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ABUS FOS 550 window bar lock

Universal break-in protection

  • Sturdy window bar lock for windows and doors up to 3.10 m high
  • ​Opening with a key only necessary after total interlock
  • Alarm up to 100 dBA, optionally with glass breakage detector

  • Includes a key


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Product Information

Protected right to the top

The FOS 550 A alarm window lock is a stable window bar lock from ABUS. It is particularly suitable for high, inward-opening windows with or without double sashes and balcony doors. The window lock can be used for patio and balcony doors up to a height of 3.10 m. The ABUSFOS 550 A is attached to turn and turn/tilt fittings instead of the window handle. The high-security bar lock has a security point at the top and bottom so that the window or door locks properly. TheVdS -approved andDIN -tested FOS 550 A ABUS locking system is extremely resistant to lever attacks.

Each securing point can withstand a pressure of over a ton thanks to the interlocking bolts.

The windows or doors are locked by the ABUS FOS550 A window lock as soon as they are closed with the lockable window handle, since the bolt bars extend automatically.

Total interlock takes place using a printing cylinder and can only be unlocked with the key.

The FOS 550 A window bar lock has an integrated alarm function. This reacts loudly (110 dB) and immediately if an intruder tries to break in. The ABUS bar set in white or brown can be unobtrusively integrated into any apartment or house thanks to its slim design. FOS550A bar locks have a one-key system, so you can operate all window locks of this model with one key.

Optional accessories

Maximum security with the ABUS FOS550A bar set

The ABUS FOS550 A window bar lock can optionally be equipped with a glass breakage detector (GBM7300 W & B), which reacts as soon as the glass is damaged. Furthermore, the bolt bars from the bar set can also be attached to the floor with the ABUS BSB550 bottom strike plate (DSB 550 B/W for double-sash windows).

Whether in white or brown, the window bar lock can also be supplied with a one-key system to match other ABUS products on request. At windows24.com, you will find these and other accessories from well-known brands at reasonable prices.

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