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The barrier-free Sliding Door

The demand for handicapped-accessible apartments and houses is rising steadily. However, there is more to be considered than just wheelchair ramps and stairwell elevators. Even simple thresholds can be considered almost insurmountable obstacles for persons with disabilities. windows24.com offers a wide range of sliding door types, allowing for barrier-free pathways. For this purpose, the German standard “DIN 18040” defines geometric requirements for handicapped-accessible doorways.

The DIN standard’s most important prerequisite is a low threshold, allowing movement-impeded persons to pass. The low installation height of a slide door – not exceeding 20 mm – allows for an entryway with no noticeable doorsill for balconies and entrances.

sliding door without doorsill

Fig.: lower thresholds for barrier-free entry

Even the opening action itself may be performed without impediment. The locking mechanism lifts and slides the casement smoothly along the parallel rails into the desired position with one simple move. Thanks to a modern magnet system for sealing, thermal insulation is no problem for such doors - despite the missing lower rebate.

Barrier-free entryways are not only practical...

All slide casements are available in uPVC, wood or composite materials, offering modern aesthetics, which provide for a truly unique design.

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