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Additional door locks: Security for your home

Every year, the police record more than 100,000 burglaries, and the number of attempted burglaries is far higher. This is a frightening rate which can be counteracted with simple tools such as an additional lock for your door or window. Door locks are the most effective solution against uninvited guests, and you can keep burglars out with the help of locks or locking bars, for example. With an additional door lock from well-known manufacturers such as ABUS, you can reliably protect your home, and at the same time ensure maximum stability of the door construction.

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Security options

Better security for your home

In order to protect your front door and thus your home from burglary, investing in a door lock with solid attachment is very important. Older front doors in particular can easily be forced open or levered out, allowing unauthorised persons to gain access.

First and foremost, it is important to always lock the front door with the key when leaving the house.

Even if you are only away for a short time, a lot of damage can be done in just a few minutes.

Additional door locks as break-in protection

When it comes to the security of your own home, you should take the necessary safety precautions. In general, there are 2 types of locks:

  1. Mortice lock: the lock case is embedded in the door leaf
  2. Additional lock: the lock case is attached to the door leaf

The first is only suitable for front doors with a maximum door leaf thickness of 45 mm (recommended value for a wooden door), since a front door that is too thin will be a weak point anyway due to the necessary recesses. In this case, an additional door lock is the solution. It is always installed on the inside of the door.

It is essential to ensure that the lock and the corresponding lock case are firmly fixed to the door leaf and frame.

In addition, multiple locking with at least 3 locking points is recommended, in order to anchor the door leaf at several points in the door frame. An additional door lock can often be opened from both sides with a key.

A practical option is additional locks, which can be operated from the outside with a key and from the inside with a turning knob. The additional door lock can be locked from the outside and provides optimal protection against break-ins.

Other options for additional door locks

Special additional locks and security measures - also VdS -approved - can be attached to inward and outward opening entrance doors and offer more stability. You can choose between clearly visible locking brackets and bolts or opt for an inconspicuous variant.

In addition to offering extra security, clearly visible bolts on the door also have a deterrent function.

The following security measures are helpful:

  • Reinforced lock bar: Security on the lock and hinge side over the entire width
  • Hinged side guard: Protects against being prised open
  • Protective fitting: protects the mortice lock and door cylinder from breaking or being pulled off.
  • Door bar lock: For old buildings and very high doors
  • Door chain: Allows the front door to only be opened slightly

To blend in with the design and look of your house, locks can be purchased in different colours: white and silver are ideal for light-coloured doors, while brown is often used for wooden doors. A protective rosette can also be used in places where there is no space for protective fittings, or where the design does not fit due to its colour or shape. Modern technologies also allow the door to be opened without a key: With an electronic door opener, you can gain access at the push of a button, or choose a model with wireless or code entry.

The technology

High-quality protection from ABUS

Burglars don't stand a chance with an ingenious additional door lock from ABUS. The global manufacturer has been famous for its outstanding safety technology for around 100 years and represents safe, reliable and stable products.

ABUS additional locks offer more than 1 ton of pressure resistance and are firmly anchored to the wall.

Depending on the version, ABUS additional door locks usually have a turning knob, a hardened locking bracket or a cylinder.

The ABUS additional door lock 7010 E and ABUS7025 E can also be upgraded to include an alarm system to give you maximum protection for your own four walls. At windows24.com you will find stable security precautions for your doors and windows - with and without locking brackets, reinforced lock bar and other sturdy mechanisms. The wide selection includes well-known brands such as ABUS and offers high quality at reasonable prices.

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