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ABUS FTS 96 window lock

Additional security with lever protection

  • Robust additional lock to protect against lever attacks
  • Pressure resistance over 1 ton
  • Interlocking steel double bolts

  • Includes a key


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Product Information

Mechanical security for the handle side of windows

The ABUS FTS96 additional window lock is a stable mechanical security device using a steel double bolt for the handle side of windows. The VdS-approved and DIN-tested interlocking steel latch is used to secure inward-opening windows and balcony doors with turn-only or tilt&turn fittings.

The additional lock thus contributes to significantly increasing break-in protection for the entire house.

The two interlocking steel double bolts for the sturdy window lock are locked with a turning knob and unlocked again with a key. The pressure resistance of the bolt claw against attempts to lever it open is over a ton, so this additional lock provides significantly increased security in the event of an attempted break-in. Two keys are included in the scope of delivery.

Effective protection with the ABUS FTS 96 additional window lock

The ABUS FTS 96 window lock is ideal for wooden windows, but it can also be used on uPVC and aluminium models. The operation is just as easy as the assembly: to lock, you turn the knob; to open, you use a key.

The open and closed positions are always easy to distinguish.

The ABUS FTS 96 additional window lock secures the window handle side – separate hinge side security devices should be attached for the hinge side of the window. The ABUSFTS96 window lock is available in two colours (white and brown) and can have a one-key system to match other ABUS products. This includes additional window locks from the ABUS FTS range and window locks from the ABUS FO, ABUSFAS and ABUSFOS ranges, as well as wireless window locks and wireless retrofit sets.

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Customer reviews

Delivery was on time as agreed. Great price and good quality.

George K. from Dallas

Everything worked well. The windows fit perfectly and are beautifully finished.

Jan D. from Cottbus, Germany

Very competent advice; I often consulted them, because I had questions, and they were always friendly.

Stefan H. from Ahrensburg, Germany

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