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Determining the Cost of Lift and Slide Doors

When planning to build a new house, more and more households are opting for the practicality of lift and slide doors. They fit perfectly into any type of room and provide excellent thermal insulation. The cost of a door can vary based on the components. For example, the material and glazing costs can make the difference between simple low-cost models and premium ones. Windows24.com provides custom lift and slide doors for every need and price range.

The type of material determines the cost of lift and slide door systems

The cost of lift and slide doorways depends a lot on the material chosen. The following materials are considered standard:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Aluminum clad wood
  • Vinyl (uPVC)

As wood is natural and provides a warm atmosphere, it is typically one of the more expensive materials whereas vinyl is less expensive given the lower manufacturing and processing costs. However, tempting it is, there is more than just cost to consider when choosing the material for your lift and slide doors

Your intended use is also important to consider as it relates to the type of material you select. The combined weight of the glass and the frame can be considerable with large doors. If your lift and slide doors will be exposed to and poorly protected from the elements, weather resistance should be an important characteristic to consider. On the other hand, if the doors will be a side entrance that is not easily visible or well lighted then your focus should instead be on security and burglary protection. You can find prices for the different material and feature options in our configurator. Lift and slide doors are also subject to more strain mechanically than other simple door types, which is why using robust materials is worth the price in the long run. Your final decision should take into account the door’s purpose, location, weather exposure, frequency of use.

Keep the Cold Outside

Lift and slide doors can be easily opened and closed with just the handle. When closing the door, it is important to ensure the casement is fully engaged to provide the best possible insulation. Heat will remain in the house while the cold will be locked out. A lift and slide door is therefore also the perfect choice for modern, energy efficient doorways in passive houses. Windows24.com recommends considering high quality glazing in order to achieve low energy consumption. This slightly higher initial cost will lower heating costs in the long term. Double pane and triple pane windows can be the perfect choice to save energy and costs, due to their excellent insulation properties. A simultaneous benefit is also that having multiple panes of glass reduces outside noise!

Premium Design, Perfect Fit

Lift and slide systems can be added to houses in various locations, such as:

  • Balcony entrances
  • Front entrances
  • Swing-out variants
  • Side entrances

The open design allows more natural light to enter rooms which also reduces long term lighting costs. However, especially with balcony doors, the panoramic view provides more than light, it also visually opens space in rooms.

Therefore, choosing the correct height and width is especially important. While white continues to be one of the most popular colors, windows24 offers a wide range of RAL colors to suit your needs and create custom lift and slide doors. Aluminum and vinyl (uPVC) frames are especially well suited to adding colorful accents or even a wooden look to your chosen design.

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