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Hinge side locks – for a safe home

With a hinge side lock from ABUS, entrance doors and windows can be effectively protected against being levered open and levered out by unwanted visitors. Hinge side locks are perfect for use on front doors and apartment entrance doors as well as on windows and patio doors.

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Areas of application

Why do you need a window lock?

A house naturally has a few weak points that are particularly popular with burglars. If components do not offer adequate break-in protection, intruders have an easy time. The most vulnerable elements include:

  • Window
  • Patio doors
  • French doors

However, with window locks and hinge side locks, this security gap can be closed and your home's break-in protection can be improved.

If windows do not have a mushroom head lock, burglars can break them open in just a few seconds using a lever and can get into the house.

With a crowbar or a screwdriver applied from the outside, the movable sash can be pushed inwards away from the frame, giving the unwanted guest unhindered access to your living space.

To prevent this scenario, there is an option to protect your home by retrofitting hinge side and window locks.

The technology

What is a hinged side lock and how does it work?

When it comes to break-in protection, the closing side is usually well-secured with lockable window handles or the suchlike. However, the hinge side is often forgotten, even though this is also vulnerable to attempted break-ins. So-called hinge side or window locks, which are used on inward-opening windows and doors, provide break-in protection and thus guarantee more security.

Hinge side locks – for example, from ABUS – are particularly suitable for use with corresponding windows or doors with turn-tilt mechanisms.

The windows24.com shop offers a large selection of different versions of certified ABUS lock modules. These are, for example, especially suitable for apartment and entrance doors made from wood, for windows made from uPVC or for particularly tight installation conditions. You can also choose between different colours and basic materials:

Metal locks for wooden entrance doors that are invisible when engaged, or white uPVC locks that match the design of the windows. ABUS hinge side locks are attached directly to the hinges that are to be secured with screws. As a rule, they are either particularly narrow, inconspicuous or made to match the design of the respective window or door.

What all of these security systems have in common is that they can be retrofitted, and they offer more security without using a key.

If the window is tilted, the lock is unlocked by hand, and an automatic locking system engages when the window is closed. In this way, the application is convenient and easy to use, despite there being additional security measures to protect your home. All hinge side locks from ABUS are also DIN tested andVdS -approved and, thanks to their pressure resistance of over one ton, they are an ideal complement to additional door locks.

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