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Werzalit compact window sill for inside

Interior window sill in a modern design

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  • Slim design with bevelled edge
  • Dimensionally stable, durable and UV-resistant
  • Various colours and finishes
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Taking into account the interior window sill is indispensable for the interior design of a home. It not only serves to finish off the window, but also fits perfectly into your home decor thanks to its matching appearance. With its slim look, the Werzalit compact window sill is ideal for modern living spaces. It is not only provides a practical spot for plants and decorations, it also acts as a contemporary accent to your home. That's why the Werzalit compact window sill is available in countless colours that allow you to perfectly adapt it to your interior.

Benefits for you

Advantages of the Werzalit window sill compact

  • Simple, straightforward look
  • Made from PEFC-certified wood
  • Robust, scratch-resistant surface
  • Suitable for new construction and renovation
  • Individual colour selection

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Eco-friendly material with many advantages

It doesn't matter whether you only see the window sill as a physical finish to your window or you need additional space for decorative items: with a model from Werzalit you are opting for uncompromising quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Werzalit window sills are made from high-pressure moulded parts that are coated with up to five layers of melamine resin as part of a patented process. Through the use of high temperature, this coating fuses with the wood and thus creates the special material properties of the window sill.

That's why you don't have to worry if, for example, something goes wrong when watering the plants. The interior window sill from Werzalit is absolutely waterproof, resistant to scratches, acid and limescale deposits and is particularly easy to care for.


Suitable for any lifestyle – thanks to our extensive colour palette

One of the most important tools for perfectly adapting the Werzalit compact window sill to your interior design is the colour scheme. A white surface, for example, radiates cleanliness and freshness, but also requires a little more effort when cleaning.

Black and dark grey are real trendy colours when it comes to window design, as they form a strong contrast to mostly white walls.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more subdued colour, you can create a soft accent with a window sill in light grey with a pearl finish.

There are also finishes such as stone look, including fine marble and subtle dolomite. This gives your Werzalit compact a very classic character, which looks particularly attractive paired with its minimalist shape.

Smooth and satin matte

Pearl structure


Made-to-measure window sill in a striking design: Werzalit compact

You can order the Werzalit window sill in two high-quality designs: exclusive and compact. While exclusive exudes a more classic atmosphere, the Werzalit compact window sill was deliberately designed with the clear look of modern architecture in mind.

Characteristic of the Werzalit compact is the expressive bevel along the front edge. This bevelled edge accentuates the slim design of the window sill. This makes it match perfectly in living and working spaces, without attracting too much attention to itself.

As an optional accessory, you can order the matching furniture-quality end edge at the same time. The edge has the same colour as the window sill and is fitted at the factory.

To ensure the Werzalit compact window sill fits your home as best as possible, you can configure it as you wish.

This applies above all to the dimensions: to get a personalised cut, first specify the desired length of your interior window sill. Then you can also select the overhang, i.e. the depth. Make sure that at least half of the sill rests on the masonry – that way you can ensure your window sill is stable.

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Individual configuration

Order your individual window sill conveniently online

The window sill has long since ceased to be a purely functional component. Just as the window has come more into focus as more and more people do without curtains and window coverings, the sill is also increasingly incorporated into the design of a living space.

That's why it's important to us at windows24.com to offer you every opportunity to order the exact window sill that suits you and your home. With the Werzalit window sill compact you get a brand-name, made-to-measure product of the highest quality, all at a reasonable price.

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