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Sliding Door Handles

Nowadays, door and window handles are not just simple accessories providing an open and close function. Aside from their aesthetic effect, a doorknob performs many more functions. The right type can also improve security in the house. This includes protecting against burglary as well as preventing possible accidents within the household, particular when it comes to children. No matter if brilliant or matte, classic or modern, windows24.com offers the perfect handles with various designs and functions.

High quality Product Range

Finding the perfect doorknob for you is always a matter of aesthetics as well as of any requirements that a doorknob should satisfy. The product range offers the following materials:

  • High-quality steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • uPVC

Depending on the amount of maintenance customers want to put in after instalment, they will be able to find the perfect sliding door furnishings. The design also varies from model to model. Customers can choose between flat, rounded and edged models. You can find a range of care products for sliding casements in the windows24.com accessory shop. With the right care product, the handles can maintain their elegant appearance and reliability in terms of function.

The perfect Handles – inside and outside

Especially when the sliding door is going to be in frequent use, mounting handles on both sides is recommended. With normal sliding casements, these are normally connected via a square spindle. As the sliding door can now be opened from both sides, a lockable door should be considered. Those are available in two versions: with locking cylinder or with push button lock. The best security is offered with locking cylinders, as they can be locked with a key.

A security sliding door lock (e.g. with a profile cylinder) additionally improves the security. The outer handle thus does not present a weakness in terms of burglary protection. The choice of the right type is an essential criteria for installation. They can make all the difference in terms of home security, complimenting the whole system, not just in terms of design but also in function.

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