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ABUS GS 40 grating lock

GS40 cellar shaft lock

  • Prevents the grating from being levered out
  • With a flexible chain or sturdy tension rod
  • Special padlock can be released from the inside without a key
  • Material: galvanised
  • Chain length: 60 cm
  • Tension rod length: 32 cm


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Product Information

Reliable break-in protection with the ABUS GS40 grating lock

Gratings over basement shafts are among the most popular entry points for instruders, as they are often hidden from view and only inadequately secured. The galvanised ABUS GS40 grating lock provides a simple and effective solution: two large retaining plates are securely positioned on both sides of the grating and frame and are secured inside the basement shaft via a variable, 60 cm long chain or 32 cm long tensile rod (depending on the model) attached to the masonry. The paired installation of the basement shaft lock from ABUS ensures a particularly high level of security, as the grating can no longer be pried open from the outside. Whether you choose the version with chain or tensile rod depends primarily on the nature of your basement shaft: the chain length of the GS 40 can be individually adjusted, which is why this model is ideal for uPVC light shafts. Incidentally, the GS 40 grating lock from ABUS does not impair existing escape route regulations. The special padlock can be quickly unlocked from the inside and doesn't need a key, so you can instantly clear an escape route.

GS 40 sturdy grating lock from ABUS for cellar shafts

Burglars are becoming more and more imaginative – security technology is constantly evolving accordingly. Break-in protection is therefore not only playing an increasingly important role when it comes to selecting windows and doors. A grating lock, such as the ABUS GS40, prevents break-ins through light shafts in front of cellar windows. Potential burglars feel unobserved there and often encounter few security precautions. GS40 anchors the grating over the cellar shaft, making it impossible to lever it out from the outside. In addition, the padlock on the ABUS GS40 grating lock, which can be opened from the inside without a key, is equipped with a lock shield. This protects it from unauthorised access from above. For optimal break-in protection, you should always secure your cellar window several times. Window locks, for example, can often be retrofitted. If the area is also difficult to see, it may be worth purchasing an alarm system with video surveillance. This can then be easily networked with other security systems in the house.

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