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Window and door security

Window and door security should be at the very top of your priority list because unsecured doors and windows offer intruders an easy way to get into the house. In addition to financial damage, burglaries are also associated with great emotional stress. For this reason, it is advisable to make your own four walls burglar-proof. A wide range of security technology enables you to keep uninvited guests out and to protect the house from damage. But what options are actually available for window and door security?

Proven security measures

Rule no. 1: Buy time!

Professional burglars can defeat many security systems. However, the more obstacles that get in their way, the more time it takes to get inside the house, which discourages potential intruders.

According to one study, most perpetrators give up after just five minutes if they have not been able to break through the door or window lock within this time.

Professional door security can therefore even deter the burglar in the first place, for example, so that they may decide to not even try. Modern window and door security mean that potential burglars are required to do a lot of work to get into a house or apartment. The best option here is a combination of various security systems, since most burglars are not equipped for multiple security systems.

Security options

Various types of window and door security

The first obstacle is the door fittings. High-quality security fittings protect the mortice lock and door cylinder from being unscrewed or broken off. Such security fittings can be used for both left and right-closing doors and are usually provided with instructions for easy installation.

Information about the safety and quality of the security fittings is provided by the test seals DIN,TÜV orVdS.

If there is no way to attach such a fitting to the door, you can also fit escutcheons. They protect the cylinder from being broken open as it is securely embedded. Other methods of good break-in protection are:

  • Square pins
  • Strike plates
  • Solid steel bolts
  • Door chains
  • Hinge locks
  • Alarm fuses

The door cylinders themselves are also available with increased security protection. Modern cylinders are characterised by the optimal interaction of pins, balls, springs and bodies. To secure the windows, we recommend a window handle that is either lockable or keyed alike. A security hinge lock in turn protects front doors from being pried open or forced open from the side. Thanks to easy installation, this option is also suitable for use as a window lock and therefore offers optimal protection for the whole house. In the windows24.com online shop, you will find a large selection of high-quality and professional window and door locks for your home.

Door locks and extra locks

The various extra locks are another option for reliable window and door security. Many types of the extra door locks are designed to be visually appealing and are even equipped with a latch: This allows the door to be opened a little. For particularly tall doors, e.g. in an old building, what are known as 'bar locks' are recommended. Modern locking systems are often difficult to install here, which is why bar locks were specially designed for this purpose. The old building door is locked at the top and bottom and in this way, the entire length of it is secured.

A slightly more expensive lock is keyless code entry.

Only a PIN or radio remote control is required for this modern locking system. The front door can be closed or opened conveniently at the touch of a button. This door security option does not give potential burglars the opportunity to open the lock.

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