and leaf. This is a bit more complex so if you are unsure, hire a craftsman to install it.

Other security measures

ABUS: Your security technology expert

As a home security specialist, the ABUS range does not just contain security hinge locks but also a number of similar products that are easy to use and that can make a huge difference when it comes to security.

Reinforced bolts and extra door locks, for example, are suitable for the additional reinforcement of house or apartment doors, as are what are known as bar locks in old buildings.

However, burglars use the windows as an entry point much more frequently, so you should also equip them with suitable security technology. ABUS also offers security hinge locks for this, which you can order at a reasonable price in our online shop.

Additional security devices are also recommended for the handle side of windows, such as lockable ABUS window handles or even alarmed window handles.

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