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Window locks improve your home's anti-burglary protection

When buying new windows or doors, home security must be considered. Especially windows are a popular entry point for burglars. This is why we offer various window locks to keep your home safe and increase the protection of your property.

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Keep your home safe from intruders

While most homeowners ensure that their entrances have high-quality door locks to prevent break-ins, many fail to consider window security. As entrances become more challenging to break in through, windows, especially to the rear of the houses, have become the preferred vantage points.

While grilles may be the most effective measure to prevent break-in attempts, you can't add them to outward opening windows. This is why we offer different window locks that are equally effective but much more subtle, such as:

  • Lock with key
  • Push-lock
  • Security mechanisms with alarm

Window locks come in various styles to suit different needs. However, be sure that whichever hardware you opt for it will undoubtedly hinder burglars from entering your home easily.

As most break-in attempts do not last longer than 5 minutes, intruders will most likely refrain from trying to break the window lock and run off.

How do window locks work?

The easiest method to increase your window security is a lockable handle. These handles can either be secured with a key or by pressing a push lock for a quick fix. Once locked, the handle cannot be opened, which is also a great way to improve child safety.

Simply secure the door handles in your children's playroom with a key or with a push lock, and you will not have to worry about your children opening the window unsupervised.

However, these lockable door handles have significant benefits – as they don't require any extra bolts or latches to secure your windows from being pried open.

On the other hand, while you can choose to install lockable handles into all of your casement or single-hung windows, you still have to go through the hassle of unlocking every single one manually.


How to retrofit window locks

Glazed patio doors, UPVC windows, or hinged wooden windows – no matter which variant your home is equipped with, keeping them secure is absolutely essential. However, this does not mean you have to replace all your double-hung windows or pre-installed latches and bolts. At windows24.com, we offer a variety of upgrade options that you can add to your existing windows, such as:

Fitting Characteristics Benefits
Bar lock Once the window is closed, bolts at the top and bottom of the bar lock are extended and stay in place Extremely resistant and able to withstand high forces
Mushroom pins Unmistakable look; closing mechanism with rail strike plates Virtually impossible to pry open
Window film Transparent film that protects against attempts to break glass Burglar-resistant as it heavily increases the difficulty of trying to break glass

ABUS designs high-quality options for upgrading the window security of hinged glazings. The company specialises in products that keep your home safe at all times. Many of the ABUS window locks come in different varieties and colours to meet any of your expectations.

If you want to be extra safe, we recommend adding an alarm system to your home security. Alarms not only repel burglars by alerting but often stop them from trying to enter your house in the first place.

Lock options for your home

Whether you prefer a lockable window handle to add to your UPVC window or look for something more burglar-proof to keep your casement windows safe from intruders: our window locks aren't just highly efficient but also don't infringe on the aesthetics of your property.

They're available in a variety of colours, such as white, brown or silver, so you can easily add a locking mechanism to your window frame.

You may choose from different security mechanisms. Along with detailed instructions, we provide you with the screws and fasteners that you need so you can easily install the hardware on your casement, sliding or single-hung windows.

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